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Inside Agholor's Unique Road To Philly


The newest Philadelphia Eagle is a people person.

Dressed in a midnight green polo and sporting an Eagles snapback hat, wide receiver Nelson Agholor addressed reporters in person as a Philadelphia Eagle for the first time Friday, less than 24 hours after the Birds selected him No. 20 overall in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Agholor explained that he was blown away when he made a pre-draft visit to South Philadelphia, so when he received the phone call from Kelly on Thursday night, he was thrilled to be heading to the Eagles.

"Honestly, it was something I wanted for myself," Agholor said. "I know they're going to do what they have to do in terms of evaluating everybody. But when I got here, I kind of evaluated the way they did things, and I knew if I ended up in an organization, I wanted it to resemble the way (the Eagles) do things.

"I really wanted it to be in this place, with this coaching staff, and these people."

While the team's up-tempo offense is certainly exciting for a talented wide receiver, that wasn't the specific magnet that drew Agholor to the Eagles. It wasn't Kelly's revolutionary physical program, either.

It was the people.

Eagles first-round selection WR Nelson Agholor has arrived in Philadelphia. Here's a behind the scenes look at his first full day as an Eagle ...

"It all starts with the people," Agholor explained. "We have truly special people here. The coaching staff, the players that they bring in to this organization and even the guys that work beneath the coaching staff - they're all really good people. I felt like that's where I wanted to be."

Agholor has been a people person for as long as he can remember.

When he and his family moved from Nigeria to the United States when he was 5 years old, they originally landed in New York. They eventually settled down in Tampa, Florida with a relative of his mother's, which is where he learned to love the game of football.

For Agholor and his siblings, football began as a way to break the cultural barrier and simply meet people.

"A lot of the kids in the neighborhood when I was younger, they played street football," he said. "My brothers and sisters always wanted to get outside and play. These kids were playing a game, and I felt like, if we get out there and kind of learn, they'll accept us a little bit better, which they did."

As he grew with the game, he eventually turned into a dominant high school player at Berkley Prep in Tampa, piling up 4,732 rushing yards and returning eight kickoffs for touchdowns. Agholor said his time playing football in high school was a big part of his development as person, in large part because of his head coach, Dominick Ciao.

"He was a very special guy," Agholor said of Ciao. "He kind of just taught me the concept of progression. He talked about (how) maintaining is almost a form of regression. As long as you try to get better every day, you'll be fine."

Ciao was sitting right next to Agholor in Tampa on Thursday night when the call from the Eagles came.

During his time in high school and at USC, Ciao's lessons of progression have stuck with Agholor. His work ethic has led him to the City of Brotherly Love, and now he's ready to take yet another step in his life-long improvement.

And he's ready to keep on growing.

"Now you have to grow constantly, mentally, physically," Agholor said. "There's more time for you to take care of your body and just train yourself. You can push to higher limits now."

Surrounded by the right people and affixed with the right attitude, it seems Agholor will do what he's always done - keep pushing.

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