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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "That last ball game I thought we did some pretty good things in the first half. It was an excellent defense we played. Those guys are really good on defense. (We) came up with some big plays, that was good. The second half was disappointing and some of that is my responsibility, all of it is, certainly. We need to play a little bit better in the second half. I thought (QB) Donovan (McNabb), in the second half, he played smart. He did a heck of a job that way. We need to execute just a little bit better, in the second half especially. This ball game coming up, it's a short week so we're on and off the field pretty quickly, so the preparation needs to go up sky high, double it. We double our preparation in these types of weeks. (It's a) great challenge. This front four could very well be one of the better front fours that we'll face. (They have an) excellent linebacking crew, and then their secondary sort of plays to their front and they have done a heck of a job. They are ranked very highly against the pass. They are the number one team in total defense. There are very few things statistically where they aren't very good, and there are just a couple of those."

On why the Eagles signed RB P.J. Hill: "I think highly of him. (He brings a) little depth in here. He may very well, and I've only met him briefly – at least he'll have a good start offensively terminology-wise, so all those things are good. He was a heck of a player coming out."

On having scored long, quick-strike touchdowns and whether he's worried about the fact that they haven't been able to sustain drives: "That's right. The consistency, we need to up our game consistency-wise. We're doing a nice job. I think, in this league, the big plays are really important, however, the consistency becomes important. The big plays are important, however, drives getting into the red zone are important. I believe that we are (number) one in the big-strike scoring from outside the red zone and then we are pretty low on drives getting into the red zone. It goes hand in hand, but you would like to be a little bit higher consistency-wise in getting the ball into the red zone, scoring some more points here."

On what RB LeSean McCoy needs to improve on: "The first thing is that he's getting better every day, and he's learning every day. He still has a lot to learn, however, he certainly is a highly skilled player. He's helped us. We ask an awful lot out of the halfback position here. We ask him to run with the football, obviously. Then, run pass routes and adjust to covers and catch the football and then block, and that's a whole plate right there. He's done a heck of a job up to date with those things, and he's made his share of mistakes and he corrects it. Then we keep doing that and he'll get better every day and at some point he'll have it down here and I think he's real close to that."

On whether teams taking the middle of the field away concerns him: "I would like to attack the middle better. Absolutely."

On whether McCoy is the type of player to feel daunted by increased responsibility: "Oh no. He has great confidence. He'll be ready to go, yeah."

On other teams playing them soft downfield and whether it is important for them to attack downfield: "There are two points to it, there will come games where they are playing just so soft that you can't get on top, I mean it's almost virtually impossible. Then to do it you have to have about five second of protection. Then another thing is, when you're just off a little bit on your big plays, and this has happened to us already this year, you're just off and you have great opportunity and great opportunity, that consistency comes into play, and so we know it as coaches and the players know it so we're going to do everything possible to gain a little bit more consistency there."

On whether he will mix in RB Eldra Buckley more this week if RB Brian Westbrook can't go: "Buckley has to be ready to go, absolutely. He's a good player, you remember in the preseason. He's a good player."

On McNabb saying yesterday that he feels the throws he's missed recently is due to mechanics: "He's alright. He'll be fine. Look, you miss a throw or two and you study the film and try to get it corrected and then you move on quickly. He missed a couple throws that he'll hit 99 out of 100 (times), so I'm not concerned at all about that. He'll be fine. Donovan goes and gets every one of those throws and makes sure that his footwork and the timing – so he gets it done again and again and again. We did that yesterday."

On how the uncertainly surrounding Westbrook's availability changes the way they gameplan for this week: "It always does just a little bit, but we'll have enough for Brian in there in case he plays. Then, LeSean can do many of those things. He's sort of in the same mold as Brian."

On where McCoy and Buckley are in regards to their blocking: "They are both very good, and they both have their assignments down, so it's what you're lacking just a little bit is experience. Of course, Brian Westbrook has so much experience that it's like riding a bike for him. The other guys have to work just a little bit at it, LeSean and Buck."

On whether he sees any progress in the execution of the Wildcat when he reviews the game film: "We didn't do that very well last week and that bothers me and it bothers our players. We were in some good positions there to make a little hay there and we didn't get it done. That's one thing that we have to get corrected and I was disappointed in that part of our game."

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