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Peters Excited For Peppers Matchup

Jason Peters came to Philadelphia from Buffalo with a Pro Bowl résumé and a reputation as one of the league's best left tackles. And he'll have the chance to prove he deserves those accolades in his first game as an Eagle. Peters will be lined up against someone with the same credentials - Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers.

"It's a challenge," Peters said of the matchup. "But he's a Pro Bowler just like I'm a Pro Bowler. I don't want to let him beat me just like he doesn't want to let me beat him. It's going to be a (battle) for 60 minutes.

"I've gone up against (Peppers) before and he's a great player; plays hard just like I play hard. Somebody has to lose during the course of the game, but the bad thing about it is if he beats me, he's going to be remembered by that one play instead of the 59 that I win. So it's not a big deal, I'm going to play hard against him."

Aside from the intriguing matchup, Peters is anxious to simply play some meaningful football.

"I'm excited man," he said. "Just to go out there, season opener against Carolina. I wish it would have been a home game but ... we just have to go in there to Carolina and work for a win."

Peters also said he believes all the chatter about a lack of continuity along the offensive line is overblown.

"I think we're going to get out there and have good chemistry," he said. "We were all working together besides Todd (Herremans) and Shawn (Andrews), but Shawn's out there now. I think we're going to be OK."

There's no question that the Eagles' new pillar at left tackle is eager to prove himself to the Philadelphia faithful.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 3:37 p.m., September 7

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