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Post-Game Quotes: QB Matt Barkley

On what percent of snaps he had during the week:

BARKLEY: I didn't get many, so I don't know if I can give you a percentage. I didn't count them, but not many.

* *

On whether he thought that QB Michael Vick would be starting:

BARKLEY: Yeah, I kind of figured it out by the way he was looking and running the ball. He looked good, looked comfortable and so I saw that going in.

* *

On whether he thought he played good or not:

BARKLEY: I thought I played alright. I thought I made some good throws. I made some poor decisions. I think it's the little things that I have to hunker down on from here on out. Learning and getting game experience is under my belt, it's just something to learn from. I will probably be thinking about a couple of those plays running through my head all night long. That last play of the half, I don't know if I was thinking about last week, trying to do too much of forcing it in there so I was holding on to it, about to throw it away and they made a good play on it. I thought I played alright.

* *

On whether he saw the player coming when he fumbled the ball:

BARKLEY: Yeah I made him miss, so I saw him coming. I saw [WR] DeSean [Jackson] first and it looked to close too throw it to him, so I was going through my second progression and was about to throw it away and he just got there a second too early.

On mentally trying not to do too much:

BARKLEY: You just have to remind yourself one play at a time. You are not going to win the game with one play. It is definitely different then starting from scratch. But being 0-0 from opening kickoff and what not, but I do not want to make that excuse for how we performed as an offense. We have a lot of things to correct across the board and it always starts with the quarterback, so we will watch this tape and see what needs to be fixed. I don't want to make that excuse when I came in or whatnot.

* *

On the challenges playing instead of Vick:

BARKLEY: The game plan is designed for any quarterback and Mike has some plays, I have some plays, but the offense is built to run with whoever is at the helm. I do not think that makes a difference who's at that position as long as you are making the right decisions and getting the ball out.

* *

On how much read option he had:

BARKLEY: Pretty much the same as normal. It is just the way the Giants chose to play it didn't allow for that to happen.

* *

On how helpful it will be to get the first team snaps next week:

BARKLEY: We will see how Mike bounces back, hopefully he heals up. I think it is valuable just to practice with those guys and see their timing and know their breaks in a full-speed environment. Routes versus air is one thing but to be able to get reps in team periods and seven on seven I think it will be valuable.

* *

On whether his frame of mind was different going into this game because of Vick's injury:

BARKLEY: I have told you guys every week that I prepare like I am going to start. That was the same mentality as this week. There was a chance of a physical component but that did not change my excitement or preparation. I still did the same film study, still did the same practice routine. With the two quarterbacks I did get a little more practice reps, but my mind set was still the same.

On whether his level of confidence has changed because he may start next week:

BARKLEY: I am just going to compete my butt off and see what happens with this week. My confidence is not down after this game. It is a tough loss and you hate to see that happen but I am not beating myself up. You look at those plays and replay some of them thinking what you could have done better, but you move on and we will see what happens this week but again I will prepare like I am starting.

On how the coaching staff and players could help him play better:

BARKLEY: I am not going to go there. I think we had a good game. I think we have a solid coaching staff. I think across the board we have to do a better job converting plays.

* *

On having no touchdowns in two weeks:

BARKLEY: I don't know where it starts. I think we will have some more interest this week. I think it's across the board everyone doing the little things, whether it's a block down field or the timing of my foot work, or getting the ball out, or making a catch. It's across the board and hopefully we can get the right practice and the right mindset this week to where the little things count and we make plays on it.

* *

On whether he saw progress in himself:

BARKLEY: Yeah I felt comfortable and that I did improve, but I do not like to look at the things I did better. You always have to look at the things you could have done better.

* *

On whether his arm strength has improved:

BARKLEY: It feels comfortable, it feels healthy.

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