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Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Locker Room


On making sure last year's results don't occur

VICK: We got to go back and keep fighting. We have to go back to the drawing board. We have to look at things we aren't doing well and get them corrected. We need to find a way to get momentum going and get it back. Everything can be corrected, we just need to find ways to get them corrected.

On the attitudes in the second half

VICK: I feel like we were fighting. Football has always been a team game. We have to be able to put it all together. We need to. That is in all aspects of the game. If that doesn't happen, then you get the results that we had.

*On problems with the offense *

VICK: I would have to go back and watch film. We are going at a good steady pace, but we have to execute. We had the ball in the red zone two times [in the first half] and we only got field goals. It should have resulted in points, especially playing against this team. Little things like that as I mentioned could've got us in the game. We had to play catch up.

On the running game

VICK: We've been trying to run that ball, that is our thing. We try to keep that momentum between that and the passing game. They lined up close to the line on coverage. Those are the things we have to take advantage of. We have to be able to win on situations when we are pressed up and they want to play man. It's those one-on-one battles that start up front.

On getting enough time to make plays

VICK: I have to go back and look at film. I would like to have more time, but I have to go with what I got and keep fighting. Regardless with what I got I have to keep fighting and working with those guys every day. I believe in myself, but at the end of the day we all have to look at the mistakes we've made and figure it out. I want to do my job to the best of my ability. Everybody has to feel the same way.

On what to look for in practice on Tuesday

VICK: I'm looking for the guys to be looking forward to the New York Giants and a different attitude and different approach. It took us three days to get over our loss at Kansas City—that shouldn't happen. It should hurt because we want perfection, but we have to find a way to get our juice back and enthusiasm back and look ahead. We need to understand that we still control our destination.

On wanting a better attitude from teammates

VICK: [Head] Coach [Chip] Kelly has addressed this to our team. I feel like a lot of guys on this team should be stepping up to be leaders right now. That is part of their responsibility. I'm going to keep a watch on these guys to see who is stepping up and who is staying optimistic and who continues to believe in the man next to them. That's what it is going to take. If we don't have that, then we don't have anything.

On expecting the defense to play outside against QB Michael Vick

VICK: I think they will do that because they have seen other teams do that. It is just our job to make sure we know take them out of those coverages. We have to find a way to do that. It hasn't happened and needs to happen fast. We'll figure it out.

On teammates needing to step up

VICK: I'm not saying guys need to step up. I think it is early in the season, but we looked drained, including myself. Coach Kelly pulled me aside and got me going which changed my whole mindset. Guys will bounce back. We understand what is ahead of us and have been talking about it. We have to take it one play at a time and one game at a time. Right now, I am looking for the leaders to step up.

On how Coach Kelley help light the fire

VICK: This was last week. We had a conversation that got me going. He told me I need to be accounted for everything. Guy's feed off of me. Sometimes I forget about that, but at the same time I realize that I need to step up and be a leader the way God put me on the earth to be.

On getting comfortable with running the ball

VICK: I like that I feel comfortable running it. Obviously it will continue to expand based on what we have been getting. I am looking forward to where we go from here.

On the disappointment with first half scoring

VICK: That was difference maker. Those drives resulted in some points. They [Denver Broncos] got the ball going in the second half and went straight down and scored. That gave their defense the opportunity to pin their ears back and come after us. It kind of changed the whole dynamic of the game. That is what usually happens in football. That is the reason we have to stay together and play together. We have to win on matchups and battles and be fundamentally sound. We have to understand the situation of the games.

On not taking risks on fourth downs

VICK:We always want to go for it, but you have to play the right side of the rope. You have to be cautious and take the points that you can. We tried to pin them back and put them in a position to get a stop. That is Coach Kelly putting trust in the defense. I think we did end up with a stop. That was a smart coaching decision made for us. You have to think about it. Putting [QB] Peyton Manning on the 35-yard line can get ugly.


On the Eagles offense

McCOY: I'm not sure, we just didn't click today, I thought for a while we were rolling and firing back, but we just didn't get it done, it's as simple as that.

On the size of the loss

McCOY: That's none of my concern. We lost and I think all losses are the same, we have to come back next week, get together, and play the Giants, that's the focus.

On the Eagles 1-3 record

McCOY: Very surprised, just knowing the players we have in the locker room and the type of coaches we have, I'm surprised. If you had told me at the beginning of the season that we would be 1-3 right now I would have called you a liar. We just got to get it together, can't panic, we have a ton of games left and it starts with a big one next week.

On not getting down because of the loss

McCOY: Just knowing that there's a division game next week, that's the answer, we can't get down, we have to find a way to get back, we're professionals. We've lost before in the past, we can handle it, we have thick skin.

On if the loss affects Eagles players from wanting to come to work

McCOY: No way, if you're a coward probably, but guys in this locker room got heart, we'll keep fighting and battling, we want to get better each day, we'll watch tape and learn from it and move on, it's a man's game.

On the Eagles offense

McCOY: I wouldn't say like them (the Broncos offense), this is Eagles football, we run our offense, fast tempo and put points up, that's the way I envision that.

On the altitude

McCOY: I couldn't breathe in the first half. Physically I couldn't breathe, I didn't adapt to the weather until the second half, I didn't leave the game much then, but I just physically couldn't breathe.


On where things went wrong today

KELCE: It went wrong when they started scoring so many points that we have to play catch-up. It changes up our game plan a little bit, so it's frustrating. At one point I think, even in the fourth quarter, we had more yards than the Broncos did, but we aren't putting the ball in the end zone. That's the biggest thing you have to do as a read offense; you have to punch it in the end zone when you get the opportunity. We settled for too many field goals. I can't speak for the defense or special teams, but it was just a very rough game for us.

* *

On abandoning the run game

KELCE: Well eventually when you're down so many points, you have to start airing it out. Also I think they were doing some things that were giving us some things through the air. I don't try and look too much at that pass-run combination; I think the coaches do a really good job of understanding when we should run it and when we should pass it.

* *

On 1-3 start to the season

KELCE: I'm very surprised. This game we got our tails kicked a little bit. The first three games we certainly felt that physically we did a pretty good job on offense; it was just the mental mistakes and the mental miscues that killed us. This game there weren't a lot of mental miscues on offense or turnovers; we just weren't able to punch it in when we had the opportunity to punch it in the end zone. From that perspective, it's very frustrating offensively. We went into the game expecting to do some pretty good things against their defense. They have a pretty good defense, but we were expecting to put up some more points.


On today's game

BARWIN:We gave up a lot of points and we couldn't stop them. We will have to go back and look at the film, but clearly Peyton [Manning] made some adjustments and they were able to capitalize in that third quarter.

On 1-3 start to the season

BARWIN:Yeah I'm surprised. It's not where we want to be. We are 25 percent done with the regular season, but there is still a lot of the season left. This was really tough to be out there, but it counts as one. We need to figure out what happened and move on.

On Peyton Manning

BARWIN:I know he gets hot and gets going. He got hot on us a lot today, but like I said earlier this week, you have to get stops and create turnovers; we didn't do that.

On penalties hurting the defense

BARWIN: I know mine was one that gave them a first down. I guess I have to go back and look at the rule, but I didn't think it was encroachment because I didn't cross the line but they called it. That definitely hurt us. We gave up another one that hurt us; those are third down plays that we can't have.

On whether team is head scratching after today's loss

BARWIN: I don't know about head scratching, we lost. We have to go back and look at what happened and see what you did wrong and try to fix it.

* *


On today's game

ALLEN: They got in front of our zones a lot and we just have to do the fundamentals better. We are going to learn from it and keep moving forward.

* *

On third quarter

ALLEN: We were running the same stuff and I don't know if they adjusted to the stuff, but we are just going to get better. We are going to learn from this and keep moving forward. We obviously are not where we want to be right now, but we just have to keep rolling and learn from everything; that's all you can do.

On 1-3 start to the season

ALLEN: We aren't where we want to be, but like I said, we are just going to keep working, learn from this and work on the fundamentals and move forward.

On emotions of team

ALLEN: The team is 1-3 and it's obviously not where we want to be. Like I have been saying, we just can't dwell on it. We need to get in tomorrow, watch the tape and learn from it.

On next week's game against the Giants

ALLEN: It's big, it's a division game. At the end of the day, we are 1-0 in the division right now. If we can get that win and get back on the right track it will be big for us.

* *


On the Broncos

WILLIAMS: They were well prepared, they were well coached, they went out and executed and made more plays than we were able to make and that's just the bottom line.

On Denver compared to Kansas City

WILLIAMS: Kansas City to me was more simple than the Broncos attack was, they're still trying to gel.  Peyton Manning's only new addition is Wes Welker, he's a tremendous player, and both those guys are doing great things.

On how to beat QB Peyton Manning and the Broncos

WILLIAMS: You have to have great communication in the secondary and you need to be able to make plays. We just didn't make plays today period and it sucks, it sucks to lose but that's part of the game you have to deal with it and move on.


On QB Peyton Manning

COX: He's just another offensive coordinator on the field. If he doesn't like it, he just checks to what he wants.

On Peyton's audibles

COX: He changed plays, Peyton was just being Peyton. He just changed plays based on our weaknesses that he saw and what he studied film on.

On how to beat QB Peyton Manning

COX: You got to get to him, he has a lot of hard counts where I tried to get to him, I jumped offsides one time trying to get ahead and that kind of frustrated me, but he does a lot of hard counts and you never know what he's going to do.

On the Broncos offense

COX: Peyton does a great job of getting everybody the ball and not just having one dynamic person that he goes to.

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