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If The Eagles Move Up, Who Is It For?


We still have more than a week until the NFL Draft, but things are starting to happen. The Titans traded the first overall pick to the Rams on Thursday. This is a huge move for the Rams and changes the top of the draft. Tennessee added quarterback Marcus Mariota last April so they were looking at other positions. The Rams moved up from the 15th pick to the top spot in order to get their own franchise quarterback. This complicates things for the Eagles.

Cleveland and San Francisco are teams ahead of the Eagles that could take quarterbacks. Neither team is set at that position. San Diego and Dallas could also take a quarterback. They each have proven starters, but could make a pick for the future. Before the Rams trade, it felt like the Eagles had a solid chance for one of the top two quarterbacks to be on the board at the eighth spot. That is still possible, but is now less likely.

If the Eagles do covet a quarterback, they will need to move up to make sure they get their guy. Howie Roseman has a history of being able to read the draft board and get the Eagles to the right spot. Back in 2010, the Eagles had the 24th pick. They wanted to get a top-flight pass rusher, but knew that was too late of a pick to get their guy. Roseman traded up to No. 13 and got Brandon Graham. In 2012, the Eagles fell in love with another defensive lineman. They wanted Fletcher Cox, but didn't see him falling all the way to 15. Roseman worked a deal to move up three spots and the Eagles got their guy.

There are obviously some key factors. The Eagles aren't going to move up unless there is a player they really want. If the Rams take that player with the top pick, there would need to be some other player that the Eagles covet. This could be purely a quarterback situation. Let's say the Rams take Carson Wentz. The Eagles would then need to feel strongly about Jared Goff to move up for him. You don't just make that move to get "a quarterback." It has to be a player the team has rated very highly and someone the coaches really believe in.

It is also possible the Eagles will have some non-quarterback prospects targeted. Jalen Ramsey would give the team a potential impact defensive back. Or maybe offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil is a target. He could play left guard until Jason Peters retires and then take over the left tackle spot. There is always something to be said for having a great offensive line.

The Eagles are smart to explore moving up in the draft. It isn't often you get a pick this high. If you think you can land an impact player, it makes good sense to see if you can add that player. The Eagles have a solid roster. They could use one high-level player more than several solid draft prospects. Maybe a player of that caliber falls to the eighth spot. Or maybe the Eagles need to move up for him.

Roseman and the scouts have done their research. They have scouted players. Eagles brass went to workouts and brought some prospects to Philly for visits. The Eagles have a specific group of targets and grades on them. They know who they are willing to move up for and who they should stay put for. Now it is up to Roseman to make calls so he can figure out which players are going at which spots. He also has to figure out how costly it would be for the Eagles to move up.

It can be a little frustrating trying to figure out all the possibilities and what will actually happen. Heck, we haven't even talked about running back Ezekiel Elliott and whether the Eagles might take him. There are a lot of options for the Eagles. Figuring out the right one and making it happen is going to be a big challenge for Roseman.

Tommy Lawlor, goeagles99 on the Discussion Boards, is an amateur football scout and devoted Eagles fan. He is the Editor of and was a contributor to the Eagles Almanac.

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