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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "The last ballgame, really the only thing we did pretty well was the first drive and the last drive. Everything in between wasn't very good. So we're looking to improve upon that, get better every day. We've got a great challenge this next week. This Jets defense challenges you and so it will be a good challenge for our twos and threes. They challenge you in every aspect. They challenge you up front, they challenge you out wide, they challenge you with some blitzes. So it'll be a good challenge."

On the limited amount of catches for TE Brent Celek thus far in the preseason: "He didn't play a ton. There were several routes throughout the preseason designed to go to him, take it away, goes to somebody else. It's a little cyclical as well, but he'll be a big part of our offense."

On the defense trying to take him out: "Well, it certainly looked like that on several of them and then we would complete the ball somewhere else. That's why some games get a little cyclical, you know."

On how tough it is to get in an offensive rhythm with a new starting quarterback and varying pieces on the offensive line: "Well, you know what I think about rhythm; it's real. It's hard to explain, but it is real. You go through things like that through the season and through games, so you can't make any excuses. You have to stay in rhythm, it's just that simple. The next guy comes in and plays and you keep with the rhythm."

On whether he had to go back and evaluate QB Michael Vick's role at the end of last season: "You certainly think about it because I do believe in it, however, it's all the mentality, really. If you have the mentality – and our offense has it, all of our players have it – where we don't care how we win the next game. We'll do whatever it takes to win the next game. We don't care how we win the game; run, pass. We don't care who gets the credit, we don't care who scores. With that attitude, then you're in pretty good shape."

On how quarterbacks coach James Urban has dealt with the depth at the position this season: "Well, he's a heck of a coach and he does a heck of a job with the quarterbacks. Yeah, it's a good challenge for him. Yeah, he's a heck of a coach. He does a tremendous job with sort of highlighting every quarterback's strengths. Every quarterback is different, and so you need to teach them differently and he does an excellent job of that."

On G Stacy Andrews: "He's good. He's done a fine job. He's got a couple things to work on. If we just have that mentality of improving every day, then we'll be in good shape."

On who the starting RG will be week one of the regular season: "I'm not going to get into anybody starting this week or any of that stuff. It's too far away. But, yeah, he's been our starter here."

On the running backs: "Oh, the running backs are fine. We had some problems last week in scat. Looking at it, I was disappointed on several plays, day one-type situations, and there were some other ones that we've got to get cleaned up real quick. Those were very basic things that we didn't do very well. Now there were some great highlights in that game. There were several plays, but we were so inconsistent that we just – first drive and last drive – and then I think we had a 71-yard drive and then ended up with a field goal and that was about it. Well we expect better. We expect more points, we expect to move the ball a little better than that."

On a specific play in Friday's game when RB Mike Bell ran a route out in the flat: "I'm not going to get into any specific play, but we do scat the backs a lot. Everybody's involved now and sometimes from afar you think it might be this or it might be that. It's hard to tell from afar because we could be in scat, we could be in a certain – in the end, everybody's responsible; everybody's responsible. It starts up front, tight ends, backs are involved in it, the quarterback certainly is a big factor beating the blitz and the receivers certainly come into play with end backs with hot and quick throws."

On how much is relied on the center when blocks are missed during a blitz: "Well, again, I'm not going to get into exactly how we do it, but we do an awful lot of things up front and it happens fast and it happens quick. We love people to blitz us. We want to be the best in the league against the blitz. We want to have a certain mentality with people blitzing us."

On how long it took for him to get comfortable with the offensive line last year: "Well, I can't put a time factor on that. However, I will say everything we do is important and every play in practice that we do on the field is important; certainly the classroom work. You just can't get away, there is no substitute for that. Hard work and preparation, there is no substitute for it. We have to get it in and that offensive line is – I've never seen an offense that was any good at all who wasn't really good up front and by that I mean playing together as a unit and being very consistent. That offensive line is important to every football team, certainly ours."

On taking into account WR DeSean Jackson's size in the playcalling: "This is a tough, physical game. It's a collision game and he's pretty good at avoiding those big hits. He's a tough guy now, a real tough guy and so he's trying to get a couple extra there and you saw him lead and took a big hit. It's going to happen on occasion. It's part of the game."

On whether he or head coach Andy Reid have considered playing some of the starters in the final preseason game: "No, well, you might want to ask Andy that. As far as I understand, no."

On whether QB Kevin Kolb said all the right things on the sideline Friday after a bad throw or bad play: "Yeah, (I have) great confidence in Kevin Kolb. Look, he missed a few things and he's done those things before just perfectly. I have to go back and evaluate myself. I think he was thinking a little too much. He knows some of those plays inside and out, and then all of a sudden, he missed a couple. That's my responsibility, as well, and we did that that week. That cut back to day one and got a quick review on these type of things."

On whether those mistakes were on the decision-making: "Our mistakes were well-accounted at every position. I'm not going to get into details now. We've got great confidence in Kevin Kolb, no question about it. Some of those things he missed, he's done in the past, he's done beautifully. I don't have any hesitation on that."

On whether he would like to see more consistency in RB LeSean McCoy: "He hadn't played all that much as far as amount of plays. Really, none of the ones have up until last week. Yeah, I'd like him to be a highly consistent, tough, physical back that gets the extra yards and I know he's gotten better at that."

On how often he will use two-TE sets during the season: "I'm not going to get into percentages. It's not as much as some and it's a little bit more than some others, but I'm not going to get into percentages."

On the formation he would go with if he wasn't happy with what he saw out of two tight ends: "Well, we can do a lot of different things. We can do a lot. We use all different personnel groups, almost as many as possible as there is."

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