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Miles Sanders wants to find his role in the Eagles' offense 

The running back room is overflowing with talent and the addition of Miles Sanders has only increased that skilled group. The Penn State product left his mark at State College and after his first Training Camp practice, he intends on doing the same here in Philadelphia.

"It was cool," Sanders said. "It is exciting. It is everything I dreamed of. I maximized the reps that I got. I have a good understanding of the playbook right now."

During the spring, Sanders suffered a hamstring injury that prevented him from participating in on-field work. While he was not physically able to be with the team, he took the extra step in the mental aspect to make sure he was ready for Day 1.

"It was a little frustrating," Sanders said of missing the spring workouts. "I just did a good job off the field, staying in my playbook and taking mental reps."

Along with his mental preparation, Sanders praised the running back room for keeping the competitive spirits high. This motivation has always been present in the football programs that Sanders has been part of in his career. He attributes a part of his success to this type of culture and expects it to elevate his play.

"It's just real competitive," Sanders said of the running back room. "For me, I've been in a talented running back room basically since high school. In college with Saquon (Barkley) and the rest of the running backs there now at Penn State. Now, it's even more talented. It is competitive. We hold each other to a high standard. Just getting better every day."

A specific player Sanders is excited to learn from is running back Darren Sproles, who recently re-signed with the Eagles for the 2019 season. Sanders recalled watching Sproles play while he was in the third grade. His goal is to emulate Sproles and follow in his footsteps.

"I was actually telling him while we were practicing that I have a lot of respect for him because 15 years in the league as a running back is not easy," Sanders said. "Just a lot of respect for him. Getting advice from him is really cool."

As for Sanders' first on-field Training Camp practice with the team, he made his presence known instantaneously. In his second team rep, he shook the defender with a nifty cutback move. Throughout the whole practice, his shifty movements and explosive power continued to confuse the defense. Sanders' objective is to find a spot on this team that will help the offense and special teams excel.

"I'm just trying to find my role on this team as far as special teams, catching out of the backfield, and running the ball," Sanders said. "Try to prove to the vets that I belong on this team. That is probably my only goal right now."

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