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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "The last ball game was a heck of an effort by the players. We just have to play a little bit better early in the game. We squandered some opportunities there. (We had a) lot of yards and not enough points. We have to get more points. We have to be greedy with the points. I believe we are first in red zone scoring efficiency but only 23rd in touchdown efficiency and that won't cut it so we have to be better there. This next ball club, they have some talent up front on defense. Of course they lost their middle linebacker and they are playing very well at the linebacker area. Then, their secondary is an excellent secondary. They've changed just a little bit. They are pressuring just a little bit more, especially in the early downs. They used to be, really, a cover-2 team but don't break and then hit you with some blitzes throughout the football game, as well as on third down. That part is still the same but the early part is just a little bit different. They are pressuring you just a little bit and being a little bit more aggressive. They are doing everything they can to stop the run with eight-man boxes and getting an extra guy in there."

On how much cover 2 he's seen this year and what challenges it presents: "We've seen a good share of it. That thing is a little bit cyclical. We used to see it around the league quite a little bit more in the recent past. Before that there wasn't as much, so it's a little bit cyclic. This used to be a Tampa 2, cover 2 team playing a lot more single-safety middle. They played, I believe, 19 snaps against us last year. They are playing a much lower percentage this year; only can assume that the reasons, their middle linebacker was great at that coverage, he was a big, big part of it. I think their middle linebacker right now is doing a good job; he's a big guy as well. They want to stop the run just a little bit more, so you can only assume why they're particularly not playing as much."

On whether they made a concerted effort to involve WR Jason Avant more against the Chargers: "There are a couple of things. There are two things that come to my mind on that. Jason is always an integral part of our offense, sometimes the statistics don't show it and sometimes you have a lot of catches one game and the next you don't have as many. Second, yeah, consciously I try to get Jason the ball just a little bit. Then, I suppose the last thing is last week (there was) a little bit of rush 5, giving up a zone, some man technique within the zone, so Jason had some good opportunities matchup-wise and (QB) Donovan (McNabb) did a good job of getting him the ball."

On what he looks for when he goes back and evaluates the play calling: "If the players were in a good position to have success, or was it more of a fundamental, technique or assignment error. There are a couple of things, when a concept hasn't worked or a time or two – maybe coaching a little bit better, play with a little bit more detail, you do some – because you have so much. Those are the decisions you make when you go back and self-scout yourself."

On the struggles in the red zone:"It's all-encompassing. We have to play with better detail. It starts with me. I have to do a better job of coaching the details. We certainly had opportunities there. I have to do a better job. We have to play with a little more detail because we had some opportunities there. We'll do a better job. We'll get better."

On whether the struggles had to do with a philosophical error: "No, we were in some good plays. Look, if it doesn't work you coach it better, play with more detail or you do something else because if you think 'The play should work, the play should work,' many times that doesn't cut it. You have to play to your players' strengths. We can do some other things there as well. We have to execute the play just a little bit better. Two-for-five in the red zone, that doesn't cut it, it's not good enough. Three-for-five usually wins games, and then you always strive for the perfection."

On how difficult it has been to have a lack of continuity on offense due to injuries: "That's why we practice. The fellows that are playing the game, they expect themselves to play at a high level. We expect them, as players and coaches, to play at a high level. The continuity within the offensive line, I've studied that. That equals winning when you have continuity in there. Hopefully we'll get some continuity here down the stretch."

On whether he's felt like they've had continuity at any point this season: "We've had guys in and out. No, it has not been consistent there, however that doesn't mean that we can't play at a high level. We did in many aspects of that last ball game and played at a high level. There are just several plays that we'd like to have back. There are no do-overs. You can't do that. You have to execute it the first time."

On whether McNabb has unlimited checks and audibles in the red zone: "Yeah, he has some things, yeah."

On whether the lack of continuity on the offensive line is a reason why the run block has been such a challenge: "We have reasons. We have to do a little better job there. I was disappointed early with the run game. I think our first four first down runs didn't do much, didn't get four yards. Then later in the game we popped a couple that helped us. Going back, as far as audibles in the red zone, they played it, they played it very basic. There was no reason to audible at that last ball game. There are in some ball games."

On who comes up with the scheme: "Our whole staff is involved in that."

On whether the final decision of what play is called is his: "Yeah."

On whether head coach Andy Reid has certain plays he wants to call: "Not often. But yeah, he's involved in everything with this football team."

On whether things have operated the same way over the course of his career here: "Yeah, we've done it different, but we've done it different in different years."

On when they shared the playcalling duties: "Back a couple of years ago. I'm not sure that was it. We shared it some several years back."

On whether they stand next to each other during the game: "Usually not. It (happens very quickly), the decision making."

On there being a video clip of McNabb appearing frustrated on the goal line and wanting to run the ball: "I didn't see it. I remember the play, probably could have run the football. If he did, he was probably right. We didn't execute the play well enough. We were in a decent play there. We'll see. When you're running the football well, it's a little bit easier to get to a run. When you're behind a little bit the numbers get skewed as far as pass to run."

On whether he would say that T Winston Justice has been his most consistent lineman this year: "Well, he's been there. He has been there every game. He's played at a high level. There are other guys that have gutted through it. There are guys that have played, we've talked about this in weeks past, been banged up pretty good and gutted it out and Winston is one of those guys. He's stayed pretty clean, he's stayed pretty healthy and he's playing at a pretty high level."

On whether he will continue to rotate the guards: "We'll see how it goes. That's a week-to-week deal."

On whether rotating guards compromises his desire to have continuity on the offensive line: "Yeah, sure, a little bit. Those are the decisions you make. We have had at certain times, two very good players there. We've been through this before, we've had this discussion before, one that we're trying to get going coming off a major knee injury from last year, and so both of them, we view as starting linemen."

On whether he would stop rotating guards if he feels the rotation is becoming detrimental: "I don't think that part is playing quite the issue."

On whether there is a reason why they have run the ball more when RB Brian Westbrook has been out: "No. Every game is different. Every plan is different. When you're down by 14 early you tend to throw the ball just a little bit more, try to get some points on the board quickly."

On whether he will have to find different ways to run the ball now that Westbrook will be out for at least a couple of weeks: "Yeah, that's right. Every player has different strengths and so you try to play to their strengths. (RB) LeSean (McCoy) and Brian are kind of in the same mold but each of them has different strengths within that same mold there."

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