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Head Coach Andy Reid On TE Ingram

On TE Cornelius Ingram tearing his ACL:"Obviously it's a shame for the kid. He's a great kid and he's worked very hard. That's really all I know so far. It's just hot off the press. That's about all I can give you."

On whether that lands Ingram on IR: "There's a chance. We'll see. We'll just have to see how it goes here. I can't even tell you when he's going to have surgery. I don't know that right now."

On how he's handling it: "He's a great kid and his leg had been doing so well."

On how it seemed like he was having a good camp:"He was doing some good things."

On when the injury occurred: "It happened Tuesday, the fourth."

On when in practice the injury happened: "It happened during goal-line practice. It wasn't one of those things that just killed him when it happened."

On the type of blow this is to the team:"He was working his way in. The other guys just have to step up, that's all."

On whether Ingram could be back at some point this year: "We'll see. This is hot off the press. I haven't had a chance to really put it all together yet. It wasn't what we anticipated."

On how the injury occurred:"It happened at a goal line period. It looks like he hyperextended it a little bit. He remembers getting folded over but that's not exactly what happened on the film. He did get folded over but his leg was in the air when that happened."

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