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Matthews, Maclin: We're Not Going To Quit

GREEN BAY, Wis. – In the category of things that don't really matter at the end of the day, rookie receiver Jordan Matthews continued his connection with quarterback Mark Sanchez on Sunday. Matthews caught five passes for 107 yards and touchdown.

Of course, the Eagles lost 53-20.

"To be honest, I don't want to talk about myself right now," Mathews said after the game. "As a team, we have to go back and just continue to get better. I'm not worried about myself."

Matthews, along with Jeremy Maclin and the rest of the offense, continued to play hard into the fourth quarter despite the lopsided scoreline.

"Mark said it best before we went out there," Mathews recalled. "He said, 'Don't even look at the scoreboard, don't even pay attention to the scoreboard, you just have to go out there and play every play like it's your last.' It's not just me, there were a lot of guys out there, Maclin caught the ball at like the 10 and he forced his way into the end zone."

"We're just not going to quit," said Maclin. "Obviously you're disappointed, frustrated with how things are going, but we're not going to quit. We're going to fight to the end."

Maclin finished nine catches for 93 yards and a touchdown, continuing his impressive season. Through 10 games, Maclin has recorded 57 catches for 921 yards and nine touchdowns (tied for third in the NFL).

For his part, Maclin was as frustrated at the team's performance as anyone.

"We got our (butts) kicked," Maclin said. "No disrespect to Green Bay, they're a great football team, they played great today, but the way we played today we wouldn't have beaten anybody.

"Week in and week out, it's hard to win ... Obviously against a good team on the road, these are the games that you try to get yourself up for and you really want to go out there and perform well and we didn't do that tonight. It's still just one game. We're sitting at 7-3. A lot of football left."

Matthews too preached perseverance, relaying the post-game message of head coach Chip Kelly.

"Just don't let any outside distractions get in your head, just continue to stick with the mission and keep moving forward," Matthews said. "I don't think anybody is hanging their head. People know it's a long season, we're still getting guys healthy, we still have to go out there and compete."

The Eagles are in Green Bay to take on QB Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in a critical NFC showdown ...

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