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Post-Practice Player Quotes

RB Charles Scott

On his pass blocking: ""It's good. I'm good at pass blocking. It's a little different as far as terminology, but I'm getting comfortable with it and I'm settling in here.""

On whether a team needs two or three running backs in a rotation to be successful these days: ""In this league I believe truly that with the length of the season and then just the physicality of the game you have to have two or three backs just in case. You never know with a long season what's going to happen, who's going to get hurt or whatever. God forbid anybody gets hurt, but it happens in this league. You just have to be prepared for whatever the season brings you.""

On the weight he's playing at right now: ""I'm trying to get down to 235. I'm about 236, 237, so lose a pound or two and get down to 235.""

On whether he has bonded with the numerous amount of SEC players on the team: ""Most definitely. There's nothing separating ourselves or anything like that. It's just when you came in the first day of OTA's you saw the guys that you've been competing against all four years in college, so that's automatically a bond there. You have something in common coming from the SEC. You just kind of bond together right there instantly.""

On whether it was an advantage for him coming from a power conference like the SEC and whether that prepared him better: ""I wouldn't necessarily say better because every conference has its strengths and its weaknesses. I would say we have a lot of great players from every conference, so you can't really say that.""

On whether he remembers any of his current teammates specifically from college: ""Most definitely. I remember (DT) Jeff Owens and (LB) Jamar Chaney and (WR) Riley Cooper at Florida. I remember all the guys I competed with; (TE) Cornelius Ingram at Florida. I remember the guys.""

On whether he is looking forward to the veterans coming in to camp: ""I am, I'm excited. We got a lot of great guys on our team, a lot of great leaders and I'm just looking forward to getting in and looking at them and learning more of the little things that I need to know to make myself a better player in this league.""

On what he has gotten out of this past week of camp with just the rookies and selected veterans: ""I would say it's more of the little things. We kind of concentrated on the technical standpoint of our games. You can know what you're doing, but if you don't do it correctly, it's still kind of messed up. So we concentrated on the little things. Where exactly are you supposed to be on this play? This depth? This whip? We just concentrated on those things and try to get better at that before the vets get here.""

On how different it is between running the ball in college and running it here: ""It's all running the ball, it's all football, you know guys may hit a little harder but when it comes to reading and cutting it's all the same. It's a step or two faster but it's football and that is the bottom line.""

On having increased reps before the vets get to camp: ""It's been nice, it gives you a good chance to just focus on everything that you need to work on and you really get one on one time with the coach and it's just two running backs and (RB) coach (Ted) Williams and coach Duce (Staley) and (ST) coach (Jeff) Nixon and it is a really good learning process. It's a learning experience and you just take every rep and get what you can out of it.""

On what Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg have talked to him about in terms of what he needs to work on: ""Just going in and competing, really, competing and worrying about the little things, focusing on each play and just execute every play and eliminate mistakes, that's the main thing.""

On if he feels like he can show his skill better by hitting during practice:""Right, you can go out in helmets and look like an all-star, but when it comes down to it you play with shoulder pads and a helmet, and what you do in full pads and game gear that is what is really going to show up.""

CB Trevard Lindley

On whether he's worn out: ""A little bit worn out, but I guess you have to push through. I guess they're trying to see how much shape we're in, so just go out there and just work hard. I'm just trying to go hard every play.""

On whether he knew coming into camp that it was just going to be him and David Pender at cornerback: ""I didn't know it was just going to be me and him, I thought it was going to be like one or two other corners. It's just me and him so I have to go out there and just work hard and step it up.""

On what his initial thoughts were on the idea of two corners through the first three days of camp: ""At first I didn't really think anything of it until I saw certain players. I was thinking that wouldn't be hard, but when you go out there and try to do it, it's a little tough.""

On when it hit him that it was wearing on him:""(Jokingly) Probably that second – no, that first practice. I did pretty good, just worked through it and try to go hard every play.""

On how these past couple of days have prepared him for what he's about to go through over the next couple of weeks: ""It helps us learn the plays a little faster and, I guess, learn the little details in walkthrough and stuff like that. It's pretty good for the rookies coming out here and learn before the vets get here because when the vets get here it will get a lot faster. Get all the reps we need right now.""

On whether he feels he has an opportunity to start right now or at least compete for a starting job: ""No, right now just go out there and just work hard and try to go hard every play and, I guess, try to do what I can to get on the field.""

On whether it's by design that he doesn't want to think about the idea of starting: ""I just want to go out there and work hard and hopefully I'll have the chance to do it. Right now, just work hard and try to learn the plays and get that down.""

On why he decided to stay in college even though his mom advised him to leave early when his stock was high and whether he listens to his mom:""When I got hurt I kind of wish I did. I guess just keep working hard and try to get my ankle stronger and just keep going hard.""

TE Clay Harbor

On whether he feels that he's in a pretty good spot with this team: ""We have a great tight end group and the guys are good players. Obviously we have Brent Celek who is a Pro Bowl caliber tight end and we got Cornelius (Ingram) and Martin (Rucker) who are all great players. We're all just going out there and playing our hardest and running the plays. The coaches put us where they want us and whoever they see doing something particularly well, they'll put us in there in that situation. We believe that they'll put us in the spot for the season.""

On whether he feels he's more prepared for what's going to start tomorrow and Saturday after these first couple of practices for rookies and selected veterans: ""Oh yeah, if I was coming in, say, today, and just cold for training camp with all the veterans and everything, I would've felt a little timid, a little cold just wondering what it's going to be like. To have these few days, it really warmed us up and gets us ready for the real training camp. These days have been real important, they're confidence building for me personally and I'm sure some of the other guys got some confidence up after catching some balls and running around a little bit. Just get familiar to the area and the schedule we're going to be on.""

On some of the things that the coaches have him doing differently opposed to what he did in college: ""There's a big difference. Every route you have to read on. In college, you get a route and you're going to run that route no matter what. Here you could run three or four different routes every play depending on what the defensive does. If they shift to a two-high safety, a one-high safety, linebacker over the top, if he's outside you're going to run something different. If he's not, it's a different formation. Each play you can really run three to four different things. You can't just take off and run your route. You've got to be into the game mentally and in visualize what they're going to do before they do it. It's really about reading the defense and how quick you can do that.""

On how he's dealing with everything: ""First when I got to mini-camp I did struggle a little bit, but it's just coming. It's coming along great now. I feel way more confident in my reads instead of waiting until the last second to really see what's going on. You can kind of take out little hints to what they're going to do. If a guy is lined up somewhere pre-snap, he's probably going to drop back, he's probably going to creep up and you can tell by the way the defense is playing. There's a lot of little hints that you didn't concentrate on in college that you have to now to really get an advantage and see what the defense is going to do so you can run your route at full speed and not play tentative.""

P Ken Parrish

On if he kicked and punted in college: ""No, just punted. Kicking is a new thing I picked up last year. Everything for kickoffs last year was my first time doing it. Like two or three months before I came to camp here last year I started doing kickoffs. I think that it was easier to pick up because I did soccer for so long.""

On him training with the soccer balls today: ""Yeah, we were doing field goal blocks. Even though it is uncomfortable to get blocked, it is also easier to block a soccer ball, I mean there is no chance of hurting somebody and a football if you hit them just right that can hurt somebody.""

On Head Coach Andy Reid coming to talk to him during practice and if he does that often: ""No not often, that was the first time he really came over one on one with me, he kind of gave me some advice and to kind of keep after it and walking away he said that red heads are alike (jokingly), so he had to get that tid-bit in there.""

On if he was surprised when Coach Reid came up to him:""Yeah I was, well we were doing directional and it was the first time I've ever really done directional kickoffs and just trying to get it down pat and everything like that and he came over and he kind of noticed something that I could be doing better and then he came over and suggested a couple of things and it definitely opened my mind up and it definitely helped.""

On if this year he feels like he is competing for a job: ""This year I was told that it is a competition and outside of that I really don't look into too much more than that outside of what I can do. I am just here to try to do everything I can to try to help the team and be the best player that I can be out here because all of that stuff is kind of out of my control. I'm here just to do my job and go to work and hopefully I can be a good asset to the team.""

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