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Post-Practice Quotes

QB Michael Vick

On today's practice: "Practice was great. It was a nice walkthrough. Everyone was in tune, understood what needed to be done, protection-wise and just in the scheme."

On QB Mike Kafka and what he's seen in him in terms of growth since last camp: "Well, Mike's just more confident in his ability to get the ball downfield, confident in maneuvering the offense and making the right calls and getting us into the right place that we need to be in. So, you can tell he's a year older, he's a year better, he's a year more confident."

On OT Demetress Bell and his confidence in him fitting in with the offensive line: "I'm confident in him. You've just got to trust the guys that are in front of you. I believe in him. Throughout my entire career, regardless of the status of the line, anybody that you line up in front of me, I believe I can get it done with. So I don't really pay attention to the offensive line as far as the amount of talent. I just praise the guys, give them confidence and believe in them. It's just natural for me so I just let them get better week in and week out and they can work on their games as individuals."

OT Todd Herremans

On how well Demetress Bell has fit in with the offensive line: "Really well. He showed up when we first signed him to work and he knew what his job was going to be. He has been putting in extra hours and time and really focusing in on getting ready to play."

On the biggest difference between this year's offensive line and last year's line: "Everyone knows what to expect (this year). We had the offseason and had all of last year to get in with (offensive line coach Howard Mudd) and the new scheme and everything else we had going on. We played a whole season together and we just know what to expect out of each other and out of Howard and out of the system. I think that is the biggest difference."

On whether having continuity on the offensive line helps the players succeed: "It helps a lot. There are certain things that just playing next to a guy that you know what he is going to do just because you play next to him for so long. When I played next to (former Eagles OT Tra Thomas) we barely ever made any calls just because we knew what we were going to do. The more we play together the more it will get like that and it's already been night and day compared to last year."

C Jason Kelce

On whether there is enough experience on the offensive line to be successful: "Our left guard Evan Mathis has been in the league for eight or nine years, Todd Herremans has been with the Eagles for eight or nine years so there is plenty of knowledge on the offensive line."

On whether QB Michael Vick is facing more pressure to be a leader on the Eagles: "I don't think he has extra pressure to step up as a leader but I think he wants to be a leader more. I think he's taken that on and I think that is something he wants to be more of this year."

On what needs to happen to for the Eagles to have the best offensive line in the NFL: "First of all we have to get through training camp. Yesterday was not one of our better practices so we just have to keep on improving. Demetress Bell is getting better every day and he is looking more and more impressive. Evan Mathis had a great year last year so hopefully he can continue doing that. We have a very athletic offensive line and I think that is our strength. We can do a lot of things that other offensive lines can't."

On how much going against the Eagles defensive line in practice helps the offensive line: "We are going up against one of the best defensive lines in the NFL every single day. You get a little frustrated when you get beat here and there but then you realize the guy you're going across from is pretty good also. It's good that not only our offense is good but our defense is good enough to where we are going back and forth and we really are competing with each other.

OT Demetress Bell

On how much film preparation helps in protecting QB Michael Vick outside of the pocket: "All I can do is protect and try to keep them off of him. But when he's scrambling, I've just got to keep blocking."

On the difficulty of fitting into an offensive line that already has a level of continuity: "I wouldn't say it's easy. It's my job to come in and run with those guys and get the play call. I think once we get up to the line and communicate, it shouldn't be a problem."

On how his first Eagles training camp compares to Bills training camp: "Well, it's fast and it's a lot of hitting. That's expected during training camp; not this much, but it's hard work."

On the difference between playing with an athletic quarterback like Vick as compared to a typical pocket passer: "Well, you just have to hold your blocks longer. It's not that one-two-three, stop and pass. You've just got to hold your block maybe five or six seconds. You never know what gets picked, so you've got to hold your block, every block."

On whether it changes your mindset as a blocker knowing you have a quarterback that you don't know where he is going to be: "No, that's what I'm saying, you've just got to go block for five or six seconds and know that he's going to get it out. You just can't drop back for three seconds and expect it to be gone."

RB Dion Lewis

On whether he thinks his role will expand on the offensive side of the ball: "Definitely. I am really good with the ball in my hands on the field. Whenever I get the chance to show off my skills in practice I just try to showcase my abilities and make a play whenever I can."

On the comparisons to former Eagles RB Brian Westbrook when he is catching screen passes: "I saw a little bit of film on him but not too much. I watch film on anyone I can learn from so I definitely try to learn from him, (RB LeSean McCoy) or any of the guys who were great at running screens here with the Eagles. I just try to learn everyday and get better."

On what makes a running back successful when running screen plays: "The most important thing is catching the ball. You just have to be patient and slip through when you see an opening to get out there. I just try to be patient and follow my keys."

On whether competition in the backfield helps to motivate him: "Competition always helps make a player a better player. I like competition. It makes me want to work harder and improve myself. Definitely having competition is always good especially when you have two great backs like those two. You just want to compete every day and make the most of your opportunities."

On his expectations for the running back who wins the backup job to McCoy: "Everyone is getting a chance to show what they can do. (McCoy) is a great back obviously but the second player has to be a good player too. I just try to go out there every day to prove myself and show the coaches I am ready to take on that role."

On whether he is learning to become a better pass blocker: "I did a little bit (in college) but every day I am trying to get better at it. A big part of this offense is being able to block so every day I am trying to work on my technique and take all the coaching points in and soak everything in to try and apply it on the field."

On why he thinks his offensive touches were limited last season: "I'm not sure but whenever my number was called last year I was ready and I prepared myself every game as if I was going to get some carries. I just have to be ready when my number is called."

On whether it is smart to take carries away from McCoy: "It is hard because he is such a great player. You want to have one of your better players on the field but at the same time being a running back you take a lot of hits. He probably won't get as many touches this year but he will still get his fair share. I just have to be ready whenever my number is called and prepare myself as if I am going to get a few touches every game."

On his comfort level with the offense this year compared to last year: "I am confident and am comfortable. I have been here already. This is my second training camp so I've got the whole thing down and the whole routine down. I am just confident and comfortable and just out there playing fast without thinking. Last year I was thinking and wasn't sure about my assignments but now I know everything and I am just going out there to try and get better every day."

On how he thought his rookie year went: "It was ok. There was a big learning curve coming straight off of the lockout into training camp. Just a big learning curve and trying to soak in as much stuff as I could last year from (former Eagles RB Ronnie Brown) and McCoy. As a rookie it helped a lot."

On what he took out of his experience returning kicks: "I took a lot out of it. It was a big learning experience. We watched a lot tape of it in mini-camps and OTAs to just try to get better."

On whether it will help his offensive game to not be a part of the kick return team: "I wouldn't say that. I am still going to be on special teams anyway so I would love the chance to do it again but if not I will always be ready to do it if called upon."

On whether the game is now slowing down for him in his second year with the team: "Definitely. Last year I knew what I had to do but I wasn't confident in what I had to do. Now I am confident in what I have to do and know 100 percent what I have to do. Things are slowing down for me and I am in a rhythm right now."

On whether his skills allow him to be a short-yardage running back in the NFL: "I think so, I am pretty big at 5'8" strong (joking). Being a running back you have to be an all-situation back. You cannot be good at just one thing but you have to be good at numerous things. On short yardage I try to do that as best as I can and try to get the tough yards."

On what he is able to learn from McCoy: "He is a great running back. It is a privilege to be behind a guy like him who has had so much success. I always pick his brain and always ask him questions. I am always asking what I can do better or what he thinks I should do on this or that. He is just giving me great feedback."

On what he thought he should work on this past offseason: "Being more consistent and knowing my assignments and working on my blocking. I knew I had to get better at everything to be a better player to be on the field and get a chance to help the team win."

QB Mike Kafka

On whether he concerns himself with what is said in the media: "I don't really worry about that kind of stuff. All I worry about is when I'm on the field, I'm executing my job, doing my job, leading the guys out there, managing the game, managing the situations that we're put in in practice."

On what areas he's looking to improve on during this camp: "I think, on the whole, it's just the whole execution part. I think as a unit, as an offensive unit, it's an 11-man operation. So when you're out there, sometimes little things don't go your way, but you have to make sure that you're executing at a high level all the time and if you focus on doing that, you put yourself in a good position to be successful."

On not having to think as much on the field in his second year: "You get to make quicker decisions and that makes you play faster."

On what kind of statement the Eagles made in not bringing in a veteran quarterback to compete for the backup job: "To be honest with you, it's out of my control. The only thing I can control is the opportunity that I get."

On the collaborative process between QB Michael Vick and himself: "We definitely talk about certain things that come up in practice or questions that we might have. We definitely work very closely with Coach (Marty) Mornhinweg and Coach (Andy) Reid and Coach (Doug) Pederson. When we go to practice, we have no doubt on what we expect."

On his reaction to the questioning of his arm strength: "To be honest with you, it really doesn't because you have to be able to make all the throws and that's the reason why they drafted me. It's because I could do that."

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