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Postgame Quotes: DC Bill Davis

On the play of LB Connor Barwin:

DAVIS: Connor does a great job of setting the edge for us. We ask a lot of him and he wears a lot of different hats for us. He has a lot of different roles and he does a really great job of just handling his job, and doing it consistently.

On finishing the game:

DAVIS: They kept fighting the whole game. In the NFL you have to play four solid quarters, not three, but four. There are always going to be momentum swings and our guys were mature about it. We never really panicked. [Washington] made some plays at the end and we had to step up and make a play, and the guys did. We had some nice pressure there with a four man rush and [CB] Brandon Boykin stepped up and made a great play.

On whether he was surprised Redskins QB Robert Griffin III threw the ball on 3rd and 1, which was intercepted by Brandon Boykin at the end of the game:

DAVIS: I was a little surprised. My eyes were shifting back and forth between the rush and the coverage, and when I saw [the ball] go up I looked to see who he was throwing it to. It looked like they might have had a little miscommunication. I'm just glad Boykin caught it.

On the progress the defense has made since Week 1 heading into a bye week:

DAVIS:I think the team in general has done a nice job in getting us where we are. It's nice the defense is getting better every week. The [points against] are really what we focus on and the points were really low there for a while, but then in the fourth quarter it slipped away from us. The guys just keep fighting and they are growing together as a group. It's fun to watch and we have to finish this thing the right way. Hopefully it continues to grow and get better.

On what has happened with the defense since the loss in Denver:

DAVIS: I think it's about the growth we have been talking about since the beginning. The first time we played Washington it was going to be the starting point. You know when you take over an undertaking like this this with major scheme changes, coaching changes, and player changes it is going to take a while to grow. It is nice to see the way it is growing, but it's got a lot of room to grow. It's nice that we are moving in the right direction.

On LB Trent Cole embracing the defense:

DAVIS: I know everybody is tracking Trent with his number of sacks, but it's not how we track it. We know all season that Trent has had that consistent pressure and put stress on the quarterback and tackles he's going against. It's nice to see him get rewarded with the final sacks, but that's not how we judge him. This game doesn't change how we look at Trent just because he had two sacks. We are very happy with Trent.

On the maturity of the defense:

DAVIS: We have a good group of grown men that know how to not panic, and fight through and hang together. We know at the end when it gets all pressure packed that you have to go back to your fundamentals and your technique and your training. That is what separates you. We talk about that a lot.[ Head Coach Chip Kelly] does a lot of talks and speeches about going back to your training when it's tough and the pressure is on you. I think our guys did that tonight.

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On whether or not the defense was tired at the end:

DAVIS: I don't know, it's so tough for me to gauge that from the box. The coaches on the field were saying [the defense] was good. [The defense] on the field has high energy and we're ready to roll. We just had to make more plays. [Washington] was making more plays at the end in the fourth quarter.

On doing anything differently in the last defensive series of the game:

DAVIS: We were trying to keep them off balance. We were throwing some man, some zone and some pressures. We fell back a little bit, and either we were going to make a play or [Washington] was going to make a play. We stepped up and made it.

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