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Head Coach Andy Reid Press Conference

Injuries: "(WR) Reggie Brown, he'll practice today and we'll just gradually get him back into the swing of things. He had the groin strain and is doing well. J.P. (DE Juqua Parker), with the knee swelling, he'll practice. (CB) Lito (Sheppard) will practice with a hamstring strain and, again, we'll just keep an eye on him. (T) Tra (Thomas) had a foot strain and is doing well; he'll practice. And, (RB) Brian Westbrook, with the fractured ribs, he, likewise, will practice since he's doing well."

Opening remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the Falcons. They're a very young and aggressive football team. They're playing their hearts out right now. Again, we've got to make sure that we prepare ourselves properly for an offense that comes in here and has a powerful run game and the ability to throw the football, a defense that has (DT) Grady Jackson, who is virtually an immovable object in there on the defensive line and, likewise, with (DE John) Abraham, who's as fine a defensive end as there is in this league right now. And, (for) a linebacking core that's flying around making plays, their secondary is making plays and a special teams group that is solid. We're going to be hard at work, preparing ourselves for the Falcons football team."

On whether he's holding out hope of G Shawn Andrews playing again this year: "We'll see. We're not going to do anything right now. We'll just see how it plays out here and how he's feeling. Right now, it's tough to tell just because it's so new. We'll see what the next few days or week or two, whatever it takes to see how he's feeling."

On what his plan for the fullback position is this week: "We're going to do the same thing we did the week before last week. There's no change there."

On what he has seen from G Max Jean-Gilles in his starts in place of Shawn Andrews: "Max has done a very good job. The thing Max has done that I think is important, is he's improved every week. The guys around him have a lot of trust in him and he's playing good football right now. Max has that type of personality, but it's important that he continues to do that; that he continues to work hard at his game and gets better every week like he's been doing."

On what his long-term plan for the fullback position is: "It's (FB Dan) Klecko's job. That's whose job it is. Klecko did a nice job. I made some moves on the practice squad and on the roster. (FB Kyle) Eckel comes in; it's an opportunity for him to learn the offense. If something were to happen to Klecko, then he has a chance to step in. I also know that Eckel has carried the football and that he can play on special teams, so he can do a lot of things for you. It's an offense, though, that he needs to get to know a little bit. Right now, I was very happy with how Klecko played the game. That's not why this move was made."

On his 9-0 record in games immediately after the bye and whether it means anything to him: "I'm not even sure I could tell you that; I didn't even know that record. I really don't care to know that. We've just got to do our thing, records don't mean a lot."

On whether he saw anything in his reviews during the bye week that he thinks needs to be changed: "There are some things that we need to be better at. There are some things that we're doing well, but there are some things that we need to get better at and we were able to go through, on the offensive side and defensive side and special teams, and hammer some things out. We'll see if we've targeted the right things and if we get better at them."

On whether the things he targeted were major or minor adjustments: "I'm not sure how to weigh out the major and minor because, if you have a problem in the National Football League, they're all major. You have to get it taken care of. That's what we're attempting to do and we'll get it done. We'll get those things fixed."

On Falcons QB Matt Ryan's play and whether he plans to throw a lot of stuff at him since he's a rookie: "Not necessarily. He is doing a heck of a job and he does look advanced in that maturation process that it takes to be a good quarterback in this league. He's mobile, if he doesn't have anything down the field, he can run. He's got the whole package. He's got a nice arm as far as arm strength goes. He has good vision. He's doing a heck of a job. We'll see what the gameplan calls for as we get closer to the game."

On whether the recent losses by NFC East rivals have created an opportunity for the Eagles: "I've said this before, I don't look at all that stuff. I really don't, those standings and everything. Every game is important. If you're spending time looking at that, then you're taking time away from preparing for the Falcons, and you're wrong doing that. From my standpoint, you're wrong. And from the players' standpoint, you need to put your full energy into taking care of this thing right now and all of that other stuff will take care of itself."

On whether he has defined the starters at wide receiver: "We've got a couple guys who haven't played in a while. You have to work them in and do what you need to do. That's how we've always done it here, we've mixed and matched guys and we'll continue to do that. If you had to pick starters, and I know (football media services director) Derek (Boyko) bugs me about this all the time, you'd have Kevin (Curtis) and DeSean (Jackson) as your starters right now."

On whether CB Jack Ikegwuonu will be able to practice anytime soon: "Not this week, no."

On whether RB Brian Westbrook is ready to play this Sunday: "Yeah, he's ready to go."

On what he sees out of the tight end position and whether or not the team made attempts to acquire another tight end before the trade deadline: "I look at it like I've got an All-Pro tight end in L.J. Smith. I've felt that way for a long time. I see things differently than maybe you guys see it and I understand the calls, I understand the coverages and those types of things. I'm very happy with the tight end position. I will tell you that, and I've told you this before, we look at everybody, but some things are real and some things aren't, and I'll leave it at that."

On whether Kevin Curtis will play a significant role in this Sunday's game: "Yeah, I do. I would say that he's going to be the starter. Will he be in there every play? No, he won't be in there every play."

On whether Curtis will be in there the majority of the plays: "We'll see how it all works out."

On what the rush defense needs to do to get back to its early season play: "We need to make sure that we stay gap-responsible and that you squeeze the offensive holes, and that you're fighting pressure, you're using those techniques properly and playing good downhill football, aggressive football, and trying to play on their side of the line of scrimmage. That's every week, that's an important part of the game that we need to take care of with that front seven."

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