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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg



Opening remarks: "Let's review that last game briefly real quick. Struggled to get anything going at all basically. There were some spots in there that we played okay. We're putting our hard work and preparation in to get better and better. Started off the ballgame with a third-and-long. The ball popped up and (the Redskins) got a pick. Then the second series, a third-and-long after we had moved the ball a little bit, we got ourselves in trouble with some penalties. It was a third-and-extra long. Just a poor play and we turned the ball over there and we just have to do better that way. I've got to do better. Third-and-longs with a rookie quarterback, you're always susceptible to those kinds of things. I've got to put him in a bit better position there.

"Let's move on to this game. This defense, let's not let the record or the statistics trick us at all, it's a fine defense. They're playing better and better every week. That second level, the linebacker level, (is) very fast (and) physical. They certainly have defensive ends that are very good and they're doing better and better every week in the back end as well. We've got a great opportunity and a great challenge. Let's open it up to questions."

On whether Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott's defense is the same in Carolina as he ran in Philadelphia: "Well there are some things that are very similar. There are some things that are not. It's a combination of some things there. I don't want to get quite into specifics but it's a mix. I'm sure the terminology and things are very similar."

On what he took away from QB Nick Foles' first career start: "He learned an awful lot. I will say I am excited about this ballgame coming up because not always but normally that second start for a quarterback is normally a little better. So I'm excited about that. Now we've got to help him. I've got to help him, the line (has) got to help him, (and) the receivers have to help him. We dropped a host of balls so we've got to cumulatively get it to the next level so Nick can have some success."

On whether linebacker Luke Keuchly has become an impact player in his rookie season: "Yes. Fine payer. You knew he was going to be a heck of a player coming out. It looks like he made the transition, it appears that way, just seamlessly. Some players can do that just seamlessly. It looks like he's been playing for quite some time in this league so he is a fine, fine player. Certainly all of us knew he'd be a heck of a player coming out."

On how hard it was for Foles to overcome penalties and other mental mistakes by the rest of the offense: "That's right. We've been nicked up pretty good but nobody wants to hear about that. We've got some fine football players. We haven't played very many plays together. I would expect us to get better and better every week and it's just that simple. Look, we've got to take on sort of the personality of this city. We've got to be bold and aggressive in everything we do in this situation. I'm sure there's some people out there that have been knocked down. Shoot, we dust ourselves off, get up, and let's get to the next thing. The next thing is this practice coming up and then following a host of practices is Monday Night Football. That has to be our mentality."

On how aggressive he can be with play calling with so many rookies expected to start: "It's a mentality. Everything we do (needs to be) aggressive, bold. We don't turn anything down. That's got to be the mentality. So I'm not talking about structure and philosophy and all (that). I'm talking about the mentality."

On why WR DeSean Jackson and WR Jeremy Maclin were not involved in the offense: "That was terrible last game. That's my responsibility to get them the ball. That's my responsibility. And now they've got to do their part and all that but that's my responsibility."

On whether Jackson and Maclin are getting open when running routes: "I'm not going to go into details on all of these things. We certainly had some opportunities. These are a couple of good playmakers that we have. I need to get (them the ball). Let's make sure I'm crystal clear. It's not like we didn't try. So we've got to do a better job of getting the ball in their hands."

On whether TE Brent Celek is pressing and trying to make too many things happen: "That's a good question. I suspected a lot of our people are pressing. That's the opposite thing that we need to do in this situation. Many of us have been in these types of situations before and made it pretty good run in the past. We've simply got to have that mentality, bold and aggressive. The unaggressive and timid don't get very far. We've got to have that mentality and then do our jobs."

On whether there is something he can do as a coach to help the players relax: "Well, we discuss it much like we're discussing it right here and it's that simple. Let's go do our job and we do it together. It's just that simple."

On why Maclin is not producing like many people thought he would this season: "Well, we're not quite as good offensively as we have been for the past decade or more."

On why he thinks Jackson is still producing despite an overall poor year by the offense: "Some of it's a little cyclical. Some of it is (that) several games now we had some opportunities and didn't get it done and that's my responsibility. Certainly want to get Jeremy Maclin the ball. He's one of our playmakers."

On screen passes being called more and occurring with better results last game: "There were a couple that we didn't get. Most of that is scheme and structure and some tendencies, those sorts of things. Yes, there are some games where I get a few more screens in than normal and some games where (there are) a little less. It's more about what they do on the screen game (than what we call). But we've got to execute some of those. We had a couple good ones. We had some other ones that we've just got to do better. We left some things out on the field. Certainly in all aspects but certainly the screen game."

On whether Foles' height helps him execute screens better than QB Michael Vick: "We've talked about this before. Some shorter-statured types of quarterbacks are very good and rarely get balls tipped and same with the screens. Certainly the height gives you a little more of an advantage in the whole game and certainly in the screen game."

On G Jake Scott's play factoring into the success in the screen game: "Yup, Jake's an athletic player. It's a good point."

On what he sees in RB Bryce Brown and his potential chance to start this week: "We've talked about Bryce before and I think all of you know what my thoughts are on Bryce and what my expectations are. My expectations are very high with Bryce. He's a fine player. He's physical, fast, tough, smart, natural-type of player so I would expect him to do very well. And he has done well with a limited amount of reps he has received up to date."

On how Brown is equipped to handle pass blocking and route running: "(Running backs coach) Ted Williams has done a fine job and he always does with young backs. Getting them up to speed, especially on the protection part of the NFL passing game which is critical. Bryce Brown is a big, physical man. He's done a fine job that way. Then you get into the routes and the adjustments and all these things. He's done a remarkable job really for a rookie coming in to this league having played very little in college."

On how he assessed Foles' ability to bounce back from inopportune mistakes by the offense: "He did good. And under unusual circumstances where back to back (the) opening drive and the second drive turning the darn thing over. There was a handful that he would like to have back and he learned from it. That's where we're at. We make a mistake (then) don't be afraid of failure. We've discussed that. Don't be afraid of that. You have to admit your mistake to find a solution and then get it corrected and move on. And move on fast. Learn from it and move fast to make it real simple. He did a good job of that and that whole game as well. Let's dissect it, let's learn from it, and let's move on. The really good players rarely make the same mistake again. Experience there really is no substitute for experience. He's certainly accumulating some of that very quickly here."

On the reason behind WR Riley Cooper's strong play of late: "Well he's been a fine player. As you know he got nicked up there early. He's back, looks like he's healthy, and so we'll utilize him as well. He's a fine player and he's been nicked up just a bit."

On how much he has to adjust the offense to tailor to the strengths of Foles: "We do and we did last week. We dug ourselves a hole and you didn't see much of the game plan there as we went. In fact, we got into (the) two-minute (offense) very early in the ballgame because we were down three scores at the time. There is adjustment to be made. You want to play to your players' strengths."

On how much play calling is limited by the number of rookies in the lineup: "I would not say limited. The Dallas game for instance, ran the ball I believe eight straight times on first down. I don't think I've ever done that (joking). But you have to play it a certain way because these fellows have not played together for very many snaps at all for some really important positions. Yes, all your thoughts are right on. You do have to adjust and play the game just a little bit differently."

On how he evaluated Foles' decisions when he audibled at the line of scrimmage: "He did a lot of that in that ballgame. Most of them were very good that way. He's a bright, natural type of player. I do know that we can do those things with him. There's a fine line there with how much in any specific game but certainly he can do those things and he's certainly had a good start with it."

On what Brown is deficient in not having played significant snaps in college: "Just experience. There has been a select few that I've coached that had very little or no college or just junior college experience. However it's pretty rare for that number of snaps in college. He's gotten an awful lot of reps. Awful lot of reps (in) minicamp, training camp, preseason, and then throughout the early part of the year. (RB) LeSean (McCoy) as much work as he got early in the year, spelling him a little bit in practice. Especially, and we talked about it, with the protection reps. We think we have a pretty good idea of how he's going to react. There are some unknowns because he's a rookie. Not necessarily because of the college experience."

On whether Brown's lack of experience allows the coaches to mold him more in their vision of a successful running back: "I've never thought about that but it's certainly a good point. I think we feel like we coach them and teach them within our system no matter what experience (they have). That's a good point. You're sort of saying he doesn't have any habits from a different system certainly yeah. I think different systems are good for a player in the long run. But that is a good point and something I had not thought of."

On how the coaching staff handles all of the talk about their job security: "Look, all of our focus is that next practice, the next game plan, the next week. So there's absolutely not thought of that."

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