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Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Offense

Running Back LeSean McCoy

On after losing two games whether or not there is still work to be done offensively:

McCoy: Yeah there definitely is. I don't want to forget about the [Washington game]. We're still that dominant offense; we're still that dominant team. It is just a matter of us going back to the basics, heading back to the drawing board and after each game getting better and better. I think as an offense we just have to make it easy for ourselves and execute the plays that are called, get [the opposing defense] tired, keep the tempo up and keep it going.**

On how the team will respond after the last two games:

McCOY: It starts with leadership. The younger guys are watching to see what we do, and that is how they respond. I think we just have to take care of the small things and that will take care of the bigger things. It's a long season.

On what happened when he left the game with an injury:

McCOY: The way I landed I felt pain right away. I could not really press on it. I had that type of [ankle] injury before so I felt the same pain. That is when I thought it might have been something serious.

On whether the injury was to his knee:

McCoy: No it was my right ankle.

On the potential for the offense to be dominant, but with recent games having the offense beat itself:

McCoy: I really do not think there is a defense out there that can physically beat us. It is a matter of us as an offense going out there and playing well. If we do not play well, we lose and it shows. I do not think it's a matter of the defense stopping us. We've played in three games and I don't see it.

On what he was told after getting an x-ray on his ankle:

McCoy: The x-rays look good. [The team doctors] did not see anything on there. I still was in pain. On a couple of runs I could still feel it. In a game like this, you put the small things behind. I will get treatment on it and I will be fine. 

On how injuries from the opposing defense affect them offensively:

McCoy: Once you stop the momentum we're having, and when we are coming back and moving the ball I think the [Chiefs defense] was getting tired. [Injuries] give them time to get their breath back. Who is to say if they were faking it or not, people get hurt during the game.

On whether or not Head Coach Chip Kelly's offense has 'sputtered' in a game as much as it did tonight:

McCoy: Chip is human. Those guys on defense get paid. I don't really think teams can stop us, but I think there are times when [defenses] will stop us, maybe a series or two, a quarter or so. It's the NFL. [The Chiefs] have a ton of Pro-Bowl [players] over there. We have them over here. It's football.

On whether or not the defense figured out the offensive scheme since they were only held to 16 points:

McCoy: They did not do anything special. It was so similar to last game if you look at the tape. Both teams played us very similar. I think it was more [man coverage] than last game. It is a matter of going out there and playing our game. You give a team six turnovers and spot them ten points out the jump, then that is more of a difference than anything the defense did. It is just what we did [offensively].

On his 41-yard touchdown run:

McCoy: It was nothing special. The offensive line played well, and blocked it up. I was untouched and just ran to the goal line. It was nothing special. It was the big boys up front. They moved everyone out of the way. I think once we run the ball enough we get the [defense] tired. They start guessing what hole I am going to, and that is how it happens. When the [offensive line] is pushing and move the [the defensive line], guys start to guess and that only creates bigger holes.

WR DeSean Jackson

On why the offense was unable to get into a rhythm tonight:

JACKSON: I don't know. It was a tough situation. We just came out empty handed. We had a lot of turnovers early in the first half. We put ourselves behind the eight ball to start. We still tried to go out there and do what we needed to do to win the game, but we just didn't get it done today.

On whether he thinks the short week negatively affected the offense tonight:

JACKSON: No, I can't really use that as an excuse. We had to bounce back quickly from Sunday to play tonight. I feel like we prepared mentally and did the things we needed to do to go out there and get a win. It just didn't go our way tonight. We credit the other team, get a few days off and come back. I am looking forward to doing that.

On how different the Chiefs defensive scheme tonight was from the Chargers scheme from last week:

JACKSON: It was kind of similar. They had one safety deep and one in the box some of the time. They were bailing on me a bit, backing up and not letting me get over the top on them. I think it was similar to last week in that they were not in my face the whole time. I still felt like I got open a few times, but it just really didn't happen tonight. It was a tough loss. They came in and beat us and now we are 0-2 at home. That's not a good feeling. We need to figure out how to turn this around.

On what it means that after RB LeSean McCoy scored his touchdown run the team was only seven points down, considering all the mistakes early in the game:

JACKSON: We felt like we were in it the whole game. Even with four turnovers going into the half, we were only down ten points and we were getting the ball back. We had a pretty good drive then, but it was just tough. We put our defense in some bad situations. Offensively, we weren't able to go out there and win the football game.

On why he believes QB Michael Vick was not as sharp tonight as he was in other games this season:

JACKSON: You have to credit the defense. They showed some different looks to him. He is a great player, but sometimes you have tough games. We will go back to the drawing board and hopefully, come back next week and even it up at 2-2. That is the best way to look at it. We will learn from this and move forward.

WR Riley Cooper

On the turnovers by the Eagles offense:

COOPER: It's what everyone is going to be talking about. You can't have five turnovers in a game—in high school—and win, so we have to get that corrected.

On whether or not he got the chance to speak with former head coach Andy Reid:

COOPER: I didn't talk to Andy. I wish I could have, but he didn't come out for warmups, but I talked to everybody else though—there's a ton of people over there that were here, so it was good to see familiar faces and catch up, but didn't get a chance to talk to Andy though—I wish I could have.

On if he feels the Kansas City Chiefs did anything in particular to keep WR DeSean Jackson from being a factor in the game:

COOPER: They did what we thought they were going to do—they played single high-man. That's just what they did, we knew coming in that's what they were going to do. It was going to be a man-beat-man game, so we didn't come through because of the turnovers.

WR Jason Avant

On how the team goes about fixing its mistakes from tonight's game:

AVANT: It's a concentration thing a lot of times and being alert of what's going on in the game and not letting your guard down in certain situations. When you play the game, you just have to keep in the back of your mind to protect the football. I know I had one [fumble] already this year, so it's one of those things you concentrate on when the ball is in your hand—and that's the only way I think it can be corrected. It's just a cognizant effort to mentally prepare and try to focus on it.

On how it feels to talk about the same mistakes and how frustrating it is to have turnover issues:

AVANT: Well, it's definitely one of those things that sounds like a broken record year-after-year—this has actually been the story for us the last three years, but you just keep working at it and trying your best. It's not a lack of effort; the guys are playing very hard—that's the thing on offense. The defense can play really hard with no consequences, but on offense you can't really get riled up and so hype because you have to protect the ball. You have to be excited, but have control. We're playing so hard that we aren't under control at times.

On what Kansas City did coverage-wise and whether it was anything different the Eagles faced in the last two games:

AVANT: No, it was pretty much the same both of the first two games. It was just one of those games where you had to beat a man—I think that we did that for the most part, but we didn't do it well enough consistently throughout the game. As soon as we did have an opportunity, the ball would be on the ground again or in their hands. It was one of those things that played into their hand, because they made it a passing game with being up so many points and not being able to run the ball. We ran it pretty well, but they didn't have the focus on running the ball, because we were down by so many—it kind of plays into the defense's hands.

On if the miscues are a result of the speed of the offense:

AVANT: No, it's not. Like I said, you have to calm down. I don't think it's the speed or anything like that—we didn't even play fast today, so I don't think it's the speed, it's just a different focus—realizing that the chief enemy when we play the game is that we have an opponent and the enemy is us, so you have to realize that you can be your own worst enemy at times. [New England DT] Vince Wilfork told me this year that, 'If you can eliminate the self-inflicted wounds, you guys will do real well; don't give them any extra yards, penalties, don't turn it over to them—you're going to win games from that alone'. We haven't done that and it's shown.

C Jason Kelce

On what the Chiefs were doing up front to get pressure on QB Michael Vick:

KELCE: Nothing crazy, they had a straight four man rush the majority of the time. They played a lot of man-to-man and then blitzed linebackers late. That forced us to keep a lot of things solid inside. It left the tackles a lot of one-on-one situations. We just didn't do a good job today.

On what happened with his two bad snaps tonight:

KELCE: One of them, I thought the quarterback was under center. Obviously, he wasn't. That is as bad as it gets for an offensive lineman. If there is one position where you get paid for consistency, it's the offensive line. There is no excuse for that. I have to get better. The other one was a high snap. I have to go back and look at it.

On whether there was anything Kansas City did to make him flinch on the high snap:

KELCE: No, I don't know.

On whether the bandage on his hand was an issue:

KELCE: No, I am not going to make any excuses for that. All the rest of the snaps were good, so it would be disingenuous to put it on that.

On whether he usually feels the quarterbacks hand on him when the snap is under center:

KELCE: No, you do if you are paying attention to that. But, very few times am I ever paying attention to whether the quarterback is under. Obviously, I need to do that on every single play now. The plays are called and signaled in and I should know where the quarterback is on every single play. From an offensive lineman perspective, if you lose your concentration for even one second, something like that could happen.

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