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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "Last ball game I'm proud of the guys. We went through some personnel adjustments and we did a nice job, there. We did some things very, very well. We did some things that we have to get corrected, but the fellas did pretty well. (T) Winston (Justice) played pretty good. Our center, (C) Mike McGlynn, quite possibly that was his best game to date. And (RB) LeSean (McCoy) did a heck of a job gutting through that thing, played well there. Alright, and then this next game, Atlanta (has a) very, very good defense. They're third in the league giving up points. They move a bunch. They're well coached (and have) a very good scheme and excellent players. They're a touch undersized, disruptive, move, give yards up grudgingly, and of course I mentioned the points. They just don't give up many points at all. And so, we have a great opportunity but it's also a great challenge."

On whether newly acquired RB Jerome Harrison will be able to fit into the offense right away: "We'll see. We'll see. That's about all (I can say right now). I haven't even met him. So, we'll see."

On whether he has confidence in RBs Eldra Buckley and Joique Bell: "Oh yeah, great confidence; (we have) great confidence in both of those. They both have worked hard and we know Eldra just a little bit. In fact he's played in games for us and done a nice job. And so, we'll see how that works out here as we go this week."

On whether Buckley is currently the number two running back: "Well, we'll see. We'll see. Right now he's taking those reps. Now things could change here, as well. But we have great confidence in Eldra."

On whether there will be a transition for Harrison coming to a different system: "Well, it depends. We'll see how much experience he's had in (the West Coast Offense), the terminology and these types of things. You can be in some other system and catch on pretty quick because the terminology was pretty close. And then, you could typically give him a host of things, and then the next week a little bit more, the next week a little bit more, and then within a certain amount of time – everybody's different – but in a certain amount of time then they've got the whole package. But you do it step by step."

On whether he has watched Harrison on film: "Oh yeah. He's had a couple great games. He's probably shorter than people think, but bigger. He's 205 pounds. And then he certainly has some excellent strengths both (in the) running and in the pass games."

On whether it has been difficult to get WR DeSean Jackson more involved in the offense because of the defensive coverages:"Well, a couple teams have really done everything in their power. He's getting the (Hall of Fame WR) Jerry Rice treatment right now - back in Jerry Rice's prime. So, he has to deal with those types of things. And (WR) Jeremy's (Maclin) played very well, and (TE) Brent (Celek), and then our backs have been able to get the ball quite a bit because of that; a little bit more, even, because of that. And so, we have to do some damage there and get some of those double (coverages) and roll coverages off of him just a little bit, and then move him around. It's my responsibility to get him the ball and I take that seriously. And so, we'll see what happens here."

On whether the offense needs Maclin to step up because Jackson is getting so much attention: "Well he has. I think Jeremy Maclin is a heck of a receiver and he made a couple plays, one in particular last week that was outstanding and he played very well last week as well."

On whether he is concerned with the left tackle position this week going against Falcons DE John Abraham: "Well Abraham can show up both strong or weak, and right and left. And so, they'll move him around a little bit; not as much as some, but more than just a stagnant right or left player. He's a heck of a player. They have some excellent pass rushers. I think comparing them from last year they're very good inside. They have the man from (the University of) Montana there, (DE Kroy) Biermann, as well, number 71. He's a heck of a player. So their defense is very, very good and it starts up front with them. Our left tackle played well with the exception of a couple, two or three plays there, which he'll get corrected. So, we have great confidence in (T) King (Dunlap) there."

On whether there are any unique challenges for Dunlap because of his height: "Well, there are several things. Big guys, they have great advantages as well, and then they have to work on some other things because of their great size and the matchups. And what type of player they're playing against will dictate some of that. As you know, (offensive line coach) Juan Castillo is very, very good there and he'll have him ready to go."

On whether there is anything he can do to help Dunlap out with his inexperience on the line such as moving the pocket and quick passes: "That's right. Those are two ways you can do it. There are many other ways, too. We'll try to get that done without going into too much detail here."

On QB Michael Vick's status and the possibility of him playing on Sunday: "This week it's day to day. Man, he did this last week, as well. He's doing everything he can physically and mentally just like he's going to play in this ballgame. And if he makes it then he's well prepared. And if he doesn't make it then it helps him in the long run anyways. So, everything he can do physically and mentally and he has just spent hours and hours and hours with (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and the training staff there. He's going to do a couple of things today, we'll see."

On whether he has ever had a quarterback start on Sunday who didn't practice during the week: "Oh yeah, many times. The great (Vikings quarterback) Brett Favre, I didn't think he would play at all and he taped it up and threw five touchdowns."

On whether it takes a certain type of quarterback to be able to do that: "Well you have to experience situations and really it's for all positions. Some guys can do it a little bit, more seamless than others and typically the experienced guys – with some exceptions – the experienced guys tend to handle that a little bit better. Some guys naturally handle it a little bit better; preparation is key when you're not practicing and it's a little more highlighted at the quarterback spot. But once you get some experience going it becomes a little bit more manageable for a quarterback."

On whether there is a reason for saving the Wildcat plays for third-and-short situations and when Vick and Kolb are out there: "Well, I suppose it depends on what you consider Wildcat. But we've done some things in normal situations that may not, from afar, look like it, but it is and we've been pretty effective. But with both (Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb) on the field we haven't had that capability very much. First game, (Kolb) goes down, then all of a sudden Mike goes down, so we haven't had the capability to do that."

On whether he is preparing for Kolb to be the quarterback on Sunday: "Well, Mike's day to day, so we'll put the plan together. Certainly it's directed towards Kevin, but all those other plays that Kevin and Mike can do are still in (the gameplan)."

On whether it is an all-or-nothing scenario for Vick this week: "We're not even going there yet. Mike's day to day and he's doing everything in his power to get ready. And then we'll see what happens here later in the week. It's very early in the week still for a Sunday game."

On whether he saw other teams gameplanning for DeSean Jackson at this stage in the season: "Oh yeah. I mean, I would if I was playing him, absolutely. Now it's been pretty strong. They've gone out of their way; I mean many plays were like a gunner on a punt getting doubled off the line. So they're doing everything in their power in many cases to do that. Now, some teams will and some teams won't. Some teams will just roll and some teams will work with what they have within their system to do that."

On whether there is the possibility for Vick to suit up as the second or third string quarterback on Sunday: "We'll see. I'm just not going to go there right now. It's too early in the week. He's doing everything in his power to get himself ready and we'll make that decision later."

On whether there is a good third-down conversion percentage at the end of the year: "Well you like to be high on third and 1. A league leader is in the 70's and mid-70's (on third-and-short). We had one year where we were the very worst on third-and-one and the very best on third-and-two. So, it's a little cyclic because you just don't have many of them throughout the whole particular year."

On whether he envisioned RB Mike Bell having a bigger role when he was acquired in the offseason: "Well, what did he have four carries last week, I believe? That was about, going in, about right as long as LeSean stayed relatively healthly. But I was hoping to get him going just a little bit. And I really did think that it would occur at some point and it just didn't. I was hoping to get him going just a little bit better and he was hoping, the whole team was hoping. I'm certain that it would have happened. He would have got going just a little bit if he would have stayed here."

On whether Bell being traded had anything to do with his particular skill-sets: "No, not particularly. I like the way he plays. He's a tough, physical runner. He's a good player. He's really a good player."

On whether there is a difference in play calling between third-and-one and third-and-two: "Oh sure. Well you have one yard or you have two. It's like third-and-four or third and 5."

On whether he has more options when it is third-and-two: "It's an individual gameplan. Look, the guys did a nice job, the snap was just a little off. We had a possibility of a big play. That's why I say it's cyclic. You sort of have to look at it in a little bit bigger picture than in one or two specific games."

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