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Quotes: DC Bill Davis

Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis

On the secondary's improved coverage:

DAVIS: "I think the guys are tightening down their coverage in the secondary. We are getting familiar with our techniques and our calls."

On the pass rush:

DAVIS:"I think the pass rush is getting there, I really do.  We had two sacks today. It felt like we were getting on [Cowboys QB Tony Romo] all day. He was getting the ball away, but at least he felt the pressure, which had an effect on the rest of the passing game."

On the play of LB DeMeco Ryans:

DAVIS:"DeMeco's outstanding. He is the quarterback of our defense. He lines [the defense] up and keeps them steady when things start to go bad. To see him make that interception, which was a great catch, I am just happy for DeMeco. He is having a good season."

On the presence of veteran players on the defense such as DeMeco Ryans and NT Issac Sopoaga:

DAVIS:"It is always good to have leadership like that. You wish you could have come away with a win, but the defense is slowly taking steps forward."

On his message to the defense after today's game:

DAVIS:"There are a lot of positives, but at the end of the day there is going to be a winner and a loser and we lost and that is not good enough. You always have to outplay the opponent's defense and today we didn't."

On players he thought stood out throughout the game on defense:

DAVIS:"I think the corners had a nice game. They all did. They took turns, both the corners going up against [Cowboys WR Dez Bryant]. The pass rush we had inside was putting some pressure on the quarterback. We only two sacks but we had a lot of hits on the quarterback, so we were happy about that."

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