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QB Michael Vick, CB Joselio Hanson

QB Michael Vick

On how careful the Eagles have to be protecting the ball against the Bears defense: "You've got to do a great job protecting the ball against these guys. They make a living off of getting strips and turnovers, and it's something they do real well. You don't see too many teams stripping the ball the way they do, and part of that is a credit to just the players they have on defense and their mentality."

On whether he has to approach this game differently because of the weather in Chicago: "No, I just think you go out and play your game. I played there when it was four degrees. I don't think that's going to be the forecast, so I think it'll be better playing conditions, hopefully."

On facing the Bears defense after a difficult test against the Giants: "It's a challenge, but every week is going to be a challenge in this league. You don't want it any other way. I think as you recap over the season, you think about the things you did, your accomplishments, you want to say 'I went up against the best' and hopefully you did well. But if not, you just try to think of the things you didn't do so well, so you always want to play against the best. I think it only makes you better as a team, and overall."

On the Eagles' 4-1 record against winning teams this season: "It says a lot about this team, but at the end of the day you have to go out there and put it all together. Nothing's going to be given to you. You've got to work for everything that you're going to get and you have to earn it. I think we did a good job this week in our preparation. Let's get ready to go play some football."

CB Joselio Hanson

On whether he feels like he has to prove himself when he starts a game: "No, I'm just excited to go out there and play. I just want to have fun and try to get to 8-3. I just want to go out there and have fun, make plays. This is the NFL, it's a dream, so, live the dream."

On filling in for a player who has seven interceptions: "Hey, I'm just going to play my game. Hopefully I can get a couple. You never know."

On defending the Bears' wide receivers: "(They have) a lot of speed. We're going to still challenge those guys, just can't sit back on them. So like I said, go out there and challenge them and try to get to 8-3."

On how the game changes for him when he plays cornerback rather than nickelback: "Being outside, you feel like you're out there by yourself a lot more. You're on an island, as people say, but that's basically it, really. It's still the game of football. I've been playing it since I was young."

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