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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "Last ball game the Dallas defense played very well and we didn't. It's as simple as that. There are many aspects that we have to get better at here this week and we're right in the middle of it to have a chance to put some points on the board. Putting the points on the board is my responsibility and I take that very seriously and the players do as well. We're going to put the hard work in on the field, we're going to get our preparation done well and we'll see what happens Saturday night."

On how important it is to start off strong early in the game considering the loss last week: "Every game is different. You always would like to do something positive early. I think that is important, but every game plays out just a little bit differently. You have to go through some of those swings and they happen virtually every game; the ups and downs. You have to get through those and play at a high level and do the right thing and play smart and I think we'll be fine."

On what makes Dallas better at this point compared to earlier on in the season: "They have one of the very best fronts in this league. I said this last week, I'm not sure if I've seen them all quite yet or studied them in depth, but I suspect this may very well be the very best front. They have some excellent cover guys; great ability at the corner spot. They have some linebackers that have great instincts and they are fast and so they fly around. They are pretty good against the run as well in that 3-4 structure that basically reduces the weakside most of the time. So, they are very good against the run, they give some yards very grudgingly, they can rush the passer and they cover. That's a pretty good combination for a defensive football team."

On what Dallas does to prevent big plays on offense: "They have enough schematically as well to put a little heat on you with some blitzes and some changes on coverage as well. That doesn't prevent the big plays. We've had some opportunities in the past ball games, but we just haven't connected. They'll get just a little bit more pressure than other teams would; man in the quarterback's face or they bump him at the line just a little bit better than other teams. They do some things just a little bit better than some other defenses and they've had great success."

On the team's confidence going into Saturday's game after the loss last week: "Our players don't lack any confidence. We'll have a good plan, the guys will be confident in what they do; trying to get them healthy and fresh. We'll see what happens."

On whether Dallas' problems in the playoffs this past decade gives the Eagles an edge: "The past has very little to do with the future. This will be two good football teams going at it and battling. The past history will mean nothing once the game starts I would suspect."

On whether he prepares differently for Saturday's game considering that they have faced Dallas multiple times this season: "Yeah, a little bit different, a little bit different. However, having played multiple times against a team and then two or three weeks later you play again, it's similar that way. It's a little different that way, but you still prepare with the same schedule and the same way and the same manner."

On why the team did not run the ball as much last week: "I should have ran the ball just a little bit more. Even down by 14 or 17 or, I guess, probably a little bit more. The first game, I went through that again this week, I stayed with it; a little bit more conservative. We ran the ball okay. We got some yards and moved the chains just a little bit. I thought we had some things in the pass game that we could put some heat on them and we just didn't get that done."

On where the running game is right now: "This team is a very good tackling team, the Cowboys, and we've played some pretty good tackling teams before. Normally, you have to make a guy miss, run over him and do a great job blocking down the field."

On trying to work all three running backs into the offense: "We had a plan last week and we tried to get back into the game, so we didn't really get to that plan for the three backs that we have that carry the football. I think it's a positive having (RB) Brian (Westbrook) back. I think Brian is a prime-time player, one of the elite players, when he is healthy, in this league still. I think that's a real positive for us."

On whether RB LeSean McCoy needs to get into a rhythm to be productive: "I think all backs like to get into a rhythm. If you are playing three backs, if you're doing a good job in the run game then it's quite possible to get into a rhythm. Otherwise, it will be a little more situational."

On what the Cowboys have done to limit WR DeSean Jackson: "They have two excellent cover corners and then, I kind of alluded to this earlier, they have an excellent pass rush. I thought we had some opportunities last game. One early, then we got another one early to get down there, and then we fumbled the dog-gone thing. We'll see what happens Saturday. They do a heck of a job on defense, so I think we have to match that."

On whether the best way to attack a fast defense is to run right at them to try and take their speed out of the equation: "Yeah, yeah as long as it's not 17-0."

On whether he feels like there were opportunities for Jackson: "They did a heck of a job. They've done a heck of a job, so we'll see what happens."

On whether he would like to see more sustained drives: "Yeah, that's right. That's a good point. I thought we did a pretty good job of that, especially towards the end of the season. I thought we were gaining just a little bit more consistency. We just had absolutely none last game. That will be important for us."

On McNabb's comments about the team showing its youth on Sunday: "This is a playoff season, they're not young anymore, they're no longer rookies. Let's go. That's probably a real small thing. I haven't seen or heard that."

On McNabb's performance last week: "I think he did some excellent things. I think there were several throws that he would like to have back. I think there was a couple other times with his footwork he could have done just a little bit better. I expect him to play well Saturday night as well. With a new center, a new right guard, a silent count; I think we'll be better at that. We kind of pride ourselves at being one of the best in the league with going on the road in a loud stadium. I think (C) Nick (Cole) did a fine job there, he really did; did a fine job. Now I think we'll be even a little bit better. I think that will calm some of the other things down as well."

On the attitude he wants the team to have going into Saturday's game: "I think our offensive football team doesn't lack in any confidence area at all. I think that's a good thing. We pride ourselves every year and certainly this year on our hard work on the field and our preparation in the film room and in the meetings. I think if you put those things together, the high level of confidence, the hard work on the field and then the preparation, I think that gives you just a great amount of confidence heading into any ball game and we'll take this game just like we have in the past."

On G Max Jean-Gilles' performance last week: "Max did fine, he did well. I would expect all of those guys to kick it up just a notch for this game. They have a game of experience with two new guys there out of the five. They have one game experience, so I would expect us to be a little bit better as a unit this ball game."

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