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QB Vick, WR Maclin, LB Ryans, S Atogwe, CB Marsh

QB Michael Vick

On the feeling of having everyone in camp on day one: "It's awesome. It's great to have all the guys here. Everybody's enthused. It seems like they're happy to be here, happy to be around one another. We just enjoy each other. We continue to build our relationships and friendships and our brotherhood. It's special."

On how he went about becoming more of a leader this season: "I spoke to a couple of guys. I think any great football team has to have multiple leaders. It can't just be one guy leading because we all have to pick each other up. We can't lead the defense sometimes or the defense can't lead us, so everybody has to hold themselves accountable. Everybody has to be encouraging one another and pick each other up. Some days, we're not going to have our best days and other players are. It's important for guys to become vocal, to become leaders, because this is their football team as well, not just mine."

On whether it was surreal to hear President Barack Obama mention his name and tell him to slide more: "It's awesome. It's great. It goes to show that you're recognized. I've got to continue to keep doing what I've been doing, put this football team in the best situation possible and just go out and compete each and every week and try to have fun. I've been blessed to play this game and I thank God each and every morning I wake up for all the opportunities that I have. We all are blessed to be here."

On whether he had ever had any interaction with the President before: "Not as of yet, but I'm looking forward to it one day."

On whether he has any advice for the President: "We're going to try to convert him over to an Eagles fan; see if we can make him an Eagles fan by the end of the season."

On his initial reaction to hearing the President's comments: "I was stunned. I didn't believe it. It was awesome. It was just one of those things that you hear that's just hard to believe, but at the same time when you let it all soak in, you think to yourself, 'Man, he's got a point.' If he's saying it, then I've got to do it. So the first run of the year, I'm sliding and you'll know it's for him."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On why this season will be different: "We've got a lot to prove, to ourselves, to each other and to the city of Philadelphia. That's why I think guys are going to really move the ball this year. So like I said, I think guys are really looking forward to seeing what we can become."

On some of the things he's seen from some of the rookies so far: "I wasn't here the first three days but during the mini-camps, I thought that they picked up pretty well. Like I said, these next couple of weeks will be key for us. I think that there are some guys out there that can definitely contribute to this team."

On how different this camp is after everything he went through last year: "It's a complete 180. I'll actually be out here practicing. Being healthy is just a blessing. I'm trying to soak all that in, but at the same time, get out here and do my job."

S Oshiomogho Atogwe

On how he feels now compared to how he felt last season: "I feel great. I really do. I feel better. I'm a lot stronger than I was last year; a lot healthier. Spiritually, I'm a lot better."

On whether it is weird being on a team that was a rival of his former team, the Washington Redskins: "No, I wouldn't say it is. That's the nature of this game. Sometimes, one year you're on one side; the next year, you can be on the other side. But I think what's important is I'm here to help them win and we're a team and we're going to go up there and put our best football out there. That's why I'm here."

On whether it has been difficult to transition into a new defensive scheme: "Well, I had some help. Some of the guys got me some of the information, as far as calls. I played in a defense similar to this in my career. The one thing that you always have to learn is the terminology and just learn a little bit of the technique and the alignments, but the concepts are very similar. Once you assimilate (and say), 'okay, they call this this instead of that,' then it's just back to playing football."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On whether it is important to have fun while working at training camp: "Oh yeah, football is a game of energy. It is all about enthusiasm and energy. That is one thing if you can create here at practice then it goes on into a game. When you can create your own energy it definitely helps when you are on the road and the fans are not there. When guys can get each other up and excited, it helps out a lot."

On whether the first day of training camp is a crash course into the defensive scheme: "No, because I've learned most of it during OTAs and mini-camps. It's not a crash course. Right now it is just a refresher to go back through the things we already learned in the summer. Right now it is just a refresher course to iron out those little kinks. It is just getting back, getting used to lining up, and running the plays so it is not a crash course."

On how players establish themselves as a leader on a football team: "Just be yourself. That is one thing you have to do. You just have to be yourself. That is one thing I am going to do. I will just be myself. All those things will come. That's not anything that I am just looking to come in and do. I am just worried about getting the football part of it right and all that other stuff will come."

CB Curtis Marsh

On whether he had any indication he would be practicing with the first team defense: "No, but I work hard for this. Everything that I get I work towards and feel like I earn. I am not going to say I was surprised but I was definitely happy because it is one step closer to achieving my long-term goals in this league and being the best in the league."

On how he feels about the depth at the Eagles cornerback position: "I'll take our corners over anybody in the league."

On why he was not shocked about playing with the first team defense: "We rotate and have different guys that do different things well. It is by game plan and (defensive coordinator Juan Castillo) is going to get the best players he thinks to put in during certain situations. You just trust in the coaches and when you are asked to go in, you go in and do your job to the best of your ability and try to make a play."

On whether his strengths allow him to play both man and zone coverage: "I feel comfortable doing everything. (Press coverage) is what I did mostly in college and what I excelled at the most was bump-and-run, man-to-man, cover one, and cover zero. Cover one is what I have done throughout most of my career but I feel comfortable doing everything asked of a cornerback."

On whether he expects to play in the slot for the Eagles: "I prepare as if I am at all times. I pay attention in all of the meetings and I know what the nickel or dime has (to do) on every play. If they throw me in there then I am going to fill in and do it to the best of my ability. I am prepared to step in at any time."

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