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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "In the last game we did some outstanding things, 26 first downs, a bunch of yards, we executed just beautifully on many occasions. And then, we made an awful lot of mistakes and those mistakes were widespread and most of them were details. We're right in the middle of cleaning those mistakes up. We've got a lot of new players; we've got a lot of young players. So, that's part of teaching, correcting and go back and teach and correct it again. And so that's what we're in the middle of."

On when he found out the team was signing QB Michael Vick and how felt about it: "Well it's been a while. What's today, Sunday? Maybe a week or so, maybe a little longer. I was all for it."

On the best thing Vick can learn from QB Donovan McNabb as a quarterback: "I think Donovan McNabb has really played the quarterback position at an extremely high level for several years here. And he's got great experience and he does it a certain way. I think all that will be beneficial to Mike. Certainly this system, it does relate just a little bit to the system that he used, I think that's important for him. And in general I think the way we do things will be important for him. I think it's a good place and I think he thinks it's a good place for him."

On how he is approaching working with Vick to make him the player he once was:"We're going to take the thing in steps. He hasn't played football for two years and so it's going to be a process. We're going to work with him after virtually every practice on one thing, maybe two. And we've got to get him back to football-shape. I think he's in pretty good shape but back to football movements. I think he's been throwing a little bit; he looked good throwing the ball yesterday so I think we'll be fine there. The learning process will be step by step at the quarterback spot, one, maybe two things a day after practice and then he will be in an intensive learning situation right now and all the way through."

On whether there is a balance between incorporating Vick into the offense as a QB and in other ways: "That quarterback position is real important for him and for us so that's the first thing. And then the other thing as it presents itself, obviously we're going to do some other things with him as those things arise, we've got some time. So, when things come up we'll start to work on that."

On how long he thinks it will take to get all the new players together in the offense and how dangerous he thinks that will be:"I think we've got a chance to be pretty good if we stay healthy. My philosophy, and it holds true across the game of football, it starts up front. So we've got to be strong up front to give our skill guys, and I think we're really good with the skill, an opportunity to show their skill and make plays."

On why they started working with Vick at QB rather than another position since the Eagles already have a quality starting QB:"That quarterback position is so important and it's important to us, that's first. And then second, it's important to him. He wants to be a quarterback at some point and you start with that. I think that's simple. And then you get the other things looking good. And within that he needs to get himself, and I think he'll do it pretty quick, it appears—first impression—that he'll get himself into the football shape pretty quickly."

On Vick recognizing the offense in practice yesterday: "First impression, he looks like he's really sharp. He knew a player was out of position and he moved him or he was in the middle of moving him. But yeah, that's a good thing. He's pretty bright that way."

On whether he is concerned about the offensive line being in flux: "I know that we'll be good up there. The good thing is that the younger guys, the backup guys, are getting an awful lot of reps. I suppose the one concern, you always have it in training camp when there's a man or two down up front, is that it's so important that those five men, and with the tight end, six play well and play at high level together, as a unit. And so that would be my big concern there."

On when he'll start putting in Wildcat plays with Vick: "When he gets himself into football shape and the lateral movements, and we'll be working out every day with him and when he's available to do some of these things, then we'll do it. I would expect it to be fairly quick."

On whether Vick is looking at Wildcat film: "He hasn't been watching film yet of that, but we'll get to that. He has time and he's got some time to get himself into football condition."

On whether Vick will be under center during preseason or in the Wildcat position: "We'll take that day to day. What you see first, it doesn't matter. But, as far as the training part, it's important, it's important to me, and I think it's important to us as an organization, it's important to him."

On whether he is a natural for the Wildcat offense: "I think he's a natural player. He's a dynamic player. He's got great instincts. And all this is, is evaluating him in my past, at practice he threw the ball deep well. I think he is just a natural football player, so some of these things will come very quickly to him."

On whether he has spoken with Jim Mora or Greg Knapp: "I'm friends with both of those two and we've talked about Michael Vick on many occasions in the past. I know what all those guys who have coached him thought of him."

On how dangerous a player Vick can be once he's in football shape: "We all know that. He's one of the most dynamic players in the league. Now, it's been two years so it's going to be important how we do things here, especially earlier."

On why Vick has never been a particularly accurate QB: "It's never one thing I don't believe, it's a whole host of things. At times haven't had good defense and a strong running game, in many cases their philosophy in many of those games was to run it and let him handle it. I really think he can develop himself into a very accurate quarterback from the few passes that we've practiced."

On why he believes that: "With accuracy I think there are some players that can dramatically increase themselves and we're talking accuracy-wise, and I think he's one of those. And then, some guys can't, some guys we'll jump a little bit and then let off. (He can become more accurate) because he's a natural player and he throws the ball well."

On whether accuracy starts with natural ability: "That's right. That's a big part of it. The second part is just running reps and time and time again, most guys will become more accurate, some guys will become dangerously accurate. The other thing is schematically, for percentage, you talk about the accuracy. Some guys throw for high accuracy and they're really not particularly accurate for their schematics."

On whether he has spent a lot of time looking at film of Vick:"I've studied him in the past. He was one of the great players. I know Michael Vick prettywell and I just met him in person for the first time, but I know his abilities. Let's get back to the game. (RB Eldra) Buckley played very well. In fact, all of our running backs played very well, (RB) LeSean (McCoy) played real well. The both of them made some mistakes but they played at a high level and we've got to correct some things there. (TE) Brent Celek played well. I thought our center Jamaal (Jackson) played well and then (QB) A.J. (Feeley) played well, led us down there for a possible win there. So, getting back to the game, I think we did some great things and we've got to get some things corrected and we've got to get them corrected now."

On whether the uncertainties of the defense affect the offense: "On offense we have the mentality. We're going to work hard on the field, we're going to prepare like we're the most prepared team in the league offensively. And then you mix that with the talent and that's the way we approach it, anything else we don't concern ourselves with, our defense played real well."

On T Jason Peters: "Well he came out of the game; he nicked that quad thing up again. He had several really good plays where you could see his great athletic abilities. Our offensive line played well together as a unit. We've got to be right on it, so he's got a couple of corrections to make but he's certainly showed his great athleticism."

On whether he thinks Peters is close to being able to stay in for an entire game: "You'll have to ask (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder( about that. Hopefully he'll be able to stay in there."

On the sack that happened during the game: "We were off the ball. We use a lot of snap counts, that's one of things I was talking about playing well together. That snap count, we've got to be able to use that as a weapon and if you're not using it as a weapon, then it becomes a deterrent for yourself and that's what happened."

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