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Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Defense

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans

On the Najee Goode fumble recovery for a touchdown:

RYANS: When Najee got the turnover and then the touchdown it was a huge momentum lift for our team. It felt like it was going to spark us to go ahead and take this game, but we couldn't capitalize on it and finish the game out.

On keeping opponents under 17 points, yet not being able to win the game:

RYANS: You never know how the game is going to go, so to put a number on it is tough. You just want to not let the team get into the endzone. I felt like we did a pretty good job of that, but we have to create turnovers and put our offense on the shorter side of the field.

On the positives from today's game:

RYANS: The defense continues to play better, and I felt overall we continue to get better as a defense. Our special teams did a good job today, so you have to take that away as a positive from today.

On whether or not the defense is getting more comfortable playing together as a group:

RYANS: Yeah I feel everybody is growing closer as a tight-knit group. Everybody is playing well together.

On defensive coordinator Billy Davis' scheme and play calling:

RYANS: Overall Billy is calling really good games. He's doing a good job, our assistant coaches are doing a good job preparing us throughout the week, and it is all coming together as a defense.

On not becoming frustrated when the defense is playing well, but the offense is not scoring:

RYANS: That is when you get separation. We can't turn it into a defense-offense thing. We are all together as a team. At the end of the game, we have to put more points on the board than [the opponent] does. As a defense, we can't allow them to get as many points as they got.

On what the defense is doing better:

RYANS: Just playing collectively as a unit, I feel like we are playing better. We are not giving up as many big plays as we were in the first couple of weeks.

On losing ten straight home games:

RYANS: For me it does not enter into my brain. It is more just a matter of us losing. Home or away, it is us dropping games that we should have, and that is the disappointing part.

On the defense controlling the Giants receivers after they caught the ball:

RYANS: Our corners and safeties did a good job of tackling. That is one thing we have gotten a lot better at in the back end is just tackling guys. We are not allowing the receivers to continue running and rack up YAC [yards after catch] yards. That is a positive for us.

Linebacker Connor Barwin

On the positives from today's game:

BARWIN: Well anytime you do not let a team score a touchdown that is a positive. We played until the end of the game, which is positive. We played together and had less mistakes then last week, but we gave up 15 points and that wasn't enough to win.

On the defense coming together and starting to click:

BARWIN: Yeah I think we are getting better. Every week we have said that, and done that, so I think that is important. Obviously you have to produce turnovers. The first time we played [the Giants] we forced two turnovers, which the offense turned into scores. That is what was missing from today.

On playing well in the redzone:

BARWIN: I mean we tighten up when we get down there. We know you have to keep teams out. I think guys just lock in to what we're supposed to do, and when guys do what they are supposed to do it is hard to score down there.

On the state of the locker room after two tough divisional losses:

BARWIN: I think we have a good locker room. I think [head coach Chip Kelly] does a good job of keeping us together. There is good leadership in this locker room, and people believe in what we are doing. Obviously it has been two tough weeks but I think the locker room is still together.

On the offense's difficulties today, which put the defense in some tough spots:

BARWIN: Yeah that is something that just happens sometimes. We just can't let them score touchdowns and we did that. We need to get turnovers. That is what helped us score last time we played the Giants.

* *

Cornerback Brandon Boykin

On the special teams touchdown in the 4th Quarter:

BOYKIN: Late in the game, [special teams' coordinator Dave Fipp] told me to try and make a play coming off the edge to see what they would do. [The Giants] saw me come off the edge and checked to something. I don't know whether that distracted the snapper or something but he threw it over his head, and we made a play.

On hitting Giants Punter Steve Weatherford:

BOYKIN: I thought he was going to kick it out or tap it out, but luckily he tried to pick it up so I was able to disrupt that.

On playing well and staying together as a defense when the offense is not playing well:

BOYKIN: We just have to trust in each other. There were plenty of times in the beginning of the year when the [offense] carried us and they were scoring a lot of points and we were giving up a lot of points. You never point the finger. That is one of the big things [head coach Chip Kelly] talks about.  We have to stay together as a big family. We really do trust each other. We know the offense can get it done. They just did not have their best game. I'm not worried about it at all. We are going to continue to grind on defense, and continue to try to allow as little points as possible, and the [offense] will get it right.

On the defense starting to become a strength of the team:

BOYKIN: I would think it is improving. I wouldn't say it is the absolute strength. You have to be strong on everything. Special teams are a strength. We are improving and getting better. There is a lot more season left, so we have to continue to improve.

Linebacker Najee Goode

On what he saw as Giants P Steve Weatherford punt was about to be blocked in the 4th Qtr:

BOYKIN: I was just going to go hit him. I was going to knock the mess out of him to get the ball into the endzone. I saw he tried to kick it and missed it with his foot, and [CB Brandon] Boykin did a good job of hitting him and knocking [Weatherford] off. [Kurt Coleman] did a good job of getting penetration, so the [Giants] punt team had to respect all three of us. Then the ball came through and I saw it and my eyes got big and I scooped it up.

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