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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "The last game was too bad; we moved the ball all over the place. We have to correct several things (and) we just have to get better at those particular things (and) we'll be just fine. This next game, at Buffalo, is going to be a very, very loud, difficult place to play so we have quite a challenge there. Statistically, you shouldn't allow the stats along with perception to in any way distract us from reality. They rush the passer very well; they beat up several quarterbacks. I say that because the statistics don't show that they've gotten a lot of sacks. So we have a challenge there (and) a great opportunity for that. They challenge you in the secondary, in many cases it's virtually every play (and) they all have high motors (and) are well coached, excellent scheme, so we have quite a challenge and a great opportunity."

On his thoughts about what's wrong with the red zone offense: "Well look, our numbers are really good in some of the big categories; we're very high in total yards, first downs, and on and on and on and on. There's three things, and really in the last three ball games, that are easily identifiable, I mean it's just crystal clear. There are sometimes where you find yourself in this situation as a team and you have to dig much deeper to find the things that you need to correct. So the three things are really the turnovers and I take full responsibility for that. I need to do a better job of teaching ball security, done. We have to take care of the ball and that's just hurting us immensely in the red zone, alright. You know, it's kind of strange (that) we're the very best in the league at getting into the red zone (and) that normally correlates to winning (but) it's not for us because we're turning the ball over in the red zone. We're also getting penalties in the red zone. I think we're eighth in the league in penalties, the good eight instead of the bottom, but all of our penalties…I shouldn't say all of them, but many of our penalties are coming in the red zone and it's very difficult to overcome penalties and sacks in the red zone. And then, another thing is the third downs. I believe that we're fourth or fifth, somewhere in there, in the third downs and that's good, that's where we want to be. But our third and shorts, and three of them have been in the red zone, are poor. We're doing better on third and medium than third and short, and that's not right. So we have to get those three things, crystal clear, easily identifiable, straight in order to be a great football team and a great offensive football team."

On whether the move to bring in G Danny Watkins will help with short yardage situations: "Well Danny's a strong man and he's quite athletic as well. Really, Danny's done a nice job. I'm not concerned about that. There's been some other things and it starts with me with those situations. But Danny has worked very, very hard. He's been on the field with (offensive line coach) Howard (Mudd) many, many, many hours and in the classroom to get himself to this point where he's earned the right to play, alright. Now, (G Kyle) DeVan has played very well, especially at certain times, so he's a valuable asset for us as well. But Danny's earned this right, and responsibility comes with that. And then, we have big (T) King (Dunlap) on the left side and I'm sure he'll do an excellent job. And the expectations are high there."

On his thoughts about the small amount of touches for RB LeSean McCoy last week: "Well you saw the game, and you saw what we were trying to do. I will say that that's an excellent defense now. You know, coming into that ballgame they were ranked very high in many areas, many areas, and total defense was one of them. And so, we had a specific gameplan ready for them and 90 percent of it was pretty good. And those three aspects that we talked about were poor. And there are some things that you have to do in a game to win the game (and) there are some things that you must not do to win a game and those are black and white, those three aspects. So I thought that part was pretty good and I thought we executed fairly well 90 percent of the time; 90 percent of the time doesn't work."

On whether he has trust in McCoy in short yardage situations: "I have great trust in LeSean McCoy in any situation so that's done; that part of it's done. There are some other things that we have to correct, and that's first. (WR) Jeremy Maclin, great trust in him in any type of game-winning situation. Done, keep shooting it. Done. And he understands that and our whole football team understands that. Done. LeSean McCoy, trust him in any situation that comes up in a game."

On whether he thinks talented players forget about ball security because they think they can do too much: "Well, it's like catching the football (and) there are only two reasons that you don't catch the football, and one is lack of focus and concentration and the other is that some guys just catch the ball better than others, and that's the same with ball security, alright; it's either a lack of focus and concentration or some guys just can't do it as well as others. And there's very few that can't so that's my responsibility. I have to continuously emphasize it, and the players have to continuously emphasize it during practice and during ball games. I've been through it before where you have two or three games that are sloppy, and then it tends to correct itself. But you have to put emphasis on it and that's what we're doing. And that's our biggest problem right now is turning the football over and many of them have come in the red zone."

On whether he is concerned with cohesiveness in the offensive line: "Well sure, we haven't had much (cohesiveness) as of late, and then we're going in with two new fellas, however (we) have great trust in them and our expectations are high and I expect both of the new starters to play well and our expectations are that our line and our tight ends play well as a unit on top of that. So you know how we operate – the next guy (needs) to step up and play as well or even better than the man before."

On his philosophy when playing with a big lead: "Well it depends on who we're playing and what the exact situation of the game is; we were trying to score in the last ballgame. I mean, typically, in general in this league, it's happening in college it looks like from afar – I don't pay that much attention – (but) you better keep scoring (and) you better stay aggressive or it will come back to bite you. And so, typically, and I want our offensive players to have that mindset as well – you keep going after them, you keep going after them and there's way too much time on the clock to get into a slow down type situation in my opinion."

On whether he is insinuating that the Bills are a statistical anomaly on defense: "Well I think they're better than our statistics show and my main point was their pass rush is way better. I believe they're on record for four sacks the last time I looked, now that might have been before, but I believe it's four. They can rush the passer, all of them are excellent. They have very skilled guys to rush the passer and they do it in many cases with four and they're very, very good with it. They've played some excellent quarterbacks that typically don't take sacks and they still beat them up pretty good so that was my main point there."

On the team being outscored 36-0 in the fourth quarter of the last three games: "Well that's part of execution. And another thing our team talked about was coming out at halftime, we're up 20-3 and we ended getting three I believe, but there were some mistakes there coming out of halftime with a pretty good thought process there, and that bothers me. And so, that's occurred down into the fourth quarter as well. We've moved the ball in the fourth quarter and the points aren't coming. Well, those three things are coming into play, and so we have to correct those three things and I think we'll be just fine in the fourth quarter."

On whether he has an explanation for a lack of focus in the first four games: "Well, I didn't mean to say it's a total lack of focus. This all comes back to me that the thing has to be emphasized and it has to be emphasized every day at every level in this game, alright. So now we need to focus on the thing. And again, I would trust all of our players – you have to have total trust in all of your players on the field, total trust in them in game-winning type situations, done. Some things you can think, study, talk, discuss, and you're not going to be able to explain it very well. And some things work themselves out on their own and some things have to be emphasized; ball security has to be emphasized by everybody."

On his thoughts about the importance for QB Michael Vick to have the performance he did against the blitz: "Well, he played very well in many aspects. He understands this (that) none of us did well enough to win. He had some great, great numbers and I'm proud of him for that, but it's whatever it takes to win the next ballgame. So he's not real happy right now. And so, that's the way our mentality is, whatever it takes to win the next game; whatever it took to win the last game, none of us did good enough (and) that's where we're at."

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