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QB Michael Vick & TE Brent Celek

QB Michael Vick

On how the defense has looked so far this camp: "They're ferocious. They had a little bit timid in the beginning of camp and OTAs. They're moving around really well and know what they're supposed to do and what their responsibilities are. They look like they have been working hard."

On whether he set any goals prior to the beginning of the offseason program: "My ultimate goal each and every year is to improve my accuracy and just creating a general understanding of the offense in and out and know where all my guys are going to be. I try to figure out the best way to make the game as easy as possible, even though sometimes that's not possible. I'm trying to just come in and get better with the blitz and blitz schemes so I can get my guys in the right spots at the right times."

On what areas he has had noticeable improvements: "Definitely my accuracy. Obviously you want to have poise during tough situations and during the blitz and still be able to maintain accuracy and the integrity of the pocket. I've been just trying to do that and I've been working hard on it. I think that anything you work hard and set your mind up to do, you can do it."

On whether that has anything to do with improving mechanically: "I don't think it is mechanical as it is a mindset. When you change things mechanically, usually it means changing your form. I'm too late in my career to start changing my form so I'm just focusing in on ball placement and I think it's just a mindset to get the ball where he needs to be."

On whether that comes from practice or watching film: "Mainly just from working with the guys. You can watch film and the defense can dictate where you can throw the ball, but it really can't help you with your accuracy. Being out here on the field with the guys around you helps a lot."

On where the constant message of coming here and working hard originates from: "It comes from a combination of everything. Vicariously, we all feed off one another because we're all working hard. The guys see me here every day busting my butt to be the best quarterback I can be in order to fulfill my responsibilities for this team. When everybody starts to see that, I think that everyone does it and the other guys will follow them. My motto is work as hard as you can to get the most out of yourself and make yourself proud and your family proud. That is what we preach."

TE Brent Celek

On how the tight end position is becoming a bigger part of offenses: "These guys are good players who are with me here. We're all going to be competing out there and try to help this team anyway that we can."

On how good QB Michael Vick has looked so far in OTAs: "He's looked really good. I'm impressed by Mike. Mike is the leader of this team, and we all know about his athletic ability and his leadership is outstanding. I'm always excited for a new season, but I'm especially excited for this one." 

On what the guys are taking out of this workout period the most: "Just the camaraderie of getting out here with each other. We weren't able to do this last year and it's a great thing. I think we're all taking a little bit out of it. The offense is working on timing and the defense is able to learn the scheme better, so we're all taking something out of it."

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