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OL Mike McGlynn, LB Stewart Bradley, T Winston Justice, QB Mike Kafka

*G Mike McGlynn *

On what positions he is currently playing: "Playing a little guard, a little center. (Jokingly) I think they want to move me to fullback tomorrow."

* On what position he prefers to play*
: "It doesn't matter to me. As long as I'm playing and I'm out here and I'm getting better, that's all that matters to me."

On whether he believes the offensive line can withstand the injuries: "Injuries happen, and what you do is you step up and you don't miss a beat. Your job is, if somebody gets hurt, step up, don't lose any ground, keep going moving forward."

*LB Stewart Bradley *

On if he had any hesitation at all in practice today: "No, I felt good. We ran a blitz period, I got to get in there and bang a little bit."

On whether his recent injury frustrated him at all: "No, it's part of camp. The key is to be healthy and ready to rumble when the season rolls around and we've got plenty of time, and I'm feeling good, so that's my goal."

On whether he would try to avoid the practice on Flight Night, since that is when he injured himself last season: "No, no. Flight Night's for a great cause and I'm excited to do it. I don't think there's any kind of jinx or curse. I'm not that superstitious."

On having LB Akeem Jordan now playing alongside him on the first-string defense: "Akeem and I have played together since we've been drafted, so I'm really comfortable playing with him. He and (LB) Moise (Fukou) are both great linebackers, and the competition across the board makes us a better defense, so everybody's kind of in the same boat, trying to get out there and help prove their worth, and their just having a little battle right now."

WR Kelley Washington

On whether the coaches are harping on the wide receivers: "We're just making plays, that's all it boils down to, making plays and being a big target for the quarterback, and being a consistent target. And that's what the league is all about, especially playing receiver."

On how he thinks he can develop with this team: "Just being a bigger receiver, and (WR Jason) Avant is working inside, but again I've done a lot of things in the middle of the field and I just think that I can contribute a lot by being a big target."

On whether it helps everyone having more reps because WR DeSean Jackson wasn't practicing today: "They kind of understand how important (WR) DeSean (Jackson) is and he is a very explosive receiver. But that is all a part of football, guys are going to go down and other guys are going to step up and get an opportunity to come out and show what they have. You get a little more reps, and guys get a little more acclimated to playing on a consistent basis. That's a good thing, if a good thing can come out of having a guy like (WR) DeSean (Jackson) going down for a little bit."

On the intensity of the competition for wide receiver: "We are all out here trying to win jobs. That's all a part of the game, that's all a part of the business, but you just want to show consistency. A couple of the guys are probably in better situations as far as being a guaranteed spot than the others, but when it all comes down to it they are only going to put the guys on the field that are going to make some plays and help them win."

On him playing special teams: "It's a more-you-can-do league, and I've always taken pride in special teams, and I really bust my tail because I know how important it is. You have game breakers on offense, on defense, and on special teams. Every week in and week out there is a team game plan on special teams guys who really make a big impact. I really take pride in it, and I really want to contribute to this team as far as special teams, as well as being another addition as a receiver."

On whether his veteran experience helps with this young team: "I hope it does, and usually it does with a team with a lot of young guys, and they kind of look up to the veterans who have been there. I hope it does and I hope that the coaches kind of put that into consideration, but it all comes down to what you do out on the field. It really doesn't matter how long you've played, it's just being consistent, and guys who can prove that they can get the job done."

*T Winston Justice *

On all of the injuries on the offensive line last year and how they show they are a unit: "I think that's what the season is for. We're going to take the opportunities of the season to show how good this unit is."

On how he thinks he can be more successful in short-yard situations: "I think attitude, knowing that we can get the first down or get past the goal line. I think that we're going to work on that and we are going to improve on it."

On how different it is being at training camp as a starter: "I'm still always trying to improve and trying to get better, so I don't think anything's different because nothing is promised to you, especially in the NFL. I'm just trying to value each day I'm up here and improve as much as I can."

*QB Mike Kafka *

On whether the coaches have spoken to him about being the third string quarterback: "No, I don't think we've had that discussion. Right now they really just throw me to the fire and I'm running the offense and I'm doing the best I can and I'm learning, I'm learning fast, and they really put me in the position to just go out there, make plays, make some mistakes, and learn from them and just grow as a quarterback."

On how the transition has been from OTA's to now: "They are pretty similar. Obviously when you are out here in full pads and everyone's flying around and it's a little bit faster so you have to pick up your tempo a little bit. But I think that I am adjusting well to it, I still have a lot more learning to do and a lot more things to work on."

On if there is anything particular that the coaches are having him work on: "Yeah, I think as far as the drop and just smoothing that whole transition out. Definitely being quicker with my reads and progressions, right now there's not really one thing, it's a bunch of things that I am just trying to smooth out the more reps I get."

On if he is working on how he throws the ball: "Yeah, I think that we want to try to get the ball off quicker. The guys in this league are a lot faster than they are in college. Just like I said before, just speeding up your tempo, speeding up your read, but that all just goes back to having the reps and throwing it and doing it. It will come with time."

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