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Post-Game Quotes: QB Nick Foles

On the fumble in the fourth quarter:

FOLES: "It happened so fast. I was going through my reads and I got hit and when I was going down I thought I had it on my thigh when I got hit and then it got lodged. I trust the officials to make the right call and that's what they did."

On the final drive of the game:

FOLES: "Our O-line did a great job, I think we passed the ball once and ran the ball eight times and ran eight minutes off the clock. That's a good team out there and we were able to run the ball and take the clock away after our defense had a huge stop."

On playing well in back-to-back games:

FOLES: "It feels good to get the win, it was another great team win. We just have to keep moving, but I felt good out there, felt like the guys were doing a great job. Receivers were making some good plays and helping me out. It was a good win."

On the performance of Riley Cooper:

FOLES: "He's showing you what he's always been. I believe in Riley and it just so happens that when I'm reading out plays he's getting open and making plays. He's a big, physical receiver and I love the fact that he does a great job blocking and he's a team player."

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