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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "We're right in the middle of a game preparation week. We're simulating, as you know, a game week. It's a simulated game week. This is just excellent for the organization of a game week for all of the coaches so we can get into a routine. It's just excellent for the players because they get back into a routine.

"It's tremendous for the new players we have, whether they are a rookie or a veteran that is new to how we go about doing our business. The times are just a little bit different because of the rules, but we're simulating this as close as we can to a game. Let's say for this morning, we did our installation in some specific areas and then we go out and practice those. Then, they get all their preparation done in the classroom and many of them will stay late at night to get their preparation in. So we're simulating this as close as we can to a game week."

On how the team will handle the running back situation in the second preseason game: "I can't go there quite yet. That decision will be made just a little bit later in the week. However, with our backs, our personnel department with (general manager) Howie (Roseman) and the fellas did an outstanding job there with our backs. They all need some reps, first of all to get a game evaluation on them, and secondly to get the reps needed so hopefully they can help at some point if needed."

On what will be playing time distribution for the quarterbacks: "Again, I'm not going to go there quite yet because that plan has not been finalized. We certainly have a plan, but typically (head coach) Andy (Reid) will announce that later in the week. There is a plan that could change just a little bit. I will tell you that for all of the players, and certainly the quarterback position, if one man plays a little bit more this week than the other man, then the other man will typically play a little bit more the next week."

On what he has learned about QB Nick Foles that he did not know going into training camp: "I know this – he's a gamer. He's got some natural instincts. The most important thing with quarterbacks is gut instincts, and that's number one. Then the decision-making, the accuracy, and the timing become just critical factors in a quarterback being able to play at a very high level. I know that he has all of those.

"I know that there is a lot of hard work left for him and he is in an early stage there. You saw (QB) Trent Edwards and his experience showed up. He has natural instincts as well. He typically is doing the right thing. I think Nick showed a little of that last week, and I think he's right on track. He may even be ahead of most quarterbacks at this stage. I'm certain that he will go through more ups and downs on his way to the player that we and he want him to be."

On whether he is looking forward to seeing Foles compete against a second team defense: "Pro football is pro football. I don't care where it's at or who it's against. All of the experience is excellent. Certainly, you might be able to focus in on something like that but that's not my concern right now - it's just experience and reps. All of those in pro football are just excellent, and there is no substitute for experience."

On how T Demetress Bell has responded to working with the second team: "He's doing an excellent job. He's working hard, he's preparing, he wants to be a great player. He is doing all of those things the right way. Big (T) King (Dunlap) earned an opportunity to have this chance, and he's making the most of it. I think he has had several excellent days. He's right there as well. There is excellent competition there, and at many spots. That's certainly one of them."

On how important this game is for Dunlap: "That's a good point. Everything we do is important – every play, every rep, every preparation and all that. He has done just an outstanding job. Certainly, the game simulations that we had in training camp were important, and these preseason games. Everything we do is important."

On how much improvement G Danny Watkins has made since his rookie year: "He's so far ahead of where he was last year, there is no comparison. Again, all of our players right now and even the veterans, we have an awful lot of work to accomplish before we are ready to go before our regular season game. He's right there and is getting better every day still. I would suspect that he is going to be one of the fine guards in this game. So there is a progression to that. I would expect him to continue to learn in the next two-three years even before he hits his peak. He's playing at a high-level. I'm excited to get the ones more plays, and I know you're excited to see them play a little bit more as well."

On whether Watkins is more comfortable being out of the limelight: "I don't know about that. I haven't thought about that, really. Every player has to handle all the situations that come their way, and I thought he did a beautiful job of that last year. I think your point is that he is fitting in and other positions where there is a little bit more competition are in the spotlight. I like for guys to go through all of that, and I think they're better after they go through all those types of things."

On whether RB Chris Polk could be a lead blocker: "That's an excellent question. It certainly has been discussed and thought of. He is a physical player, isn't he? I think Chris Polk is an excellent football player. I think he is an excellent ball carrier and think he could be an excellent blocker as well."

On how RB Bryce Brown is progressing as a blocker: "He's a probably little less than familiar with (it than) anything. He played nine college football games I believe. This man is a talented man and a talented player, and you've seen him out on the field. He is really a sharp young man as well. (Running backs coach) Ted Williams has done a beautiful job there of getting him up to speed. He has shown he is capable of doing all of the things that we ask a halfback to do, which is basically everything – run like one of the top runners in the league, run routes and adjust to coverage like a wide receiver to do, and when they're asked to block, they get that done. That pass protection is key. He is a big, strong, fast man who has some natural ability there."

On whether he has full confidence in FB Stanley Havili going forward: "I have great confidence in Stanley and Emil (Igwenagu) is doing a fine job as well. I think there is some excellent competition at that spot. Both of them are doing very well, and there is great confidence in Stanley if that answers your question."

On whether the left tackle position is still in flux: "Sure. There are several positions where there is competition, and that's one of them. We'd like to solidify that as soon as possible, but the key is getting the right five in there. Really, those top eight or nine are just key for the season there. That's really the key. You have to have enough reps and enough game action to get that evaluation on him."

On what skills and traits a wide receiver needs to be successful in the red zone: "The ability to separate in tight quarters. When you get in the red zone, the lanes tighten down. Things are happening quicker, and the safeties are on top of you faster in both the run and the pass. Certainly the passing lanes are much, much tighter. Things are happening much faster and the lanes are tighter. The ball is on you quicker. Some players have certainly have a knack in the red zone, and some are better out in the field. The key is playing to your player's strengths. You have to have enough reps and get to know them just a little bit as a player to be able to do that."

On having the full first team offense out on the field Monday night: "I know I'm excited, and I know the players are as well especially with a game simulated week. It's not quite like a game week but we're trying to simulate it as close as we can. I know the players are really excited about that."

On whether he sees a difference in the work ethic of WR DeSean Jackson: "DeSen Jackson is a premier receiver in this league and I think he's one of the most dynamic players in this league. He still has some things that he is diligently working to get better at. His work ethic is certainly at an all-time high. This man is a hard worker and has been his whole career since the day we got him. When he was a rookie, he was out here 20 minutes before practice and 15-20 minutes after practice. He was healthy and he was in great shape to be able to accomplish that. He's always been a hard worker and he's working diligently to become the very best he can be."

On what Jackson's weaknesses are that he can work on: "I don't think he has too (many) weaknesses. I don't talk about weaknesses much because I try to play to our players strengths anyway and use other men in a position if one particular player is struggling with something, then we'll get another man in there. That may be that player's expertise."

On having two games in five days next week: "That's a good point. I have not directed any comments at that. That is a part of pro football and that's what we do. This is what we do. If it was two games in two days, that is what we do. I will address that after this ballgame. We basically have one practice, and then we have a little walk-through after that. It's a great opportunity to go through a short week and in a regular season situation, you will have short weeks. It's a good thing, not a bad thing. I have not addressed that, yet."

On what he has seen from T Dennis Kelly and what his plans are for him: "He has had just a terrific camp, and he has shown the physical ability and skill to play both tackle and guard. That's not to say he hasn't had his ups and downs, because he has. That is part of the learning process. Sometimes you have to go through some great failures and sometimes embarrassing failures to be able to come to the point where you want to be at. Many of our young players have gone through those failures and you learn from it, you find the solution, and then you correct it and you move on. His challenge will be to play at that high level like he has shown he can, and then do it on a really consistent basis. He has had an excellent camp, and I'm glad we were able to draft him."

On whether there is enough time for Polk to develop and establish himself as a lead blocker before the season progresses: "We have not done that yet. There is certainly time. Whatever his strengths are, he can lean on his strengths there especially if that were the case. That's hypothetical and I don't usually get into much of that. We have not done that as of yet. Do I think he could? I do think he could because he's such a physical player."

On how Julian Vandervelde has done while working as the center: "He's doing an excellent job. He was snapping for all of last year as well. He was doing an excellent job and he's learning from one of the best in the game in Jason Kelce. He is going through some of the learning process. I have great confidence in Vandervelde there, yeah."

On whether they would feel comfortable using him at center during the season: "Absolutely. Great confidence in this young man and he's going to be an excellent player for us."

On whether the backup center has to play guard: "Normally, that would be your preference, yes. With those top seven or eight you have dressed for the ballgame, there are backup plans for each spot there. That certainly is the way you would prefer it, but we have done it with just a straight center there as well. Sometimes you have to carry an extra man if that's the case. We'll get into that much later."

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