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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "We're right in the middle of a tough, physical, grueling camp. The players are getting their hard work and preparation done. I'm very pleased in many aspects. There are several things we need to get better at immediately and we expect to do that and get better every day and then we'll be in good shape."

Oh whether there is anything specifically where the offense needs to get better: "There's so many of them right now- the consistency level. To be a great football team and a great individual player you need to play at a high level on a consistent basis and that's what we're striving for at this point."

On whether the young guys are a little bit ahead or a little bit behind at this point in training camp: "Everybody progresses at a different rate. There are many that are doing much better than average. There are some that are still working through some of the terminology in the new system. However, that doesn't mean they're not going to be great players. Great players come and progress in many different speeds."

On whether it affects QB Kevin Kolb that the number one and number two receivers are hurt: "I wouldn't go that deep on that thing quite yet. Kevin's concerned about playing at a high level on a consistent basis himself. There will come a time where great many reps between the starting unit will be important. But I don't think it's hurting us quite yet."

On the status of WR Jeremy Maclin: "Day-to-day, bone bruise."

On his plans for incorporating QB Michael Vick in the offense: "As you know, every game plan is its own entity and so that will depend on who we're playing. But I would expect Mike to be a little bit bigger factor with our football team this year. As you know last year he came in, he hadn't played for a couple years, man and we got him late, before practice, after practice, trying to get that athleticism back up. While he's put all the hard work in, you can see him out here, he shows that great athleticism. I should say he may very well be a little bit bigger factor early in the year, than he was last year. As you remember, I thought he was really close to being back, close to 100% and then he got that quad (injury) if you remember sort of about two-thirds, three-quarters of the way through the year and that hampered him a little bit. So, as long as he's healthy I would think that he'd be a little bit bigger factor."

On RB Charles Scott: "He's big, physical, tough, real smart. He's one of those that you asked. He's way ahead of the curve, mentally. So, he's really got a chance to be a good football player in this league."

On Scott getting some reps at fullback: "That's right. He has some of the halfback skills and then he's got a fullback type of build. I mean, this is a big man and he's a tough, physical guy. So, if he can play both and he can play both, I think, and we'll see as we go, at a high level."

On Scott catching the ball out of the backfield because he didn't do it a lot in college: "That goes for most backs coming out of college. They just aren't as involved in the pass game and you understand why because all these spread offenses in college now and so the backs' back there and he runs the football and picks up a protection and has a few little check-downs. Well, we use them so many more different ways. So, a lot of the backs coming out need that pass game work. He's right there. He'll be fine with that."

On WRs Riley Cooper and Kelley Washington in the red zone: "We have some big guys, don't we. We're big and I think pretty deep it looks like right now. Now, we have a couple in the tub, but we're pretty deep there. So, there's great competition there, and I think we were talking the other day we have a couple sort of in each mold. So, there will be some great competition there."

On the tight end situation after TE Brent Celek: "We have three men who are battling big and two of them are quite inexperienced. They're different styles, little bit different styles and so, there's great competition there. (TE) Clay (Harbor) will hit you, now. (TE) Cornelious (Ingram) has great athleticism and then the man from Missouri, (TE Martin Rucker) he's sort of a little bulk, you know."

On whether he will keep two or three tight ends: "Guys are right in the middle of earning a spot on this football team, so we'll see. We've kept two, we've kept three in the past and special teams comes into play in some cases there."

On how Vick has progressed from year one to year two with the Eagles: "He has worked diligently on the quarterback position. Back in the day, a couple years back he was one of the great players in the game. Now, he's trying to be one of the great quarterbacks, playing that quarterback position at a high level and so he's working diligently with that. He's improved dramatically in some aspects. He knows there are a couple little things he needs to work on. I'm excited to see him playing that quarterback position in the preseason games coming up here pretty quick."

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