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Post-Practice Quotes

QB Michael Vick

On whether it was planned for him to see a lot of mixed coverages and blitzes thrown at him today: "It's the plan every day, just to mix it up. I just need to make sure I do the right things with the football and make sure that I have a general understanding of the concepts before I come out. I never know what they're going to do. Last year this time, I couldn't have done that and had that kind of success. This is a credit to my coaches and teammates, and a credit for their hard work."

On losing WR Riley Cooper for an extended time due to a fractured collarbone: "To lose Riley is going to be tough. Somebody's going to have to step up and fill that void. When someone goes down, another guy has to step up. I think Riley will come back an even better player."

On whether any of the young wide receivers have caught his eye: "Yeah, a couple of them. (Marvin) McNutt has definitely played well. A couple of the other guys have caught the ball well. They're definitely going to step up. It's going to be great watching them in the preseason when there are live bullets, so we'll see what happens."

On leading a three-play touchdown drive in a move-the-ball drill: "It was great to get in-and-out in three plays. Being efficient and looking good doing it is exactly what we want."

On whether this is the most physical training camp practice that he's had since he's been here: "The last three days have been long. Today seemed like the longest, but that's what it is all about. We just have to work out and let our attitude be our gratitude each and every day."

On whether they are setting the tone right now with the physicality of the practices: "Yes, we're setting the tone especially up front with our offensive line and defensive line. They're playing great and learning how to shoot the gaps and how to get penetration. That's what we need. We need a big, physical group that's going to attack the ball and they're doing that."

CB Joselio Hanson

On his opinion of the young wide receivers in camp following WR Riley Cooper's injury: "Looking good so far with nice speed, work hard and that's all you can ask for."

On his relationship with CB Curtis Marsh: "Marsh is a good guy. We both came out of California in Los Angeles so we had that connection. He is a nice guy so we hang out all of the time. It is just a friendly competition I guess."

On whether everyone in the secondary is more comfortable having another year in the system: "Yeah, you can see (CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) making plays. He will be the first to tell you he loves playing outside. Nnamdi is at his spot and he is moving around a little bit. We're ready to have a great season."

On how he handles having competition for the nickel cornerback spot each year: "It's just the way it is when you're not a highly drafted player. I came out of college as a free agent so that is just something you deal with when it happens. I've never really been a starter. Unless you are a starting corner you are competing."

On whether having competition motivates him each year: "When you come in this league at the bottom it takes no motivation to get you going. Maybe if I would have come in as a first round pick or something it would be different. I came in from the bottom and worked my way up so I don't want anybody to take that from me."

On his relationship with CB Brandon Boykin: "This is a game and I just want to come out and have fun. Boykin is a cool guy and I'm pretty sure during the season we'll get the chance to hang out more and get to know each other."

LB Brian Rolle

On how the intensity of training camp compares to last year's camp: "It's is a lot of fun because I am the type of guy who likes to go hard every day. A lot of guys embrace it and we are having fun. It's hot and it's camp but it's only three weeks and it doesn't last forever."

On what it says that he is getting a majority of the reps with the first team defense: "Well I feel like the coaches are confident in my abilities to go out there and make plays and make the right decisions. That's not saying they don't feel the same way about (LB Jamar Chaney) or (LB Moise Fokou) and those guys but I am just going to go out there and do my part. That is all I can do and continue to have the coaches have belief in me so there is no doubt when the season comes when I'll be on the field starting."

On the progress of the defense this year compared to last year: "Well we had OTAs and everything to kind of built up. We got in the playbook earlier as opposed to last year where there was a new coordinator. Even the guys who worked here didn't have a chance. We didn't have a chance to where (defensive coordinator Juan Castillo) felt comfortable putting in more and more."

On how much difference the extra year makes for the players and coaches: "Well we are going to be a lot faster because the team jelled a lot more having the offseason. Everyone was here and maybe only one person was not here. I feel like (Castillo) will feel more comfortable making calls and we will feel comfortable playing with each other."

DT Derek Landri

On how he has been able to get off the ball so quickly and stay low: "It's just something that I've been taught, that I've worked hard on, and something that I want to do."

On how DT Fletcher Cox is progressing: "Fletcher is a good kid and a good dude. He's going to be really good. He's young, and he's getting better each and every day. Even with the four days that we have been out here with him, we're constantly working on hands, feet, and everything."

On whether Andy Reid is living up to his promise of making it a tough and physical camp: "Oh yeah. It's not two two-a-days back to back. It's a single day with pads but we're getting everything you can out of what the CBA has set up. This is day four but day two with pads on, and compared with when I first got into this league, this is getting good work and getting better. I also think you're enjoying your teammates a lot better here."

S Jaiquawn Jarrett

On whether the defensive backs felt the need to prove a point with physicality in today's practice: "Well, it's live and the DBs just wanted to come out and be collectively physical as a whole. This is a physical game and we want to be as physical as possible underneath the whistles. We just need to play within the whistle and be as physical as possible."

On whether this was a significant practice for him: "I think every practice is significant. You want to get better as much as possible and do the little things to get better. You just want to do better than you did yesterday."

On how a big hit comes about like his hit on one of the fullbacks in practice: "I'm just pursuing. I see the ballcarrier, I'm reading the keys and using my angles to just make sure I can get ball on the ground and cut back."

On whether more physical practices allow Jarrett and the other defensive backs an opportunity to show their physicality: "Being able to have some live periods is going to be great for us as a team. Football is live, and you don't tag off. Getting the opportunity to have some live periods in practice is going to help us collectively as a team."

On competition at safety: "There's always competition. The competition never stops. As long as we're out here, I'm going to compete, Kurt (Coleman), Nate (Allen) OJ (Oshiomogho Atogwe), and Tom (Nelson) are all going to compete. Football is all about competing and we're all going to compete until the day is over." 

WR Marvin McNutt

On how much Iowa wide receivers coach Erik Campbell inspired him to become a receiver: "He definitely was one of the main reasons I came over to the receiver position. Even before I made the choice I also looked at who would be coaching me. When you look at the number of guys he has put in the NFL and the way they played in college, why would someone not want to play for him? He was definitely an inspiration as to why I am here now and he was my mentor in college."

On whether he studied film of WR Jason Avant while in college: "Of course, that was one of the first films I watched. His one-on-one tapes and red zone one-on-ones and watching him and how he worked his techniques and his hands."

On whether he tried to emulate what he saw in Avant's film: "Of course. With my big frame and he is a different type of bigger frame, I was able to see how he used his feet and hands and still use his techniques like Coach Campbell told me. He was not one of the fastest guys but he definitely is one of the hardest workers and continues to work every day."

On whether it is a coincidence that he and Avant ended up on the same team with their similarities: "It's coincidence and I think it is a blessing in disguise to have someone like Jason who is willing to help and put in the extra effort for the younger guys. It helps us with our games."

P Chas Henry

On whether he has gained a comfort level in the punting game: "You're more comfortable with something that you want to do better at, so it's the same thing for punting, it's the same thing for any position out there. If you really understand the defense or the offense as an offensive or defensive player and you're comfortable with it, you usually play a lot better. You don't have to go and think about everything; you just go out there and play."

On whether he expected the team to bring in a second punter to camp for competition: "I definitely did. I definitely thought they were going to last year. It's really unheard of in the NFL when an undrafted guy goes in and you just kind of give him the starting job with no competition going into his rookie year. I thought they were going to last year and I was fine with that and then it didn't happen. Then, this year, coming into it, I knew if they were going to, there were a couple of good veterans out there. Brad Maynard's out there. Jason Baker's out there. So there's a lot of good punters out there that are still looking to catch on somewhere. I knew (P) Mat (McBriar), when he got released by the Cowboys, I thought he was a possibility, so it's fine. I think competition brings out the best in everybody and I look forward to coming out here and competing against him."

On whether he follows where veteran punters and kickers are signing and being released: "Yeah, you just kind of follow up on it because a lot of guys bounce around and, for the most part, most guys don't stay on the same team forever. David Akers is a great example. He played 12 years here and most people thought he would have retired here, but it just happens. You go around. So, you get to know a lot of guys through games and things and talking with them and you become friends with them. We kind of follow up on where everybody is and how everybody's doing."

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