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Post-Game Quotes: HC Andy Reid

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid

On the game:

COACH REID: "It's a good win, I was proud of the guys, and coming off a short week, the way they went about their business of preparing for a good football team…we knew it was going to be a tough game, it was a tough game. My hat goes off to[Eagles Head Coach] Chip Kelly and the job he has done with this organization. He stepped in and he's given these players opportunities to win football games, and that's not an easy thing to do. I appreciate the fans and the support that they gave. I appreciated it when I was here, I appreciated it from them again today, that was very kind of them, and I appreciated the Chiefs fans that were here, I appreciated their support. Really what the game came down to was the take-aways, the turnovers. I'm sure Chip's probably saying that same thing on the other side here. It's tough to win in this league with a lot of turnovers and we had a couple of individual guys, but it really was a team effort, but you have to look at WR Donnie [Avery] and the job that he did, and LB [Justin] Houston with the sacks, so there were some pretty good individual efforts out there, but one thing I appreciate about these guys is that they play as a team and they create energy amongst themselves, and not a lot of things get them down."

On the last crucial drive:

COACH REID: "Well it was big. The O-line the last couple of weeks…they are a young bunch, I mean real young, but they kind of pulled it together at the end of each game the last couple of weeks and I thought they played well when we needed them to do that. Then our runner [Jamaal Charles], who is a Pro Bowl player, I mean he played like a Pro Bowl player…he ran the ball well, he caught the ball well when we needed it down the stretch, he really pushed it hard and did some really nice things."

On returning to Philadelphia after 14 seasons:

COACH REID: "Well listen, you put it out of your mind the best way you possibly can. Fourteen years, is 14 years. That's a long time especially for a chubby, old guy. I enjoyed every minute here; I'm enjoying my time in Kansas City. Coming back, I really didn't' think much about it until the game was over. It was great to see the guys, the players that are here, and I had a chance to talk to a couple of them after the game so I don't know…it's all kind of settling in right now, not sure exactly how I feel other than I'm glad we won the game."

On the difference of being the visiting team tonight:

COACH REID: "Yeah I mean it was different. I'm on the opposite end of the field than I'm normally at. I'm looking at different things that were a little different; I can tell you that I wasn't caught up on that part. So busy, probably good that it was a short week, so busy trying to make that we had the offense, defense, and special teams going right that I probably didn't have time to think about the other stuff that goes along with it."

On the Chiefs defense:

COACH REID: "Well they are an explosive offense, they have a great scheme, and they have a great guy calling the plays, coach calling the plays, so I knew it was going to be a challenge, they are going to get a big play here or there. You have got to try to limit that the best way you can, and I thought our guys did that and our defense is coming together each week here, this is an explosive offense and I thought they played well."

* *

On the standing ovation from the fans:

COACH REID: "I did, I saw that, and I appreciated that, and that was very kind of the Luries, and of Jeffrey to do that and for the fans the way they reacted there."

* *

On starting the season 3-0:

COACH REID: "Well listen, you guys know how hard it is to win games in the National Football League, so it is important…we still have a lot of season left. There is no time to relax on what you have done, you just have to continue to build and get better. We have so many things that we can get better at…it's crazy, and so we are going to do that. One advantage that the Eagles and the Chiefs have right now is that we have a short bye week here where we can give our players a little bit of rest and get back ready to go."

* *

On the turnovers:

COACH REID: "I mentioned five turnovers. That is a tough thing in this league. If you want points you don't want to turn the ball over or have the ability to turn it over. Those are two really important stats, and we were lucky enough to have five of those."

* *

On the play of WR Donnie Avery:

COACH REID: "We were trying to run our offense and he's been playing well. He's a good football player, so it wasn't necessarily a match-up."  

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