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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "Big challenge coming up. The Indianapolis Colts have got some uncommon, gifted athletes that they use as their pass rushers, so we've got to get that done. It's going to be a great challenge. We've got several players back, which is a good thing, and they're working hard."

On what is uncommon about the Colts' pass rushers: "Uncommon ability. Speed. They have dynamic ability when using that speed. They also have some great strength and they'll set you up on some speed rushes, and then go speed to power real quick. So, a great challenge for us."

On Colts DE Robert Mathis causing fumbles when he gets a sack and whether he uses a certain technique which causes more fumbles:"Yeah, that's right. He's number one in this league for the past eight years on sack fumbles, forced fumbles. He's got quite a technique. Now, (Mathis and Colts DE Dwight Freeney) are both one and two in the past eight years on sack fumbles. Like I said, it's a great challenge."

On whether they cause more fumbles because of a technique they have been coached:"Oh yeah, and it's part of their skill and ability. They're speed rushers and many times if they get there, they get it done. Otherwise, they keep motoring, the quarterback holds it, they're from the backside and they get those strips that way."

On whether QB Michael Vick's speed and agility give the Eagles an advantage that they have not had in the past against the Colts' pass rush: "Well, we'll see. We had Jeff (Garcia) in '06, played in that ball game. He's quite slippery, and I thought we did a reasonably good job there. If you remember, we got behind quickly. Anyway, we'll see on that. Mike's got some unique abilities himself."

On whether he is working this week under the impression that WR DeSean Jackson will be available for the entire game:"Well, he's practicing. It's a day-to-day situation. To the best of my knowledge, he's cleared, but it's still day-to-day. So, he's practicing, and if he's available, we'll sure use him."

On whether the uncertainty around Jackson's status affects his preparation at all:"Look, it's every week with a different position, so that's part of my job there, at all the positions that could be a little uncertain."

On how big of a challenge T Jason Peters will face in his first game back going up against Freeney: "Yeah, great challenge for him. Great opportunity for him, as well. That's how we look at it, as a great opportunity for those guys who have those matchups."

On whether Peters looks like his 100 percent: "Yeah, sure looks like it. He did a nice job yesterday."

On the importance of running the football since the Colts have a strong pass rush and a potent offense, and taking advantage of their lack of size on defense: "Yeah, well, that's real, and that's all good. The two teams that beat them did it that way and jumped out on top of them. And other teams wanted to do it, and then find themselves behind. It's all good unless you're 14 points behind or something like that. That's with every team, with every defense. Your point is valid there. They have such great pass rush ability that you do need to do some things to counter that. There's many different ways to go about it and I think we've got a pretty good plan. We'll see if it works."

On how far RB Jerome Harrison has come learning blitz pickups and whether he can be counted on to play this Sunday: "Yeah, I think right now, I personally have 100% confidence in him, with all of his assignments and techniques. So, I think highly of him. I think Jerome's ready to go now. There are some personnel issues that we'll tend to later in the week, but he's been practicing."

On whether he will emphasize the run game more to keep the ball out of Peyton Manning's hands:"Sure, yeah, against any exceptional offense. The great Peyton Manning is unusual, so we have to factor that in."

On why Manning has been successful against the Eagles defense in the past: "Well, Peyton Manning rarely has bad games. So he's done that to a lot of defenses. He's just a special player. There's one (defense) in a blue moon that may get him there. Kansas City's really been the only one that has slowed him down a little bit it looked like."

On what challenges the team will face with Vick coming back after not playing in a month and having played with QB Kevin Kolb during that period: "That's a good point. I put a lot of thought into that. Mike has to go through hard work and preparation to get himself back to where he was, and that's a hard thing. Everything's hard that the players do. That's a hard thing. So he's worked diligently to do that. And there's many different things that he's been working on there to get himself back to the level, and I'm talking playing the quarterback position a certain way, and he's done a good job of that."

On the challenges he faces as an offensive coordinator of getting Vick back into the flow of things: "Well, (quarterbacks coach) James (Urban) has done a terrific job of preparing the quarterbacks, he always does that way. And then the individual drills are important, both the end of last week and then this week, we're coming off of a bye week, but before that for a few days. And then this week, very important there just for the basic fundamentals and techniques, so we're square there. And then game plan wise, we turn him loose. You can't play any other way."

On whether TE Brent Celek's lack of production has to do with him being hampered by injuries: "Yeah, he's battled through several different things. (I have) great confidence in him, and I think he's feeling pretty good right now, so that's a good thing."

On how Vick's return will impact RB LeSean McCoy and the rushing attack: "Oh, it may very well help, we'll see. LeSean's had a terrific year up to date, but it very well could help just a little bit."

On whether McCoy's rib is improving:"Well, I will tell you I have not talked to him this week about it. (Jokingly) Now, because you mentioned it, I will. And that's how he's been practicing and playing in the last week. There's a little bit more communication there, so I think he's doing fine."

On whether he will try to get WR Riley Cooper more involved in the offense: "Yeah. Now, we have several other people, LeSean (McCoy), DeSean (Jackson), (WR) Jeremy Maclin, we mentioned Brent (Celek), so we've got an awful lot of guys there. However, Riley did a nice job the last ball game that he played, coming off of the injury there. So the answer is yes, but to what extent, because we've got so many other players that have a little bit more experience."

On how difficult it is to get everybody touches when there are so many weapons on the field: "We don't care. You know our mentality. We don't care how we do it. Whatever it takes to win the next ball game, we don't care who gets the credit, we don't care who gets the touchdowns, who gets the ball. Whatever it takes to win the next game, so you have that mentality and you end up with a pretty good football team there."

On whether the Eagles balanced offense has anything to do with the change at quarterback from last season to this season: "No. That's totally cyclical. You do whatever it takes to win the next game. Balance, I don't buy it, I don't buy it at all. There's some games where you're going to have to throw the football to win. It's that simple. There's other games where you may run it to win. If you're ahead, you know your run percentage is going to be much higher than if you're behind in several games in a row. Whatever it takes to win the next ball game, it just so happens that it's a little bit more balanced here almost at the midway point, other years it has been and hasn't been—it means nothing. And the next game is its own separate entity."

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