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Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Offense

RB LeSean McCoy

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On whether it was frustrating in the 1st half being a couple plays away from scoring:

McCOY:"I think it's always frustrating, as an offense when you can't really produce how you want to. It was always a play too short, or you don't quite get it so it's always frustrating. But it's a long game, a long season so you keep fighting, keep battling. I think we did that today, I think today we kept fighting and fighting but we came up short today, we didn't get it done."

On QB Michael Vick as a leader:

McCOY:"I definitely feel comfortable with Michael [Vick]. He is our leader, he is our guy. The offense does not run without him. I think no matter how many rushing yards or passing yards, the offense does not work without Mike. So I think the guys today did a good job of protecting him. In the play selection I think was good and I think Mike executed very well. I think the guys up front played well. Like I said Mike is our guy, we ride with him. We will go as far as he takes us."

On whether the Chargers stacked the box against him or tried to take his running game out:

McCOY:"They stacked the box but we still ran on the ground. I thought that they played okay. To be honest, even stacking the box I didn't think that, as a defense, they were really effective. But I think when you play us, you watch tape on how do you stop the Eagles offense, I mean what do you want to do? Do you want to try to stack the box and completely take away the running game out of the game and then that happens and you wind up with 400 and something yards passing. It's just the ways, as a defense, whatever you want to do. I felt like the passing game was very effective today. We just came up short."

On if he looks forward to playing again in four days:

McCOY:"I think in a close loss like this, you look at all the close plays you should have made or you could have made. So now we have a short week and when a game is in 4 days you can't wait to play and to get this bad taste out of your mouth, this feeling. I feel like last week the energy was amazing and then you get a loss. So just trying to get back on the winning side of things, being two and one."

On what Chip Kelly said to the team after the loss in the locker room:

McCOY:"He just said it's football so you are going to have some games you win and some you lose. Good thing it's a long season so keep fighting. And he is right, he's definitely right. We just need to keep playing hard together. I think when all three phases play well together, we win."

On whether these games are going to be in the 30s and high scoring and shootout type games this season:

McCOY:"Well I hope not. I hope we get some easy games where we are up by 30 and they have about 3. But however it goes we have to prepare for it. The only thing we can do is control on the offensive side, what we do. And the defense control what the defense does. And special teams. And [we have to] play together. We are a team and I think we are a good team. The goal was this year to get in the playoffs and win a championship, the goal was never to go undefeated. So we have a lot of room for improvement and I think we will do that tomorrow, look at tape and get better and practice. Now we have to worry about the Chiefs. I got my big guy coming in here, Andy Reid, and it's going to be an exciting game."

On whether he has thought much about Andy Reid coming back here and the emotions with seeing him again:

McCOY:"I haven't really thought about it yet. That is more just in off season we saw it on the schedule. But you come off a loss like this, each week we take each game, now we are moving on the to the Chiefs. So now I will be looking forward to it."

On his thoughts on his contributions in the passing game – is that going to be a big part of the offense this year:

McCOY:"I think when you try to take me out of the game you think of running, but I can be effective in the passing game. And through the week we kind of went over those types of plays and tried to give me a one-on-one match up with anybody from a safety and a linebacker. So I think this offense is amazing, so many different ways to get playmakers and space so we are going to see a lot of different things this year. It is surprising myself with some of the calls and how he can figure out to get the guys on one-on-one situations, so I see exciting offense."

On whether he asked to stay in or was he gassed after the 70 yard catch and run:

McCOY:"No you know what I wasn't gassed at all, I twisted my knee a little bit so I came out, just a small thing that happened in the game.

On if he thinks the offense has not yet scratched the surface yet after these last two weeks:

McCOY:"I don't think so, I think we can go a little faster. I think we can convert a little better. I think sometimes we get those phases in the game no matter if its earlier or late, where we kind of move the ball but then don't get any points. Once we get past that I think we will be fine."

* *

On where he thinks the team left points on the field:

McCOY:"Okay I think even the first long run to myself.  We need to find a way to get in there.  We need to find a way to score. Three is okay but sometimes you need a touchdown in different situations in the game. Another time I think we came down in the third quarter, or maybe early fourth quarter, we got three where it should have been a touchdown. Just small things like that. With the type of offense we have I don't think moving the ball in an issue. I think it's the necessary points that we need to get so it doesn't come down to a situation where we need special teams to cover the ball or we need the defense to get a stop. We are scoring at will where it's not a question that we are going to win a game. Like the last one I feel like they put the ball in our hands and we got to three but we should have scored."

On whether he thinks he should have slowed it down a little on the last drive:

McCOY:"I don't think so, I think coach made the right call. The whole game we were moving the ball, especially in the second half, so at that time we were just looking to score. Kind of being up, or trying to get the lead, instead of getting three they go to score."

WR DeSean Jackson

* *

On the penalty he was assessed following the Eagles final touchdown:

JACKSON:"I kind of lost my emotions a little bit. After going down and scoring on that play, it was just the heat of the moment and things like that. I kind of need to do a better job of keeping my composure, but we still had an opportunity to go out there and come back and score. We left seven [points] on the field, but still we got three. That's part of the game. I have to do a better job of keeping my composure. But overall, I think we did a great job of keeping ourselves in the game and just playing football."

On the offense just missing on a couple of long pass plays: 

JACKSON:"That's very frustrating, honestly. The touchdown got called back, there was one I caught out of bounds when my right foot stepped out, and then the overthrown one that slipped off of my hands. But that's part of the game. We just have to keep going and keep working. Overall, I felt I had a great game. We still lost the game, and there are things that we can do as an offense and as a team overall to help us win these type of games. I think [San Diego] did a great job, and that offense put a lot of pressure on our defense. Our defense came up with two turnovers, but there was something about that game. We just felt like we kept plugging away and plugging away. We knew we were going to have to score a touchdown on that last drive, and we just came up short. Hopefully it's something that we can learn from. It's a long season, and teams are going to do different things to try to take us away. Today they kind of stacked the box and tried to stop the run, but as you can see, our passing game can be just as effective as our running game."

On whether the reason he was open often was due to San Diego electing to stack the box against the run defensively: 

JACKSON:"I think they did a great job of saying that they were going to take away [LeSean McCoy]. [Michael] Vick and I felt throughout the game that we were going to have some good match-ups. [San Diego corner] Shareece Wright was actually following me throughout the whole game. He played at [the University of Southern California] and I played against him before, and I just felt I was going to be able to take advantage of that match-up. Any time we had a match-up where guys were going to try to get in my face and press me the whole game, I like my options on that. Throughout the game I felt the offense did a good job of just plugging away and plugging away, and we kept continuing to do the things we needed to do to have a chance to win the game. We just kind of came up short by a field goal. This is the NFL, and teams are going to try to come in every week and knock us out with their best punch. Give them credit, and at the end of the day, we have a short turnaround week with the Kansas City Chiefs coming in this week, so hopefully we can get that taste out of our mouth and come back 2-1."

On whether he expects to have several deep passing opportunities despite the Eagles being a run-oriented offense:

JACKSON:"As a wide receiver, you love to get those opportunities. When I go back and look at the film, I definitely feel there are a lot of things that I can get better at. It's the second game of the season, and it's a long season. In general, I think we did everything we could to give ourselves a chance to win this game. We just kind of came up short towards the end of the game. You have to give credit to our opponent. They came into our backyard and beat us. No excuses, we took the loss. Hopefully we'll come back this week and get another opportunity to do what we need to do to win the football game."

On the return of Andy Reid to Philadelphia for Thursday Night Football:

JACKSON:"Coach Reid is a father-figure to me. He's a great guy, and we've been keeping in contact throughout the offseason and the preseason. He texted me after last week's game, so it's going to be great to see him come back. With the relationship me and him have, I respect him to the utmost, but hopefully I'll be able to send him home with a loss. At the end of the day, I'll see him and tell him how much I miss him and things like that, but we have a game to focus on. I can't wait to get back in there tomorrow, watch the film, and make the corrections we need to make and move forward."

On why he was assessed a penalty following the Michael Vick touchdown run:

JACKSON:"When the quarterback is outside the pocket, the defender can kind of push you out of bounds. I felt like Mike Vick was already about to score, and [the defender] kind of gave me an extra push. I just turned around and pushed him back as a reaction thing. I think the play was still alive when I did push him. I play this game to do what I need to do out there. A lot of times guys see how little I am and try to be over-aggressive. That kind of gets the best out of me. I was just playing the game, but unfortunately that call was made against me. I didn't really think it was that big of a call, but that's what happens. I just look forward to being a better player and not causing my team a penalty."

On whether he felt the team that had the ball last offensively would be victorious:

JACKSON:"As far as the second half, we tied the game up 20-20, and we did a great job of giving ourselves a chance to win this game. Towards the last couple of series, we felt like we were going to have to score touchdowns to win this game. That's all we kept saying, that it was going to come down to us scoring a touchdown. Obviously we weren't able to score a touchdown. We drove the ball all the way down the field and got in great field position, but we just kind of came up short and had to kick a field goal. There were just so many opportunities during this game that you can look back on and say, 'If this would have happened or if that would have happened, the game would have turned out differently.' But this is professional football, and at the end of day, you can't really look back and say those types of things. You just have to give yourself the best opportunity to win the game. I still think we did that, but we just came up short. We have a quick turnaround, so we'll be back and ready to go."

OT Lane Johnson

* *

On whether he is starting to feel more comfortable out there:

JOHNSON: "Yeah, it feels good. I think that going up against opponents like [LB] Dwight Freeney, who is a potential Hall of Famer, and getting that experience against pass rushers gives me confidence that I can go out and compete against them."

On what he thought about Freeney's spin move:

JOHNSON: "Yeah, he got me on one outside spin move, but other than that, he didn't spin much. He tried to bull rush me a bunch. But yeah, he's the real deal."

On whether he was surprised by Freeney:

JOHNSON: "No, I wasn't surprised. I thought he was going to bull rush me, but he hit me with a quick outside spin. He got me."

On what happened with his two illegal formation penalties:

JOHNSON: "I thought I was on the line, but apparently, I wasn't. I had two of them and they may have cost us the game. They were stupid on my part and unacceptable."

On how many different looks did the Chargers defense give them up front:

JOHNSON: "Nothing that we didn't expect. It was what we saw on film. We put some points on the board and obviously had some touchdowns called back; some due to my penalties. So, we left some points out there."

On why the rushing game wasn't as featured as it was last week:

JOHNSON: "Well, I think the passing game was so open, so wherever there was room to get yards, you are going to attack. Vick had like 400 yards, so we saw a weakness there and we attacked it."

On whether it took them a while to get going today:

JOHNSON: "It took us a little while to get going. It was pretty motivating last week when we scored so quickly and things were going our way, but when things don't go your way, you have to go out there and compete. That's what it's all about."

WR Jason Avant

On what head coach Chip Kelly is like after a loss:

AVANT: "The same way: we stick together. We're in this for the long haul and we're going to keep fighting, keep focusing and try our best to put together a win this coming Thursday. He has a great mindset about it. He realizes that it's early in the season, we have a lot of games to play and we're trying to get better."

On what the key is to getting ready for the next game with a short week:

AVANT: "That's the best thing about this whole thing. It's always terrible when you lose before the bye week, but when you lose going into a short week, it's great. So, I think that will be helpful for us."

On if San Diego was more physical than Washington:

AVANT: "No, it wasn't like they [San Diego] were more physical or anything like that. It's like any other game. We just didn't execute at a time when we needed to, to win the game."

On WR DeSean Jackson's performance and what he means to the team:

AVANT: "Well today is going to be hard—we missed him a couple times in the game because of pressures and different things like that. It was only a matter of time until we were able to get the ball in his hands. If we would have hit a couple of them to him early, it would have been a totally different game. We were able to back them out of the defense they were playing. He's just a great weapon and a great asset to our team. His speed makes it hard for teams to pressure and worry about him"

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