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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "The Dallas Cowboys are a great challenge. This defense is filled with high draft picks, Pro Bowl type players. There are no holes in this defense, they are one of the very best defenses in this league, one of the better teams in this league certainly. We have a great challenge, but also a great opportunity."

On Cowboys CB Adam Jones: "He's a super cover man. He's a very good player. They've had a player (CB Terrence Newman) who has been injured but is coming back. We'll see where he plays. He's a very good cover man."

On how the Cowboys offseason moves have changed their defense: "They're very similar. However, you get a little bit of a feeling that they're a little bit more aggressive in some of the things they do. That's throughout the preseason and just one regular season game."

On whether RB Lorenzo Booker's lack of playing time in the first game had something to do with the way the game played out: "That's a little bit of it, but it's an individual specific gameplan as well. There were a couple of things that we thought would give us an advantage and some other things that wouldn't give us an advantage. So, we gameplan individually specific for that next team and their players and the matchups and the scheme."

On whether Cowboys S Roy Williams is a liability in pass coverage: "I don't agree with that. They are playing him just a little bit differently. However, I think the thing is that with some of those comments that have been made by other people. I think he's a fantastic player against the run. That overshadows his coverage. He's a pretty good safety. He's better at some things in coverage than others, but he's really a good player for them. He's made big plays throughout his career. He continues to do that. He's a fine player. He's very good against the run, I think."

On QB Donovan McNabb's comments that he has come to trust his receivers more as his career has gone on: "Well, you don't like to throw into coverage. (When he threw to WR DeSean Jackson on the second play of the game against the Rams), that was a one-on-one situation. Back when (McNabb) was a young man - he's still very young, but back when he was a little younger, he took advantage of his great athleticism and his great unique skill and ability. He does do that now. I do think, and I've said this a couple of times, last year's situation where he was healthy enough to play but didn't have quite the movement ability, I think paid off for him a little bit. He's playing that quarterback position pretty well right now."

On whether it drives a coach crazy when a quarterback throws the ball up for grabs: "No, when you get a one-on-one situation, you want to stay away from crazy plays. Donovan had an excellent game. You guys know now that I'm biased towards Donovan. I think he's one of the great players in the game and a great quarterback. He had a fine game. There were a couple things, but other than that he had a terrific game."

On whether DeSean Jackson has the whole playbook digested: "He has it all. He's a pretty sharp guy. He has put the hard work and preparation in starting on day one. He's been through the minicamps and been through training camp. He's done about as well as I've seen any rookie do that, the mental part of it. He's pretty good that way."

On how encouraging it was to see Jackson come out and play well in the first game: "Well, I expected it. In practices and games, he's in his element."

On whether he expects teams to gameplan against Jackson: "I would expect that, yes. We have some other people, so how much they'll do for him we will see. We have some other people who are pretty explosive."

On whether he expects to have WR Reggie Brown for the game: "He's day-to-day. He did participate in the walkthrough, He's day-to-day. We'll see. He has a little bit better of a chance this week, but we'll see on that."

On gameplanning against other teams: "It's many things in combination. It's matchups, personnel matchups. It's who we have available and who they have available."

On what he takes away from Cleveland's approach against Dallas last week: "They did do a reasonably good job there. You have to do that against these guys. You have two of the very best pass rushers. They kind of set their defense, the two outside linebackers, (Greg) Ellis and (DeMarcus) Ware. Both of them are very good players and good pass rushers. They are nickel ends as well. You do have to protect against these guys. Cleveland did a pretty good job. Cleveland had some chances. They had some chances down the field. It was just one of those games for them. They are pretty good on offense, or at least they have been. It looked like on film that they were pretty good, but just off a little bit. Dallas was part of that, them being off."

On playing in his last game at Texas Stadium: "I hadn't even thought about it, but it looks like that will be the last trip to that stadium, I hadn't even thought about that. We've been so busy trying to score points against their defense. Their defense is good. That will probably kick in after the game. I don't think about that too much going in."

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