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Quotes: Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians

Opening statement: "I'll be brief so you can get to the guys who actually won the game, and not the one that almost lost it. I can't say enough about the resiliency of our football players. It's about team; it's a family; it's a band of brothers that just will not quit. They will play for 60 minutes and until that final whistle blows, it's usually not over. We found another way to win one. Obviously, it wasn't pretty at times. We kept putting our defenses in bad, bad situations offensively. We played a very, very poor second half. I'll take the blame for that. It was not the best game plan for what we thought we were going to get. They did a great job – I'll give the Eagles credit. Billy (Davis) did a nice job defensively. But, we made enough plays and enough big plays to win the ball game and again, the defensive stops were huge, especially when we kept pinning ourselves back and giving it back to them. The running game was nonexistent until the fourth quarter, and we finally got a match up that was somewhat good, and we fumble the football. At that point in time, guys just went back out and fought. Again, I can't say enough about all of them. Everybody that put a hat on today had a hand in the win."

On what he saw on third-and-5 to make the deep pass call for a touchdown: "We thought they would probably be sitting on the sticks, and they had been bracketing out there in and out a number of times. We actually had the play called twice before and didn't have time to throw it. It's a play we like to call in that situation."

On if he'd give insight into what they saw from the Eagles defense versus what they thought they were going to see: "No, not really. We play Dallas next week, I'm not giving them shit. Pat (Patrick Peterson) is going to go through the protocol – friendly fire."

On losing Patrick Peterson early and having the secondary make the plays they did on the final drive: "As I said, our guys will not give up for anything. Jerraud (Powers) jumps right out there, Tyrann (Mathieu) got back into his nickel spot, Tony (Jefferson) jumps in there. I had all the confidence in the world. I actually talked to Tyrann and Kevin (Minter) to just letting Justin (Bethel) take his place, because Justin's been playing so well and leave everybody in their positions, but we felt like getting Ty matched up back in the nickel was good for us and J.P. (Jerraud Powers) would hold on to it. They got him one time out on a scramble out on the one, but other than that, they played really solid."

On what he saw from the safeties that led Carson Palmer to throw deep on the winning touchdown pass: "Yeah, they bracket. They play in and out coverage and bracket three against two, and it's just who gets bracketed and what part of the sticks are they going to bracket on. Carson (Palmer) made the proper call and finally got enough protection to get that thing off." 

On taking a lot of deep shots in the game without much success: "Yeah, we felt pretty good about it. We should have had three more that we just didn't come down with the football. Mike (Floyd) had a chance to bring in two. John Carlson, obviously, that was a huge strip when we got stripped down there, and we had to kick the field goal. That's fundamental football; you catch it, you don't take a picture of it, you snatch it and put it away so that doesn't happen. That's something to learn from. We're fortunate that didn't kill us."

On the importance of the forced fumble by Frostee Rucker: "You can't say enough about the effort that Frostee gives you with that bad leg. You know he's not 100 percent, but he's giving you every single thing he's got, as does everybody does on defense. And offensively, effort wasn't our problem. It was execution."

On the two big interceptions from Antonio Cromartie: "It was huge. Obviously, they are in scoring position, and he brings it all the way out to the 40. The other one sets us up, and we don't convert. That was a chance for us to take that and put that touchdown in. I think that's when John (Carlson) dropped his."

On how the third-and-5 call to win the game falls in line with how he coaches the team: "Yeah, I mean we're going to take our shots when they give them to you. You know we had players at the sticks. We had three guys at eight yards for first downs, but when there's a touchdown involved in the play, never pass it up. Don't play scared, play smart."

On the added pressure on the defense to guard the short field: "It's obvious. You never want to give them the ball at midfield three of four times in a row, but they came up huge."

On John Brown's hands: "We can't say enough. We've talked about it ever since he got here. That's why we drafted him. He's had that opportunity for that catch twice and didn't quite make it. Now, it's more time at practice. It was a great throw, but again, it was a great, great catch of him adjusting to a Willy Mays' catch over his shoulder."

On what he got from Calais Campbell: "Unbelievable effort and leadership. He was playing with a lot of passion."

On how John Brown and Larry Fitzgerald complement each other: "They both came up with huge plays. It's not as much about complementing each other, because they are on opposite sides on the same side. It's just do your job. The way they are all built in, you never know who's going to get the ball on our offense, and Carson (Palmer) did a good job when he had time of spreading it around."

On whether this is a special win: "There's no doubt. When we start this stretch of games against NFC opponents, each and every one is special, because they are going to add up in January. This was a huge win for us just the way we won it against a quality team, and then we get a big one next week."

On whether it was the loudest he's heard the University of Phoenix Stadium: "Yeah, it was pretty good. It's been great all season, but that fourth quarter was pretty good. I thought we got out-fanned there for a little while in the third quarter, but they came up big in the fourth."

On the improvement of Carson Palmer's arm strength: "It continues to get better. It's almost 100 percent now. He's throwing balls with a lot of velocity outside, and obviously on the deep balls, he's got it back."

On blitzing on defense until the very end: "Have we ever not? That's who we are."

On if he was worried about not getting the pressure on defense for sacks: "It's because he (Nick Foles) wasn't on the spot. If the quarterback is not on the spot, we'd like to knock him down. We'd like to sack him, but if he's off the spot … He hurt us off the spot, and we lost containment once or twice, but just get him off the spot and disrupt the play."

On the importance of putting points on the board off turnovers: "Oh yeah, if we want to get to where we want to go. We talked about having a killer instinct this week, and this team has to learn that we let teams hang around too long. This one, they let us hang and it cost them."

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