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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

On what he saw on the play QB Kevin Kolb got injured: "I have to see the film. We'll see."

On whether he was able to talk to Kolb at all after the play: "I didn't talk to him."

On how he's felt about what the offense has accomplished this camp: "This camp is coming to an end, but when we get back to our facility we are still in training camp mode. We have a long way left. We have a lot of learning, a lot of hitting left. We need it. We're not quite there yet on offense in many aspects, and we have a lot of hard work and preparation left ahead of us."

On how much the injuries to the offensive line have affected the offense in not being where he wants it to be: "That's not it at all. The players that we have in there at all positions, we just have to execute a little bit better. We're coming off a practice right here where we just didn't execute as well as we need to. I'm leaning toward the negative way right there but we have to execute just a little bit better. We had more balls on the ground today than really all camp. It appeared, again I have to watch the film today, but it appeared that we were off sync just a little bit. I'm only exaggerating a little bit; we struggled to complete a pass. There were balls on the ground, we weren't blocking anyone. So it was one of those practices where we need to come back at a real high level tomorrow."

On whether this is something that he's going to talk to the guys about: "They know it, yeah. I'll certainly mention that."

On whether it surprises him that they had this kind of practice today since it wasn't a full live practice:"You normally have a couple (practices like that) each training camp that you have to battle through, so that's where we're at. Most of the guys are right at that point. Most of our installation is in as far as training camp. We've got an awful lot in, so mentally, they're having to really prepare hard. We've gotten more in than we would ever have in a gameplan. We've probably got two gameplans worth in, maybe a little bit more than that."

On whether he has a sense of how long it will take G/T Shawn Andrews to get back into the flow: "We'll see. We just don't know yet when he's going to get back, so you don't know how much time is left. When he gets back he's going to have some work to do."

On whether there is anything that QB Donovan McNabb has tried to add to his repertoire, or whether he's been polishing what he's always done: "He tries to get better every day. We strive for perfection. We chase at perfection. He's got it in him to where he wants to learn every day. He wants to get better every day. I've seen at times where a player may have a problem, a great player, who may think they've got it and they know it all and they've seen it all. This game changes year to year, game to game, and really, day to day. You see new things virtually every week and that's the way things change on you. So if you have that mentally where 'I want to continue to get better every day and I want to continue to learn,' then you'll end up playing at a high level pretty consistently."

On how McNabb has been overall: "He's been terrific. He's played here at a high level. There are a few small details that he wanted to get better at going into this camp and he's accomplished that."

On how much of a problem it is to have lost TE Cornelius Ingram: "We've got another man in at the tight end spot. First of all, going back to Ingram, I feel bad for the player. He's got another major injury to rehab, and he will do that and we'll get him back in a year. I feel bad for him because he really put a lot of hard work and effort into what he was doing. We've got another man in (TE Rob Myers) and the first impressions were very good on him. He looks like he's athletic, natural hands, can run, and so we'll continue to get him ready. Then, we'll be fine at the tight end spot. Cornelius was a rookie, and so we'll get other guys ready to go. The thing that makes you feel pretty comfortable is (TE) Brent Celek in there at that tight end spot. He's very good on both the run and the pass, and he's a dependable player every play."

On how much McNabb has had to adjust to new players this year: "Things change every year, and you're going to have changes every year. We had a few more changes, I would think, than average this year on offense. That is a big part of this training camp. As far as scheme and lining up and progression and reads and all the movement things, all those put the comfort with the player and just that natural ability to anticipate what the player next to you and all the players on the field will be doing is important. That was a big part of this camp."

On what he wants to accomplish against the Patriots this Thursday night: "There are a whole host of things that we want to accomplish. The first team, executing at a high level. The other thing is the players that are in competition, and we have competition really across the board, it will be an important night for them, both on offense and defense as well as on special teams. It's an important night. Everything we do is important in the preseason games because it's game action. It's just a little bit more critical for these men."

On how much work he wants to give the ones Thursday night: "We'll talk about that, I believe (head) Coach (Andy) Reid does that. When does he do that? Pretty quick. It's close to ironing that thing out and he'll address that pretty quick in the next day or two."

On whether he will have RB Brian Westbrook back once the team gets back to Philadelphia: "From everything I've heard he's doing very well, so we'll see from that point. He's doing well though."

On whether he's watched Westbrook at all: "Yeah. I've peeked on him, and I've talked to him. He's doing well."

On whether he can expand on the kind of camp Celek is having: "I go back to past history and he's so dependable game time. He's going to do the right thing most of the time. His hands are dependable. He's very good in the pass and the run, so there's a little comfort there with him at that spot."

On how much ground WR Jeremy Maclin has managed to make up in the last week or so: "There's no making up, really. I mean, he missed a host of practices and reps, you just can't get those repetitions back. (Wide receivers coach) David (Culley) is spending extra time with him after virtually every practice and we're taking one thing a day. With my past experiences, that's a pretty good way to do it. We're going to get him ready."

On whether coming into the summer he thought Maclin would be involved in a certain number of packages, and whether that's still possible: "I really don't do that because every player is different. Every player progresses at a different rate, so you've got some thoughts and I try to make them realistic there. I would think that those are still realistic at this point. Now, things change quickly some times."

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