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Post-Game Quotes: HC John Fox

On Injuries

COACH FOX:"First of all, there are no injuries to report. We had nobody leave the game that did not return."

On the game

COACH FOX:"Yeah, that's an explosive offense. When you're coming in as the No. 2 offense in the league, about 461 [yards] per game, just behind our offense – we were very nervous about some of their explosive players, the style of offense they run. I thought our guys went through a tough stretch there and they had to answer the bell. I thought we made good adjustments at halftime and I thought our guys responded with those adjustments in the second half."

On if they were comfortable in the game because they practice with a fast-paced offense

COACH FOX:"It wasn't so much the pace as it is just the speed of the people doing it. So much of what we do is against a scout team or a 'Kodak-look team' or however you want to call it, and you never really develop that speed. Way back in the day we used to put everyone in shoot, you could practice, but you didn't have the same little speed when you were doing. That takes a minute to adjust to."

On holding them to field goals early

COACH FOX:"I think that was critical. We knew that going in. any time you play a fast-break offense, a very talented offense, I thought that was the difference in the first half. We scored in the red area and we held them to field goals on two solid drives. Any time you play an explosive team like that, that is critical. We were able to survive the second half and then I thought our guys adjusted very well in the second half."

On the offense

COACH FOX:"We are stressing to our guys the preparation and these guys work hard all week in preparing. To do some of the things they do takes a lot of hard work and a lot of studying and a lot of practice. It's all three phases. Our special teams were part of two of those scores today. Our offense is doing very well, but as a football team, we're playing well as a football team. I think that is where you get scoring opportunities – as well as our defense. Right now we're one quarter into the season. We still have a long way to go. We have a lot of improving (to do). Fortunately today, we got out of this game healthy. We have to get ready to go to Dallas."

On if he was pleased with the defense's ability to contain Eagles QB Michael Vick

COACH FOX:"Not early on, not so much. I thought we kind of – Michael Vick is a great player. He has a lot to do with that. [RB] LeSean McCoy is very explosive, nifty back. [WR] DeSean Jackson is an explosive player. They have made plays in this league for some time. They are going to break down your contain. All in all, I thought our guys weathered the storm, made adjustments and we did better in the second half."

On the schedule

COACH FOX:"The schedule is the schedule. Usually somehow or another, we convince them it's a regular week even though the days are a little messed up (laughing). They responded well on a short week. We rested them, I thought – our training people and conditioning people did a good job of getting them back. I don't think fatigue was any problem today."* *

On the start to the season

COACH FOX:"Again, like I said, we're a quarter into it. I'm one of those guys who would rather understate, overproduce. We are not anywhere near done with our body of work. We are one quarter into it. I'm pleased with where we are. Truth be told, you can't be better than 4-0 after four games. We'll just try to continue to prepare and do the things necessary to get ready for each week, including Dallas this week."

On QB Peyton Manning

COACH FOX:"I've said, he's a tremendous quarterback. I don't think anybody is going to dispute that (laughing). I can state the obvious, but I think everybody here knows that."

On activating CB Quentin Jammer for the first time

COACH FOX:"We felt like we might need more (defensive backs) this week just because they feature what we call 11-personnel, which is three [wideouts], one tight end, one back a little bit more than they do base. That was primarily the reason."

On Vick

COACH FOX:"You have to be careful. You can't get up the field past him. There are just a lot of things to do. I've been doing it a long time – nine years when I was with Carolina and he was at Atlanta. He's a terrific player. He's hard to contain. All in all, I thought our rush did very well."

On reports about Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio leaving for the recently vacant University of Southern California head coaching job

COACH FOX:"I have no awareness on that. I know Jack is committed to the Denver Broncos. I know all his focus is on coordinating the defense and helping us to win moving forward. I can't really speak to that."

On if he would let Del Rio interview for the head coaching job if he asked

COACH FOX:"Again, I can't speak in hypotheticals, I just trot down the road as we go, one day at a time."

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