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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "Wrapping up the last ballgame, the guys did a heck of a job. They gutted it out there. It was a big play-type situation. Dallas challenged us just a little bit. And (WR) DeSean (Jackson) played a high level, (QB Michael Vick) played a high level. I thought the o-line did a heck of a job. It started with them in the past ball game. Now this ballgame, great challenge now, great challenge. Great opportunity. (In) every meaningful statistic in the game of defensive football they're ranked one, two or three. So, great, great challenge for us. Great opportunity to see what we can do against this defense here again."

On the Eagles success on opening drives: "The players have done a good job - great preparation, great work during the week. And they've executed just beautifully on most of those drives."

On the development of TE Clay Harbor as a blocker: "He's certainly developed at a high level. We put a lot on him last week, both run and pass. He had a few passes there. He's really, I think, got a bright future in this league. He's right, sort of, in the middle of that learning situation that all rookies go through. And as you know, he was activated, I believe, the first ballgame, and you've got to check me on this, and then deactivated for a long period of time. And he got better every day during that period where he was inactive game day, but he got better at practice every day and it's certainly paid off for him."

On whether blocking technique is what he improved the most: "Yeah, that's right. (Tight ends coach) Tom Melvin worked with him daily before and after (practice), all those things. That's what it takes, in many cases, for a young man to, at some point, play at a high level. He's a big, physical, fast guy. He'll hit you, so it was the technique, fundamental aspect of it."

On whether Harbor needed to learn the tricks of the trade at the NFL level and how to use his hands: "That's right. Exactly right. And then the other thing is, as you know, we've talked about it before, is a comfort within how we go about our business on the field, with the plays, with the snaps. All those things come into play for a real young player."

On whether he models the offense after any previous offenses he has seen when it comes to getting big plays:"No, this is different because of different skill and ability here. We've got some big-play capability here in many spots. And then, Dallas challenged us. And so, you better get some big plays when they do it that way."

On whether he ever thinks about when the team needs to strike big and when to be methodical: "A little bit. Doesn't always work the way I want it to work, but yeah that does come into play on occasion, yeah."

On whether he expects to have Jackson this week: "I think so. We'll see. Day-to-day deal."

On whether this offense is significantly different from when former 49ers QB Steve Young ran the offense: "Yeah, a little bit different. Now, we had some big-play capability, not quite as big. Now, Steve was a surgeon. He would cut you up, so, (it is) a little bit different. Now, (Vick's) working to get to that point with his consistency, and he's done a great job of it. He's almost there, I mean, there are a few things, but he's almost there."

On Steve Young:"He worked himself into being one of the great players—maybe the most accurate, or at least one of the most accurate quarterbacks ever to play. That was from hard work and diligence and his decision making. He got the ball out very, very fast, and his precision was just unbelievably at a high level. Okay, now Mike's working to get to where Steve was, when Steve was 37, 38 years old. He was a heck of a player."

On whether big plays give the offense a mental edge over the opponent: "Well, yeah, I would think so. I could only speak for our ballclub and yeah, I would think that's true."

On whether he ever envisioned RB LeSean McCoy being able to finish off a game like he did against Dallas: "Yeah, I did at some point. (Running backs coach) Ted Williams has done just a great job getting him to the point that he's at right now. And then, he's put in the hard work. Very disciplined player. He wants to do things just perfectly. He chases at perfection, and so, yeah, at some point, I thought he may very well be the back that he is, and he did it pretty quickly, a year and a half into (his career)."

On whether McCoy is deserving of being elected to the Pro Bowl: "LeSean, we're talking about? Absolutely. I think all of our players are. I'm biased."

On whether you talk to a quarterback about being careful with the ball against the Giants defense: "Well, absolutely you talk to him. You drill it, too. (DE Justin Tuck and DE Osi Umenyiora) are the leaders in forced fumbles, and their team's the leader in forced fumbles as a unit, as well. So, they rely on that, they go after it. They do a heck of a job. Well, the statistics show, (they are) the best in the league. So, that'll be important, not only with (Vick), but with the other (players) that get the ball in their hands, as well. That'll be a big part of this game. We gave them one last time, and that could've been a turning point there."

On whether he needs to scheme to protect Vick from taking hits: "We'll try to keep the hits off of Mike, yeah. We're not going to play scared. We go after people. (It's) part of the game, a little bit. Part of the game. I think we'll be okay there, though."

On ending the Cowboys game by running the ball: "Well, we did it last time, I believe, against the Giants we did a pretty good job. A four-minute (drive), now that's a certain mentality. Our players executed really well during that drive. And they knew the significance of it. We try to ice the game like that, like I said, it doesn't always work, but try to milk that clock. Our players on the offensive side did a heck of a job. (McCoy) stayed in bounds on the only pass we threw, got as much as he could. (Vick) stayed in bounds and left us with a third and one. That's a player's decision right there. Does he go down, and slide, and stay in bounds, and leave us with third-and-one, or does he take a risk and try to get that first down and take a hit probably, and go out of bounds? I think he made the perfect choice. He went down, the clock still spins, and we come back and get it on third-and-one. The (players) executed really well, and you'd like to do that every game, because those are important there at the end."

On whether the Eagles can play a whole game running the ball like that if they needed to: "Well, we've played that way in the past, absolutely, yeah."

On whether TE Cornelius Ingram can ever get back to where he was prior to his injuries: "Yeah, there's no question, yeah. I think he's got a good future, and it's up to him. He's got some work to do and all of those types of things."

On whether Ingram looked better this time around: "Yup, and he's going through a process here. So, yeah, I think he's got a good future. We'll see."

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