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Post-Game Quotes: HC Chip Kelly

Did the short week cause any of those turnovers, what did you see?

COACH KELLY: No, you can't win a football game when you turn the football over like that.  We're not blaming it on anything except our poor execution.

What did you see on Mike's two interceptions?

COACH KELLY: On the first one that got returned, we got to get it out a little bit quicker, I think.  You know, you can't do that against a good football team like that.

On C Jason Kelce and his snaps?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, on the beginning of the second half, that thing just came back hot.  It was coming back with a lot of steam on it.  And another one, I think Jason thought the quarterback was underneath the center.  But I'll get the exact on that for you guys.  But that's what I think happened on the second snap.

In general, it seemed like the offensive line did not do a great job?

COACH KELLY: We gave up too much pressure tonight.  A lot of times they're just rushing four and they're getting to the quarterback extremely quickly.  You know, we're not even getting to the top of our drop and we're getting too much pressure on them.  We can't put Mike in a lot of bad situations, and I think we've got to clean that up.

Was it losing individual match‑ups or was it missed assignments?

COACH KELLY: No, it was individual match‑ups.  I don't think anybody came clean, but I think we got beat in some individual match‑ups with so many good guys.  That's what this game is about.  It's about execution.  It comes down a lot of times to one‑on‑one battles and we did not win the one‑on‑one battles.

Did they do anything different against WR DeSean Jackson or did CB Brandon Flowers do a very good job against him?

COACH KELLY: They rotated over the safety a lot.  If Flowers was underneath him, they were working to get him help.  We got him free on that one.  But if you watch it, they were leaning heavily towards him, which I would do too.

Why the two‑point conversion in that situation?

COACH KELLY: We thought we've worked on it for a while.  We thought when we scored our first touchdown we were going to try to lineup.  If the number count was right, we were going to fire it over there and see if we could get it in.

Was the number count right?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, we thought it was.  Guy came from the inside and tackled us.

How important are these next ten days to get your guys refocused, back on track?  And after a very good first half against Washington, they've had some issues since then?

COACH KELLY: They have.  It's about execution.  That's what this game is all about.  We have to come back and not put ourselves in these situations.  You can't turn the ball over like that in this league and expect to win.  We can move the ball up‑and‑down the field.  We've proven that.  But if we're going to put the ball in the ground as we did in the first half and throw interceptions, that's not going to win a football for us.  You can't lose the turnover battle.  You lose the turnover battle, and you'll lose the football game.  I will credit our defense.  I thought they played with a lot of heart.  I thought they played with great effort.  But to come out of the first half, at least, with just that many points, we held them to, we gave them seven.  We gave them seven of those points.  After only four turnovers.  But we've got to do a better job on the offensive side of the ball executing, and we're not executing right now.

You have a lot of things in practice that you do to work on ball security.  Do you feel like whenever the team reconvenes you've got to do more or try some different things?

COACH KELLY: No, you look at the two fumbles, one of them is on a punt return and the other one is a bad snap.  So I think the running backs and people securing the ball did a decent job.  We've got to do a better job making decisions when we're down in there tight and understand how we field the punt down there.  We've obviously got to get communication cleaned up on what Jason thought on that play.

On McCoy's injury?

COACH KELLY: I know they thought it was a leg, and then they said he was back.  They told me he was out, and then he came running back in.  I don't think it's serious.  I know he played pretty well in the second half there, but they didn't tell me exactly.  I know it was his leg or his foot

Last year, QB Michael Vick had trouble with deflections.  Obviously worked on that in training camp.  Did he fall back into some bad habits?

COACH KELLY: I don't know.  A lot of times those deflections, it doesn't matter who you are unless you're Wilt Chamberlain.  You're trying to throw the ball and the defensive line is getting their arms up.  We've got to do a better job.  I think it really comes down to protection, you know, and we'll continue to work on that.  But I don't think Mike's got to shoulder all the blame on that.

Your defense hasn't been as effective in the last two games late in the games.  They haven't been effective in the fourth quarter or as effective in the fourth quarter.  How much do you think that's a tribute to them being on the field too much or is it something else?

COACH KELLY: I think a lot does.  You can't certainly turn the ball over like we did because it does put those guys back out there.  Part of our job offensively is we need to hold on to the ball and sustain some drives so that we can get some plays run and try to get their defense gassed.  You know, that falls on us offensively from a responsibility standpoint.  I've always said it's about play running, and we're not running enough plays.  We just can't go out there and throw an interception that's returned for a touchdown, and then get a drive going and put the ball on the ground.  We call them self-inflicted wounds.  We've got way too many of them to be a successful football team.

What was the difference for you guys defensively?  You guys obviously played a lot better.

COACH KELLY: I think our defense has always played with great effort.  They're starting to get familiar with each other it's the same thing.  We've got a lot of new players over there, new faces and a brand new scheme.  They're starting to get comfortable with it but the one thing I've told them and told them since we started, if you play with great effort, good things will happen to you.  I thought they did play with great effort.  I thought they did a better job on some of those third and longs that we gave up.  Again, I look at them in the fourth quarter, and I think a lot of it has to do with us offensively not doing our job and keeping them out there way too much.

Did DE Vinny Curry show you enough to maybe earn some more playing time going forward?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, I think Vinny did a really nice job rushing the passer tonight.  And that's what Vinny has done.  He's continued to develop.  I was happy to get him out there.  I thought Vinny did some nice things.

On punt returns, what is keeping you from putting WR DeSean Jackson back there?

COACH KELLY: We have put him back there.  We put him back there in the Redskins game.  When we're at plus‑50 punt, we think WR/PR Damaris Johnson is the guy.  He's been a real sure handed guy for us.  So, obviously, that was kind of a surprise to everybody, that drop.  Then, you know usually if we're getting DeSean in, it's when they're kicking out of their end and we know we've got some time to get a return set‑up.

What kind of feel did you have for your locker room?

COACH KELLY: I think they're disappointed and rightly so.  I think as a group we didn't do what we were supposed to do.  We didn't execute.  When that happens, you don't get a real good feeling and taste in your mouth. I thought our fans were outstanding.  I thought the energy level that they had here was unbelievable, and we didn't give them the performance that mirrored what they brought to the game.

There were times when your offense was closer to the goal line going out.  I forget when it was, but Michael was looking back to the sideline for another play.  Were you sending in a new play based off the defensive look and personnel that you saw?

COACH KELLY: Which way were we going?

You were going north, north end zone.  Everyone was backing off the line; Mike was looking to the side.

COACH KELLY: Sometimes we run some check‑with‑me's in the red zone and trying to see what we were getting from the look and trying to put us in the right situation.

Are you worried about K Alex Henery yet or is it too early for that?

COACH KELLY: I think it's too early for that.  I've seen Alex consistently hit the football. He's missed two, but I'm surprised that he misses because he's been so consistent.

What would lead you to believe that you would have this kind of gaps in the execution on offense?  I know it's a short week for you?

COACH KELLY: No, a short week is not an excuse.  Let's not go there.  They had the same week we had.  We didn't do what we were supposed to do.  We have nothing to blame on anything or anybody.  That's not what we do.  We don't make excuses.  We didn't perform well enough.

With WR Donnie Avery in the middle of the field quite often. What was the issue there?

COACH KELLY: I think, you know, you've got to look at it, but I think they're throwing a down‑the‑field shallow route and picking up blockers.  It's a neat little play, but we've got to be able to get off of blocks and recognize what they're doing and get off of blocks and make plays.  But they did a decent job.  It was an underneath throw and then their receivers are really aren't running routes.  They're turning into blockers.  It's kind of a down-the-field screen but not a screen.  They don't throw the blocks until after the ball is completed. It's a good little scheme and they executed it and we didn't. 

Do you bring them back Monday to practice?


Did you have a moment before Andy before the game, and what did you say to him?  Was there anything?

COACH KELLY: Hello.  Just normal, you talk to every pregame ‑‑ I talked to Mike McCoy last week.  It's just kind of a deal that head coaches do before the game.  Usually kind of chat with the other guy.  Ask him how the trip was.  Basic coach 101, I guess.

Did it seem like Michael Vick was out of sync the whole game?  Was it just something he was doing?  Was he just telegraphing the ball to different receivers and all?

COACH KELLY: I don't think Michael was out of sorts.  I thought Michael did some nice things.  We have to do a better job protecting Mike and giving him an opportunity to set his feet and throw the football.

On the two point conversion, when you came out in that original formation, if you don't like what you see, do you have the option to shift?

COACH KELLY: Can we shift back, yes, we can.

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