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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

On the offense going into this year: "We're healthy and certainly it looks like we have some skill and ability. That's the main thing."

On how much he changes the offense on a year to year basis: "We adjust. For every team at the beginning of the season, it's certainly year to year, and week to week and day to day, so we adjust on a consistent basis."

On what some of those adjustments are: "Well it depends on the particular game, it depends on our personnel. In many cases, our personnel will dictate many of the things that we do and then certainly in a game plan trying to attack their weaknesses and play to our strengths comes into play."

On what he has seen from QB Donovan McNabb so far this training camp: "He's healthy. We've got a great quarterback situation here, so that's certainly one of the many things that I'm excited about."

On whether he expects RB Brian Westbrook here: "Yeah."

On what difference he sees in QB Kevin Kolb from this time last year: "He has a great understanding of the offense. He's put a lot of hard work and much time in, so he's very comfortable with our system. Now, there are still many things that he has not seen, and that's why I'm excited to see him in the preseason."

On the addition of offensive assistant Mark Whipple to the staff: "Mark's an excellent coach, and he's done a nice job everywhere he's been. And he's available and he'll certainly add to our staff. I would expect him to be a good part of this group here."

On whether he has put in anything new for the red zone offense: "Well, we don't hope and wish. We weren't very good in the red zone. We were very good in many other factors of the game, but that red zone was not good. That starts with me. We always change. If something's wrong we're going to fix it, and we did that throughout the season and thought we had it clicking there about midseason and then we reverted back. And so yes, we've done many things there to improve our red zone production."

On what he thought was wrong with the offense when he reviewed the tapes: "That starts with me first. Then we know exactly the things that we didn't get done and so we jump on that right away. As you know, we've already done red zone with the rookies and we have a certain philosophical approach to the red zone and we broke down in some of those cases."

On the Brett Favre situation: "I'm staying away from that. We've got a great quarterback situation here. Brett's a great, great player. He's a first ballot Hall Of Famer, so that's about all I'm saying. (Jokingly) He's kind of riled things up hasn't he?"

On whether he's encouraged about the upcoming season, knowing that the main weakness last year was the red zone offense and they can focus on that one aspect: "Total offense is usually correlated with points scored and there was a pretty good gap and the red zone part was one of those reasons so we're certainly going to work hard on that."

On whether he's going to run the ball more this year: "No not necessarily. We were 60-40 last year, in fact I thought there were several times that we had to overuse Brian just a little bit. Brian's a big weapon, but too much is just about not enough. So we'll try and do the right thing there with Brian."

On what RB Brian Westbrook means to this offense's success: "Brian is a heck of a player. I still think he's underrated even though he made the Pro Bowl and those types of things. I think he's vastly underrated. I think he's a great player for us, and I think he's even more valuable for us. He does many things and he does them all very well, he does them all at a high level. He's a dynamite player."

On whether both the team and Brian can end up happy this year: "It's not about happy, it's about winning games. I don't care who's happy or not and our players know that. Our players don't care. Brian knows. Brian understands. Brian knows that we'll do whatever it takes to win that next ball game, so that's the way we approach things."

On the fact that Brian has never let the off field issues affect his on field performance: "Brian's a professional football player and he goes about his business a certain way, and he's an excellent team leader. I'd be surprised if that were to ever change."

On whether he's ever been to a NFL camp without a distraction: "No, there's always distractions. Some adversity is pretty good because you're going to have adversity through the season and you have to overcome those things. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of adversity."

On whether it would affect Brian adversely if he were to hold out: "I don't think that will happen, but we'll deal with that, the hypothetical, we'll take it as it comes. I would expect him to be here."

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