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Did Nick Foles reinjure his groin at any time during the course of the game?

COACH KELLY:  No.  I know he got kicked in the knee once.  He's got a cleat mark on his leg, but that was it. Did he have any issues with the groin last week?

COACH KELLY:  Last week, no.  He injured it the week before we played Tampa Bay, so he was on the injury report then, and there was nothing last week. Did you see anything that gave you any indication ‑‑ I know yesterday you said you didn't have an answer, but watching the film, do you see anything that might have contributed to Foles' recession yesterday?

COACH KELLY:  No.  It didn't look like he was injured until the last play that he was in. From a playing standpoint?

COACH KELLY:  Yeah, I think he was off a little bit.  His feet weren't set on a couple of those throws, and in all instances, we have to do a little better job.  There were times when guys were open that we didn't get the ball on him.  There were other times when we didn't get off of coverage, and there was a couple of times that we gave up too much leakage pressure, so he's not being able to set his feet. Does Foles have a concussion?

COACH KELLY:  Yes, he does have a concussion. What's his status?

COACH KELLY:  It goes right into the league protocol of what you have to do.  Same thing that Bradley Fletcher went through, Jon Dorenbos went through it when it happened in the preseason.  So there are a series of tests he has to go through, and then he has to see an independent doctor before he can get cleared. Do you know what type of concussion, mild, severe?

COACH KELLY:  No. How is Foles doing?

COACH KELLY:  How's he doing?  Good.  I saw Nick after the game last night.  He seems like he's doing well.  But, again, all that stuff, and rightly so, is in ‑‑ there is a protocol and a system that you go through before he's cleared.  But he says he feel goods, so we'll see how it goes as the week progresses. Who do you expect to be taking first team reps this week?

COACH KELLY: I don't know until we get here and run around a little bit tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow is a lifting day, so they'll lift before we get out on to the field.  Mike [Vick] was in for treatment.  Nick was here.  We'll make a determination when we get to tomorrow. Is there a possibility you could bring in another quarterback?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, if those guys can't go, obviously we've got to bring in another quarterback. How's Michael Vick?  Is he feeling any better?

COACH KELLY: I don't meet with our guys on Monday.  This was specifically their day off.  He was in for treatment, and he met with [head athletic trainer Chris] Peduzzi and Dr. [Peter] DeLuca.  Mike did work out before the game and said he feels like he's moving in the right direction.  So it will be interesting to see where he is from the standpoint of coming in and running around a little bit tomorrow morning in terms of warm up with the strength and conditioning staff and how that goes. Was there anything about the pressure of the moment that you saw in terms of Nick's performance?

COACH KELLY:  No, I didn't see that.  But I also haven't had a chance to visit with him postgame.  All my talk with him last night was just 'How are you?  How you getting home?  Let's make sure you're not driving because of what happened.'  But we didn't talk about the game at all. Have you ever seen that with quarterbacks?

COACH KELLY:  Quarterbacks play good one week and not good the next week? Yeah. No, the bigger the moment?

COACH KELLY:  No, I don't think it had anything [to do with the moment].  That's my feeling, but I haven't spoken to him about it, but Nick never struck me as the guy that the moment kind of catches him.  [He] came off the bench against the Giants without taking a snap, and led us on a drive right at the end in two minute to get a field goal in a critical situation.  I saw him play in college, and I don't think any time in college did I ever see Nick get overwhelmed by the moment or whatnot. Now, Chip, does the threshold from what it takes to play Vick, does that change based on Foles' health?

COACH KELLY: No, it's all based on what his health is.  I'm not going to put Mike out there if Mike can't be productive.  We've listened to Mike the whole time.  We'll continue to listen to Mike.  That can't change just because someone else got hurt.  That doesn't make another guy get healthy quicker.  Now, hopefully, we can get Mike back.  But just because of Nick's injury, we're not going to force that.

Is there a scenario if Nick can't play because of the concussion and Mike can't play, Matt Barkley would start?  I mean, there is no other scenario?

COACH KELLY: You got anybody else out there? No, if you happen to bring in a guy?

COACH KELLY: No, I don't know.  I'm not a scenario guy.  I'm not getting into all of that.  We know exactly where Matt has to be, where Nick has to be and where Mike has to be, and then we'll make a decision. The interceptions that Barkley threw, is that part of that just the lack of experience factor?

COACH KELLY: I mean, obviously the situation is, where we were, we're throwing every down.  I think they're all different ones.  One of them was man free and [Cowboys LB] Sean Lee sitting in the middle of the field as the low-hole player, and he's reading the quarterback's eyes and the ball came out a little bit late, and he made a good break on it.  The one in the far corner of the end zone, that was the corner. We should have checked the ball down.  They were -- all three of them were in different situations.  But it's Matt's first time getting in the game.  Obviously, we're down 17‑3.  We're going to throw it every snap.  See if we can somehow get it to a 17‑10 game, and then see if he can onside kick.  Difficult situation for him to come in in, and I'm sure he'd want those throws back. Were you in man coverage after that game yesterday?

COACH KELLY:  No, no different.  The team that played us the most in man, actually, was the Giants.  The Chargers played us a lot in man, the Chiefs played us a lot in man.  The Cowboys actually played less man than the Giants, the Chiefs or the Chargers.  It's something that people do.  It's part of their thing.

I don't think Dallas did anything drastically different than what we saw in their first six games in terms of how they played.  I think they did a good job of mixing their mans and zones.  But that's what they had done in the games previous to that.  I said it yesterday, but when you watch the tape, there wasn't anything that Dallas did defensively that was new just for us.  It was they executed it a lot better than we did, I can tell that you.

Did you see Damaris Johnson in the game maybe as a little bit more of a down the field threat or did you feel you have enough with DeSean Jackson there?

COACH KELLY:  No, that's really where Damaris is right now, playing behind DeSean.  There were times where DeSean was open and we just didn't get him the football, and there were other times he probably could have done a better job of getting open.  Sometimes it's the quarterback, sometimes it's the receiver. When you get hat-on-hat blocking of your offensive line of run plays and the run doesn't garner much on the ground, what did you see there?

COACH KELLY:  It's the combination of both.  You've got to finish the blocks up front.  There are a lot of times where the numbers were right for us and we do have hat for a hat.  We've got to finish it.  There are other times when maybe the ball should have gone outside because of how we're blocking it and what the landmarks are, but the back cuts it inside.  We've just got to get everybody on the same page.  But again, schematically it wasn't like we're trying to run the ball and they've got an extra guy and we just keep running them into the unblocked guy.  We've got to finish blocks up front.  We have to finish runs when we have the ball in our hands.

After the game, McCoy said he may have made one cut too many.  Did you see anything like that?

COACH KELLY:  No, I think LeSean is just like everybody.  When you lose a game, you're going to look at every single play you make, whether you're the coach, the player or whomever, and dissect it. What could I have done to help us win the game?  And I think LeSean's just like we are as a coaching staff when we sit there this morning watching tape.  What can we do better?  And that's what you hope you have in your players.  We all accept responsibility for what happened to us offensively.  We're not going to make any excuses.  We'll evaluate what we did well and try to build upon that and then we've got to fix what we didn't do well and come back out on the field tomorrow and get ready to play the Giants. We know the throw by Foles to Jason Avant in the end zone that should have been a touchdown, it's just one throw.  But he had time.  He set his feet.  Is there anything you think about how he started slow and might have lost confidence along the way?  Just wasn't feeling his mojo on those throws there?

COACH KELLY: I don't know.  We haven't sat down and watched the film with him to see where Nick was at that standpoint.  But there are some other throws that he made and you're like alright, he's good.  When you talked to him at halftime, he missed a few, specifically some deep balls that were either thrown out of bounds.  We'll get the back coming down the sideline, or the one to DeSean down the sideline.  He was just off.  We had a crossing route to Jeff [Maehl] that he threw it on his back hip.  If we catch that in-stride then we convert another first down there.  It's just we had an inside slant route to Jason Avant on another third down that if we put the ball on him in time, then those drives continue.

It just seems like it was just one of those games.  We threw a screen pass to LeSean that if he stays on the screen instead of cutting it back, he's got a big play.  It's one of those days where you're watching film and correcting things in your mind on a Monday when you're watching the tape, it was a combination of a lot of different things.  If we had done this, this, and this, it's a different outcome.  It's frustrating, especially from an offensive standpoint because I thought our defense played really, really well on Sunday. So mechanically you didn't see anything different?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, there were a lot of throws just the way he didn't set his feet the way he sets his feet.  Drop, and set the ball and get the ball out.  When we get a chance to visit with him, and watch the film and kind of go through what was going on with him at that point in time when we were making those throws. What was the most encouraging part of the defense?

COACH KELLY:  I've seen our defense every single week continue to grow and get better.  I think they've got a better understanding of what Billy [Davis] and that staff over there are trying to do.  I thought some of the efforts, I've always felt the effort has been there defensively.  But now all of a sudden, some of the techniques are starting to shine through.  The whole group is putting it together, and everybody's on the same page.  There were still a few times.  We dropped [Jason] Witten once and man coverage, and he's running across the field on a big crossing route where the guy's supposed to cover him.  By and large I've seen us improve.  I think we're getting really, really good effort.  If we continue to play with that effort and do a better job from a technique standpoint, I think we're going to be okay over there. I don't know if he blitzed as much or if it was just the illusion of blitz?

COACH KELLY: I think he did both.  That's a good point.  There were times he showed blitz and didn't blitz, and then there were other times when he came.  I think that helped us in terms of the presentation.  Anytime where it's not a known, or, hey, they're always doing this or doing that, I think it's a good plan going in.  I thought Billy and the defensive coaches had a good plan.  I thought our players executed the plan.  If you had told me going in that we could hold Dallas to 17, I would have thought that would be a really good chance of us winning that football game.

Independent of the score and winning the game, you're down two touchdowns, are you inclined when a quarterback is having a rough day like Nick is, he's just off, to talk to your game planner and say, he's going to allow him to throw his way out of it?  Or are you more inclined to say I've got to run the ball more?

COACH KELLY:  It depends on who it is and what's going on.  If guys are blatantly wide open, and we're just missing them, you need to make some adjustments.  Maybe you can lean on your run game more.  But there were times when the numbers are right for us to run the ball.  You look before the play snapped through.  There are six in the box, we have six blockers, this thing should go.  And then we're 2nd and 8.  So sometimes for one reason or another, offensively we were off.  You're hoping in that situation someone ‑‑ we can get somebody that can kind of throw us on their back and bail us out of this situation.  But we kept picking and choosing and couldn't find the right mixture. After the pass to Jason Avant in the end zone you ran four straight times.  Were you frustrated with Nick kind of at that point trying to move the chains a little more and stay away from the pass?

COACH KELLY:  No, what I wanted to try to do is get another first down.  See if we can get the ball in there a little bit closer and kind of see what we could do.  So it wasn't a frustration thing.  It was just I think that was a first and ten throw, so now let's put ourselves in a manageable situation.  We actually ran for, I think we went for nine maybe and then 3rd and 1.  So now you get into the what do we have to do in the short yardage situation?  So it was more of that.  I know on second down if we gained zero, we probably would have been in third and long and throwing the ball.  So it wasn't a reaction to what happened.  It was just kind of how the game played out from that point on. In the game, everybody on offense had to take some of the blame including yourself.  Any examples of that in terms of play calling that you wish you could have back?

COACH KELLY:  Yeah, there were about a hundred of them.  The ones that didn't work.  Which plays didn't work?  That's the way we look at it.  Why weren't we successful on that play?  And everybody owns it.  I own it by not making the play call, and they own it by not being able to execute it.  You can go through the entire game.  Which were successful and which ones weren't successful? Did you see more zip on Matt Barkley's throws in the summer and preseason games that looked like he had a little more life?

COACH KELLY: No, that's the Matt I saw.  I knew when Matt got here after we drafted him, he wasn't where I had seen him when he was at USC, and he admitted that.  His shoulder wasn't a hundred percent healed.  But when Matt came back, that is the same Matt I saw go out and play well.  I thought Matt played well for us in the preseason.  I didn't see a difference on Sunday in him.  I think Matt can make the throws.  It's just a matter of him learning and learning the speed of the game.  I think he's got a bright future. Looking back, would you have managed the end of the second quarter the same way you did?

COACH KELLY:  When you look at it, it's a 60‑yard field goal and 4th and 1.  If we run a play with 14 seconds left on the clock, I've got to call a timeout.  And we have to kick a 59 yard field goal.  It wasn't like if the field goal was one yard short, I'd be kicking myself in the tail right now because we need to be a little bit closer because he wasn't one yard short.  Alex hit it in the pregame.  And we feel like if we put the ball in that situation they weren't going to throw one pass to be inside the 30 with the wind in their face.  So part of the decision when you kick from that situation is when you give them the ball.  I knew when we gave them the ball for the amount of time we gave him the ball with 9 seconds to go at the 50‑yard line.  But they're going to have to get the ball inside the 30, so it had to be a 20‑yard shot for them to get it inside the 30 so they have an opportunity.

I don't think we were going to dial up a play that was going to get us 15 yards on 4th and 1 to put us in a situation for a closer field goal.  So Alex's consistency in the last two weeks at 60 yarders in our practice on Thursday out here and then was hitting from 60 in pregame warm‑up, especially going in that direction because of the wind. It looks like you tried some more wheel routes with your running backs in this game. Was that something you were trying to execute?

COACH KELLY:  It's the match‑up.  I think when people are going to play in man, who is going to cover your running back?  I think when you look at it, one of the big plays in the Chargers game was the big play we threw to LeSean.  When you can kind of try to free him up a little bit.  We tried to do it with screen passes and other aspects of things, whether we have them running option routes or change-up and running the option route to run it down the sideline. *It looked like the throw was fairly good just the connection wasn't there to Bryce Brown.  Does Bryce make that play a lot in practice? *

COACH KELLY: Yeah, I've seen Bryce make that catch before.  The ball wasn't like he hit his hands and he dropped it.  I think we could have been a little more accurate on a couple of those throws. Are you worried at all about body language and some of your players on offense like when the play got messed up or something, it seemed they were frustrated?

COACH KELLY:  I think everybody gets frustrated out there.  The biggest thing when you get frustrated is do something about it.  Make it happen and continue.  I think we talked about it after the game.  We've got to stick together as a group.  It's always us against the other team.  It can't be us against us.  I'm confident this team will stick together. Is Mike Vick going to be your quarterback the rest of the year?

COACH KELLY:  You've asked that question 27 times you're going to get the same answer 27 times.  My decision on who our quarterback is, is based on health.  Right now I don't know who is healthy and who is not healthy.  Until we find out who is healthy, it doesn't help anybody to say that guy's our starter.  It doesn't help the situation.  Because I don't know when they're all coming back.  So they come back, our focus is to play the New York Giants this week.  What is the best way to get us to beat the Giants.  Depending on who is the healthy quarterback this week. I said all things being equal?

COACH KELLY: All things being equal you're never going to get that answer until I know who is healthy on our team. Were there examples of "us against us" in that game at all?

COACH KELLY:  No, I was just answering his question on when you see body language or whatever.  That is a general statement that we'd always make. It said on the broadcast that you'd never had a first half in college or obviously in the NFL where your team didn't score in the first half.  What was that like for you?  Was that stunning to you?

COACH KELLY: I wasn't harkening back to my college career in the middle of the first half.  No.  I just think any time we don't get a first down, I'm frustrated.  I think we all are frustrated because we have a mindset that the only team that can stop us is ourselves.  You know, that's the thing that bothers you.  But I don't think you look back and say, hey, I've never been in this situation before.  Why is this happening to us?  It's, hey, what do we have to do?  What is going to work?  Let's make some adjustments here.  Try to come out and throw a naked in the second half.  They were throwing good and a couple other things.  But for one reason or another, we just seem to be a play off.  Sometimes it's a little bit of a placement off or it hit us in the hands and we dropped it.  It's just hopefully one of those days and we as a group have to learn from that.  We have to fix it, and it will start tomorrow. Going forward, obviously, the Cowboys are at the top of the division.  After having played them, do you think there's that big of a difference between you and the Cowboys?

COACH KELLY:  I don't.  We'll go play them again and get ready for the Cowboys on the December 29th game, and right now our focus is on the Giants.

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