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QB Nick Foles

On how far he feels he has come as a quarterback since his first start against Washington: "I feel like I've improved as a player. I've definitely gotten more comfortable playing the game, just over time, playing different games and working at practice, working on the fundamentals, taking the reps and studying the film. I feel like I've improved a lot."

On whether there is anything he believes he has improved on the most since his first start: "I think just a little bit of everything. I think the big thing with football is you've got to be comfortable, you've got to be on time and (in) rhythm and I think that's improved a lot. There's still a lot more room for improvement. But I think, overall, just being comfortable, that's the biggest thing."

On whether it is a benefit to him to have RB LeSean McCoy on the field: "He's such a dynamic player, so it's exciting to have him back because he's done so many great things here and just to have him healthy. I know he's excited to be back out there. (He) just adds another dimension."

On whether McCoy's experience will help when teams bring seven or eight men into the box: "I think he'll do a great job. (RB) Bryce (Brown) and (RB) Dion (Lewis), if they get the opportunity, they'll do a great job as well. But LeSean's very experienced. He's been here for several years and he's made a lot of guys miss, so just to have his ability out there playing again is exciting for us."

On being able to use both McCoy and Brown out of the backfield: "That'll be great for us. It all starts out with the o-line, just getting them a few seams and let our guys get out there and break a few."

On how much he measures himself against other rookie quarterbacks around the league: "I really don't worry about it. Those guys are all very talented players and good people, so it's exciting that they've done well. But I just worry about myself and what I can do to get better and help my teammates and that's what I focus on every day."

On whether he checks the scores and statistics of other rookie quarterbacks around the league: "You'll look at them, but you're not going to compare like, 'Oh, he threw for that. I need to do this.' You're not going to do that. You're just going to worry about yourself, worry about winning the game and helping your team win. Those guys are doing the same thing. They're trying to get better themselves. They're not comparing themselves to anyone else."

On whether the loss to Washington in Week 11 adds any extra fire to the team's attitude: "We have enough fuel in the fire. We've got to keep pushing. We've got to get some wins. This is a big game for us, our last home game in front of our fans and we just need to stick together, play with all our hearts, play for one another and go out there. That's enough fuel, going out there and winning. That's all we need. We need to stick together and play together."

On how much more comfortable the team feels playing Washington a second time this season: "We have film on them. They have film on us. We feel comfortable, but they have the same film we do. They played against us as well. It just goes down to fundamentally executing our offense, sticking together, keeping a good rhythm. I think the big thing is limiting mistakes. We can't make mistakes. It makes it harder to win games when you make mistakes like turning over the ball. So, we need to protect the ball, play aggressively, but stay within ourselves."

On how much of an effect a quarterback can have on a team: "I think from the time you played football when you were in first grade to the time you play it now, the quarterback's always been the leader of the team just because he's the one touching the ball every play. He's the one making the decisions on offense and offense, defense, special teams all play together, all thrive off one another. You know that when you're a kid. The first thing your told is, 'Hey, you're the leader of this team. You take charge.' So, the quarterback gets the tempo going, gets everything going. There's a lot of responsibility on playing quarterback but that's why I play quarterback. That's why I loved it when I was in first grade and that's why I love it to this day, because of the responsibilities and I get to touch the ball every play."

On whether he embraces the leadership role with the Eagles: "Yeah, I have. I'm going out there, practicing every day and making decisions, getting the guys going. It's not something that you just turn on. It's just something that you have. You can't really turn it on. I've always told you I'm going to stay true to who I am as a person. That's not going to change. I'm going to work as hard as I can. I'm going to try to make the players around me better, practice hard, study hard. A lot of it is work ethic with quarterbacks. Players see the work ethic and it makes them work a little more because they see it. That's just part of playing quarterback."

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