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Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Offense

WR Desean Jackson

On whether he still has confidence in this offense:

JACKSON: "Yeah, it's just really hard to win games, especially when the offense can't score points and help the defense out. That's totally our fault and we take responsibility. The defense came out and played well. But we have to figure out how to score points and do what we have done in the past. Two straight weeks have been tough for us, it's one of those things, as professional athletes, we have to figure out. Hopefully, we can figure out the way."

On why he thinks the offense is not scoring points:

JACKSON:"It's been two games since we scored a touchdown. As an offense, it's frustrating to leave our defense out there, when they are doing a great job. Hopefully we can figure it out and come back, keep fighting. We can't quit on ourselves, we are professional athletes and this is our job."

On how much more pressure it puts on the quarterback when the running game isn't working:

JACKSON:"I think teams our keying in on things we had a lot of success with in the past. The NFL is a game where the more success you have, opponents are going to key in and try to stop that. That's were we are at right now. As an offense, we are going to figure out what we need to do to go out and get that success back."

On how he thought QB Matt Barkley did today:

JACKSON:"I thought Matt did a great job. He is calm and poised. He got the ball out where it needed to be. Once again, it was good for him to get that experience this early in his career."

On what happened on the punt return that hit his fingerprints and went out of bounds:

JACKSON:"The punter punted it pretty far. It was one of those things where he outkicked me. It was over my head and the wind took it."

RB LeSean McCoy

On how hard it is for him personally to have a second straight game where he couldn't get positive yards:

McCOY: "It's certainly frustrating. I think the loss is the biggest reason. The second reason is not being a factor and helping our team out. We have to find the answer and put this together. These losses are piling up and this is not fun. It's hard to really get together as a team when we keep losing like this. We work so hard, week in and week out and the results are just not good. We just have to find an answer and get it done."

On why he thinks the offense hasn't scored a touchdown in two games:

McCOY:"It starts with me. I feel like, coming into the game, we want to establish the run. Teams know that. It starts with me. I have to get out there and get it going."

On why he thinks it's been tough to run the ball against the Giants and Cowboys:

McCOY:"It's more just us. I missed some plays today. They made a few plays, but this offense has to do better, starting with myself."

On how important will it be for everyone on the offense to step up if QB Matt Barkley is starting next week:

McCOY:"We have to help him out. He's a rookie and we can't ask that much from rookies. They need time to develop. I think he's a young good quarterback and in the future, he could be one of the best. But, we just have to help him out. It starts with me, getting the running game started and helping him out. I think that the passing game will come off the running game."

On what he saw from QB Matt Barkley today:

McCOY:"He looks good. He's tough. He's very smart and intelligent. He makes the right calls and reads. So, he will be fine. We just have to help him out a little bit. The defense is playing its part, the offense has to do the same."

LG Evan Mathis

On whether there were adjustments at halftime that led to a stronger rushing attack in the second half:

MATHIS:"We had a little success in the second half. We had a long drive with a lot of runs. We made some minor adjustments, but that was because they had some adjustments from the first time we saw them a few weeks ago."

On whether he could have imagined this offense not scoring a touchdown in two games:

MATHIS:"No, our defense and special teams are playing great. It's embarrassing now that we can't put points on the board."

On why he thinks the offense can't put points on the board:

MATHIS:"I don't know. If I did, we would be scoring points. We have to go back to the drawing board and watch the film. We are going to do everything we can to turn this around. We have to start putting the yardage and the points back up."

On whether he agrees with RB LeSean McCoy that the offense struggles are on him:

MATHIS:"No, I agree with the fact that he said it's on him. Every single player should say that it starts with them and every player should be accountable for their job. If they are accountable, we will make leaps and bounds. Shady is the type of guy who is willing to fix it. That is what everybody needs to do."

On whether QB Matt Barkley's limited snaps with the ones on offense had an effect on the way he played:

MATHIS:"It makes it a little tougher because experience is important and getting reps is like gold in practice. But Matt was the guy taking the second team reps in practice this week. It's not like he was the third guy. He got more reps than usual. So, he was a little more prepared this week."

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