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QB Donovan McNabb

On how much he enjoys doing a second press conference this week: "(Jokingly) I was enjoying my lunch. This is exciting. It's exciting."

On whether the team is loose this week: "I think this group has been very loose and that's the way we've approached things for weeks. I've been a part of a group that was tight, coming into this situation, and I've been a part of a team, obviously, where we didn't know what tight was. You know what? This team has continued to treat it as if it's just a normal game and just go out to practice and have a great time. Obviously, reading your keys and doing the right thing, but most importantly, making sure the guy next to you is enjoying it. We haven't had any problems with guys being hesitant in any way or wondering the 'what if?' Guys just understanding that, if we go out and do what we've been doing the previous weeks and just try to improve on it, dreams can come true."

On whether he remembers what year it was that the team didn't know what 'tight' was: "I don't remember. I don't remember."

On how hard it is to play when tight: "It's tough to play under those conditions because, now, you're trying to change the feeling that you had throughout the week and the attitude and now go back and try and get into your game mode. If you're in that game mode and already going throughout the week and you've been executing your plays and doing everything, your confidence level, going into the game, is very high."

On how he shuts out the outside expectations for him: "We have personal expectations of our own. I think those are the things that you work hard to get to and to achieve. Each individual person wants to be the best at what they do, but, most importantly, the thing that they want, when they play in any sport, is to win a championship. Obviously, there are things that you have to do in order to achieve that and this is a step which you have to be able to overcome and be able to put yourself in position to move on. I think, for me, being so close, and the rest of the guys, you still have that taste in your mouth. The only way to fulfill that taste is to win this game and then win the next. It's a one-game season for us and we know that and have to continue to treat it as such and go out and take full advantage of the opportunity that's there for us."

On what it will take for head coach Andy Reid to be fully embraced by Philadelphia: "That's a question that I need to ask you. If we had the answer, then it wouldn't be a problem. But, you know what? The thing about it is winning cures everything. When you're winning, nobody digs deeper into finding much of what's going on. I can personally tell you that we don't get affected by what people may say on the outside too much. You use whatever you want as motivation and you move on. You can't impress everyone. Not everyone is going to like you, but you just go out and you do your job and you enjoy doing it. That's something that I can definitely say that hasn't wavered by any means from Andy and it trickles down to the rest of us. You can't let what people may say on the outside become a distraction of what you do here at your job."

On Reid being famous for not revealing much about himself: "He hasn't changed either. That's another thing, you have to be yourself and he's continued to be himself. He's never been a talkative person like that to you guys. Sometime you guys expect it and sometimes it pisses you guys off. Sometimes you have to deal with it. You guys come out of his press conferences not really knowing anything else. Don't expect him to come up here and start blabbering and telling you everything. That's not going to happen."

On whether the outcome of the game at Arizona is important for his legacy: "Legacies are something that you look back on when you're done. People fight over 'What was his legacy?' and 'What he did great' and 'What didn't he do great?' When you're playing, you don't worry about your legacy, you just go out and enjoy what you're doing; trying to do the right things. Whatever happens after that is great, I think, for all of us; not even worrying about the legacy. In this position, it's an opportunity for us and we have to take full advantage of it and put ourselves in another position to achieve a goal."

On whether he feels as though he should have the upper hand in this game, being his 5th NFC Championship: "There's a percentage that say the experience factor plays a part, but you still have to get out onto the field and be able to execute. No matter how you look at it, you have a job to do and they have a job to do; whether it's their first time or not. (Arizona QB) Kurt (Warner) has been to Super Bowls, he's been to NFC Championships, but a lot of the guys on the team have never been to, really, a playoff, or even further than the second round, maybe. It doesn't matter, we have to go out and do our job and do it well."

On what it's like playing against a friend like Arizona DE Bertrand Berry: "We're great friends. We have a great time off the field, pushing each other while we're playing and making sure everyone is healthy and our families are doing well. But, while we're on the field, he's trying to get at me and I'm trying to win the game. It's a battle and it's kind of like when you're going against your brother and you want to get the upper hand and trash talk a little bit when it's all over."

On whether he's talked to the younger players about seizing the opportunity: "Not yet, but the thing that excites me for this week is the fact that I haven't seen anything to have to present that to them yet. These guys have treated it just like we have. I think the most important things for us, as veterans on this team, is to show them first. Show them how to prepare themselves, show them how to attack and approach practice, and show them that it's not affecting us, by any means, the pressure of playing in a NFC Championship. I think this team has really seen that myself and a couple other guys have just come out loose and just being able to execute and reading our keys and having a great time in the process."

On what the daily routine is like for him when he's training in Arizona during the offseason:"Waking up about seven in the morning. Getting an excellent breakfast, because you have to start the day off with a great breakfast. Being at the training facility by eight. Start doing core, running, doing agilities, lifting. Getting a great lunch, because you have to have a great lunch. Resting. Maybe going back to the gym to do some extra work. Eating an excellent dinner and relaxing. Then, starting the whole thing over the next day. It's important that you put the right things into your body. Vitamin Water is really nice."

On whether Arizona is like home to him: "It is like home. I spend a lot of months there and train there. Obviously, I have my family there and my kids go to school there. It's an excellent place, it's growing and I enjoy being there."

On whether Bertrand Berry has ever sacked him:"(Knock on wood) No."

On what he would say to Berry if he ever did sack him:"Hopefully, I won't have to say anything to him."

On whether it's ever a burden that he hasn't won a Super Bowl: "It's not a burden. It's not a burden because I'm still playing. I think, when you're done and you know that you've been close and you don't have it, that's when it may weigh on you a little bit. But, at this particular point, we have an opportunity to get close and we're playing a tough Cardinals team and we have to do our job. When it's all over, hopefully, we'll be the one on top moving on."

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