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Post-Game Quotes: QB Eli Manning

On the overall play of the game and moving the ball when they had to, even with scoring no touchdowns:

MANNING: I think we did a lot of good things, had a lot of great drives. Moving the ball in the first half and moving the ball right up the field a number of times. We were close on a number of plays that could have been touchdowns, a few plays out of the end zone on some fade balls and different things. We have to get better at that, we have to start converting those into touchdowns and not settling for three points and keeping teams in the game, which we could have built a big lead early, and ran away with this thing—and then towards the end a few big third down conversions. There were some good things. Obviously we're not making the mistakes that we were making earlier in the season. We're not turning the ball over, but we still have to find a way to finish the games a little better.

On his thoughts of being two games out of 1st place in the NFC East after an 0-6 start:

MANNING:I think we still believe. I think that's been a great credit to this team and coaches. It's coming in and fixing the problems and right now—these last two weeks—we've played kind of our best football. And that's together as a team—both sides helping each other out, relying on each other to go out there and do our job, our defense has been outstanding, and offensively we've been better. So we have to continue to build off that, we have to improve on a few things offensively, but obviously we've got some new guys in there and some makeshift running backs and different things. But guys have stepped up and done well and we're going to keep fighting and hopefully you never know what can happen.

On his feelings of playing turnover-free football again this game:

MANNING:That's obviously two weeks in a row and two wins. And obviously there's something to that and we have to play smart and don't give them a chance to build any momentum and not put our defense in a bind in any way—they've been playing outstanding. We have to continue to do that and also make some plays as well.

On the recent continuity of the offensive line in the last few weeks and how it has made him more comfortable:

MANNING:I think those guys have done a good job with communicating and knowing their assignments and talking together and they've been playing well. Not making the mistakes and guys running free and different things leading to some bad plays—I think that's been helpful. Running the ball and our pass protection has been good these last two weeks so that's been a big part of our offense—not getting in bad situations. We haven't had any penalties and different things and getting a lot of third and longs. We've been in very manageable situations and that's been good.

On his confidence after two straight wins and being through almost every situation so far:

MANNING:I think this whole season we've felt that we could go out and win every game we played and we felt confident we could go out there and play well and do all the things correctly. We've been close on a couple of them, we just haven't found ways to finish in the fourth quarter. And obviously these last two weeks we've played better in the fourth quarter. We've had leads going into the fourth quarter, which have been nice and we've been able to hold onto them.

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