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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "We're right about at the end of this training camp. We've got most of the installations in, but we do have some left. Then, we'll get into individual game planning installations so they'll be more (for) the young players in the load that they have to learn. That's where we're at.

"As far as the last game, there were several things I was most pleased with that went on, and certainly the win and how we played down the stretch there. I was extremely disappointed in more than several things, so we have a lot of work to do to be an efficient and dynamic offensive football team. Some of the younger players are doing an excellent job of the hard work on the field. Some of the young players are highly skilled and then the key is their preparation and the hard work in the classroom, and they're doing that. Many of our veterans are right on track, and I'm pleased with that part of it. Again, we've got a lot of hard work left to do."

On the situation at left tackle: "There is great competition there, and there are several men there who will do the job. This is one of the things that training camp is for. If somebody has earned an opportunity, then we will certainly in every case try to give them an opportunity. That's really at every position, but you have to earn it. That's true with rookies even, that they earn the opportunity to compete. We try to give that opportunity to them, and see what they can do in live games."

On whether T Demetress Bell is having a similar experience to G Danny Watkins last year in terms of learning offensive line coach Howard Mudd's system: "Any time you are in a new system, there is quite a bit of learning to do. There are two things that come right to the front of my mind, and that is the terminology and the details in terms of how exactly we want to get it done. Yeah, he's right in the middle of that process."

On whether he thinks T King Dunlap can start the whole season despite having only spot starts: "King has played for us in the past and he has done very well. That is correct, however he has played very well there in those situations. He's worked diligently in the offseason, and he was playing very well early in camp. He has earned that opportunity."

On whether they had spent time preparing for Pittsburgh to blitz as much as they did Thursday: "They really didn't blitz all that much. They showed some familiar blitzes, and there was nothing there that we haven't really seen even in training camp. No, that wasn't a part of it."

On what he saw from QB Michael Vick and the first team offense against the Steelers: "That was one of the things that I was disappointed in was our precision. You saw the plays that were called were precision type plays, and although we didn't have many opportunities, several times it wasn't there. As far as Mike, he's having a terrific camp and continuing to improve every day so I have great confidence in Mike."

On how Vick has developed since he was signed three years ago: "I knew exactly what we were getting even though I had not met him three years ago. I will tell you that when we got him, it had been going on two years that he hadn't played. However, even then he was still one of the great players in the game and that was my thought process there. I do know that he has really learned to play the quarterback position at a really high level. He is chasing that perfection every day and he wants to become a master at that position as well as being one of the most dynamic players in the game. He has come a long way in this system and generally playing the quarterback position at a high level. He's having a terrific camp, yeah."

On his impression of QB Nick Foles both in camp and against Pittsburgh: "He did just about what I expected him to do, which was to play well. I know that he has an opportunity to be a heck of a quarterback at some point. He's working every day and he's a smart guy. He has picked the offense up at a pretty good rate here now. That's a difficult thing to do at any position, like we talked about at the left tackle spot. It's very difficult at the quarterback position. I'm proud of him that way as well. He's quite a natural player and he's a quick decision maker. You can see that his accuracy is good and his timing has been good up to this point. He has a lot of work left to do, like we all do."

On what Foles needs to improve on: "There are details within how you go about playing the position. Those are the things. There are many plays that have been installed and he hasn't quite gotten the reps at these particular plays. One of them was two weeks ago against a particular coverage, and now he has to get through that versus all of the possible coverages, blitzes, and these sorts of things. It's a matter of reps, reps, and more reps, and then the details of how he goes about in terms of performing."

On whether he is comfortable with Vick's pocket presence: "He will continue to get better at that. There was one particular play in the Pittsburgh game in which he got sacked and he was well protected. He moved himself right into a sack. He can get better there and he has gotten better over the past couple of years there. He certainly can get better there. I do believe that if it was a regular season game, and these are excuses even though everything we do is important and we make no excuses, that he would have done that a little bit differently."

On how much Kafka's injury sets him back for the backup quarterback spot: "There is great competition there, and you see he is doing all of the individual drills. It is his left hand, and it's not going to set him back too much. I have had this with several different quarterbacks and it doesn't set him back too much. He has to stay sharp, though, pre-practice and post-practice because his reps are cut short just a little bit, especially in terms of the center-quarterback exchange because he just can't do it right now."

On whether he would be comfortable with Foles being the backup quarterback as a rookie: "We'll see. If he continues to develop at a high rate, that will be the key for him."

On how C Jason Kelce and Vick are doing with making the calls and checks at the line of scrimmage: "They are doing a great job. They are working through several things, but they're doing it together. We just have to work as a unit together a little bit better."

On the fullback competition between Stanley Havili and Emil Igwenagu: "They are both talented players and both physical players. Stanley has been in this offense for just a little bit longer, so he certainly has that step ahead. There is some excellent competition at the fullback spot with both of them."

On whether the team could use a tight end as a fullback in certain scenarios: "Well, Clay (Harbor) and Brent (Celek) have played in that position in several different types of plays, but those two guys (Stanley Havili and Emil Igwenagu) are the ones competing at the fullback spot. Since you brought Clay up, he's having a superb camp and he's doing some things that are really uncommon. He has really grown into that position and is doing a fine job there."

On whether WR Damaris Johnson has earned an opportunity: "He has. You have seen his athleticism, quickness, ball skills, these types of things. He can make plays and he's quite dynamic. His challenge is playing at that high level on a consistent basis, so I'm looking for that consistency out of him."

On QB Nick Foles and whether his consistency in practice is reliant on fundementals: "His accuracy has been really good. If you see an errant ball on occasion, in most of those cases, it's because he was unfamiliar with the play and he wasn't staying true to his read or his progression and then all of the sudden, he has to throw the ball away or the pass-rush gets to him and he's errant because he wasn't quite quick enough. But I have felt very comfortable with him when he knows exactly what he's doing in a particular play. I think he's executed at a high level. His challenge is the whole offense and getting all these reps because he's quite a natural player it appears."

On whether Foles is better at anything in particular than he had expected at this point: "I will just say this: I really liked him before the draft and then when he was in for his first mini-camp, I liked him even more. Through training camp, I liked him even more and after that last ballgame, (I) liked him even more. So, his challenge is to continue to progress at a high rate. He's really progressed at a high rate. I've been pleased with that and I think he's got quite a future in this league. Now, how quick he can progress is the key and everybody's different. Some quarterbacks progress at a high rate and then level out and it takes a little while. Some guys, it's almost seamless to where they can go in and function at a high level in a ballgame. Some guys don't progress much at all early and they really struggle and then two or three years down the road, it clicks and they become a great quarterback as well. Everybody's different."

On what made Foles a third-round selection and not a higher draft choice: "I know there was a couple concerns that I had and (quarterbacks coach) Doug Pederson went out and worked him out and my concerns were negated by Doug working him out."

On his concerns about Foles: "I don't want to get into details. We also talked to his head coach who I played with in the arena league, (Mike) Stoops, and I will tell you, he had great things to say about him. Look, Nick is a tough, talented, natural player so we're happy to have Nick."

On whether he is confident that Foles and QB Mike Kafka could step in in the event of an injury to QB Michael Vick: "Well, not right now. We're in the middle of training camp. We have to progress. Nobody has a crystal ball. I can't tell you what I'm going to think two weeks from now. But I'm happy with both of their play in training camp, up to date. We've had an awful lot of hard work left."

On how he felt about the play of QB Trent Edwards after not receiving a lot of reps in camp: "He's a gamer. He's got great experience. He wouldn't have been in the league this long, he wouldn't have started and done quite well in this league without what you saw that he had in the ballgame. He did exactly what I wanted him to do, with exception of a couple small details. But you saw he's a natural player, he's got great common sense and he did just a beautiful job down the stretch there. So, he's certainly in great competition. As you say, he doesn't get many reps in practice. He understands what his situation is and then he knows the expectations of him going into a game is to play at a high level and it's just that simple."

On whether Edwards is in the mix for the backup quarterback position: "There's no question. Absolutely. There's great competition there at this point."

On what he is learning about Kafka specifically and what he is looking to see from him in the future: "Well, the first thing is to get him healthy. He's got to do that. Secondly, I know Mike Kafka pretty well and exactly how he can help this football team and exactly how he would operate in a league game. He's done just a little bit of that for us and he's been here for quite some time. He's a talented, young, sharp, really sharp player. I've certainly got great confidence in Mike in the role that he's in at this point."

On how much Kafka's hand injury will limit his progress in practice: "I will tell you: he does have some work to do. However, this setback, because of his experience with our offense, is not going to come into any decision-making type of process because we know exactly what his strengths are and how he can help this football team. I don't see this as a knockback for him. I see this as a, let's get healthy and we're back rocking and rolling."

On TE Clay Harbor and some of the "uncommon" things he has done in camp: "He's a physical guy now and so his in-the-line blocking has dramatically improved. Of course, (tight ends) Coach Tom Melvin had a whole offseason with him, which was one of the keys for him and it's really shown up to date in this camp. We know that he's a fast player as well and he's a dynamic player down the field. However, his in-line blocking has dramatically improved. Now, he's always had that skill and ability coming out of college. He would hit you. He would hit the heck out of you and so now, he and Tom have refined his game and he's really doing an outstanding job in-line as well as with the pass game."

On whether he could foresee using more two tight end sets this year: "Absolutely. If we've got two outstanding tight ends, we'll use all of our players strengths and that certainly would be one of them."

On WR Damaris Johnson's size and, moving forward, what he does well that could translate to the NFL: "I think our personnel department did an outstanding job there in acquiring Damaris. You're right; most guys that size at this level, they sort of get engulfed just a little bit, so you have to have one, two or three of several different qualities to be able to play at that size in this league and. One of them is that dynamic ability and that includes quickness, speed and jumping ability. (WR) DeSean (Jackson) is one of them who has great, great dynamic ability and it was seamless for DeSean coming into the NFL.

"Most guys that size can't do it. That's the first thing we wanted to find out about Damaris is, does he have that special, unique, dynamic quality that will allow him to help this football team and it appears that he does. He has those skills. Now, we talked about it earlier, his challenges to play at that high level. I know he can play at a high level, but it's playing at that high level on a consistent basis. That's his challenge right now."

On whether he likes the fact that Johnson's dynamic ability may remove WR DeSean Jackson from a punt return role: "Listen, you know, for the past several years, if we want DeSean back there returning punts, I'm all for it. He's a playmaker in the punt return (game). He scores touchdowns; he's won games for us before in that role. I have absolutely no problem with that; in fact, I'm on that side. If we need him back there, let's go do it and we'll adjust on offense. If we have a like-player back there, then what you say may very well be true. But we'll see how this thing shakes out. Finally, I would expect us to play much more efficiently as we continue to play these preseason games."

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