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Head Coach Andy Reid


Opening remarks:** "(DT) Fletcher Cox has a concussion, as does (LB) Mychal Kendricks. (QB) Nick Foles has a broken hand, the second metacarpal. He has a slight fracture, a hairline fracture in the second metacarpal. Nick will obviously not play and this was something that showed up on the MRI this morning. We X-rayed it after the game and it wasn't present on the X-ray. (FB) Stanley Havili has a hamstring strain. (RB) Chris Polk has a toe (injury). (WR) Jason Avant has a slight hamstring strain but will be able to practice when we resume on Wednesday. (G) Evan Mathis is better.

"All-in-all it was a tough loss to a NFC East opponent. When you get right down to that last second play you have an opportunity to tie the game and then go into overtime and potentially win the game, those are tough. The effort was good (and) the guys played hard which I appreciate. Two turnovers that led to 10 points, we overcame that and the penalties were a part of it. You've got to make sure you learn from the mistakes. There were some things that we could've done on that last drive a little bit better than what we did. I think if we probably could've thrown that ball away there, come back and had another play or two to take a shot at the end zone. Again, you learn from those mistakes and you do them better the next time."

On whether QB Michael Vick will be the starting quarterback with Foles unable to play: "Yeah, there's a pretty good chance that Michael will be the starter. That's what I'm looking at right now. That's the direction I'm going as we speak right now."

On why Vick will start if he was designated as the third quarterback against the Redskins: "He's had a couple weeks of practice. I thought the first week he was a little bit rusty out there. This past week I thought he threw it around well. He feels good and I think he deserves that opportunity to play. He's excited about it and I've had a chance to talk to him this morning. He'll be ready to go."

On what Vick has shown to be the starter again when he was designated as the third quarterback against the Redskins: "He was the number one quarterback (prior to his concussion). We said the point before was making sure he was healthy and remained healthy and we had Nick in as the starter. You've got two veteran players back there and Michael had been the number one of those veteran players so this gives him the opportunity to play."

On at what point during the game Foles sustained his injury: "It was just prior to halftime."

On whether he feels an obligation to start Vick in order to let him showcase his skills to other teams around the league: "Listen, I've told you that he's healthy now. It's a matter of getting his timing and getting himself back in the swing of things. I think he's there and it's not that Michael doesn't want to play. That hasn't been the case. It gives him an opportunity to get in and play."

On whether he would still make Vick the starter if the game had no playoff implications to the Giants: "That wasn't the case. That's not how I looked at it."

On whether Foles has shown enough to be considered a potentially winning quarterback during his career: "I think he's a winning quarterback, or he's a quarterback that gives your team an opportunity to win. I think you're seeing him in a unique situation where he comes in later in the season. You look at the young quarterbacks who've had an opportunity to come up through and they've had time here to grow. It wasn't really pretty when they first began and it continued to pick up as they got games under their belts. Nick got thrown in when other teams were working to their peaks. He was thrown in in that situation. He has enough skill and ability to play."

On how much the injuries of the other offensive players goes into the evaluation of Foles' performances: "We don't go there. The guys that are in, they play and then you go win with them. The guys are playing their tails off."

On whether he would have tried to convert a two-point conversion if the team scored at the end of regulation: "It's a home game (so) I probably would have just gone for the tie and then play overtime. By that point you have a little momentum going and we were playing good defense. I felt like that would be the way to go. It's worth thinking through and talking about. That's where I would have gone."

On whether Foles' broken hand affected some of his throws in the second half: "His hand was sore. But at the same time he played well that second half, made some nice throws, and that could have affected it. I know at one point he was having a tough time squeezing the ball when we went into halftime. He was having a hard time squeezing and then when he warmed up (he) started feeling like he had more control. But I'm sure that affected it. He's a pretty tough kid. Obviously by going through this he's a tough kid and never said a word about it. I'm sure he wouldn't say anything to you guys, just like he wouldn't say it to me. He pushed himself through and did a good job with that part."

On whether Foles remaining in the game earns him respect in the locker room: "It does. It is (that type of performance).The guys know he's a tough kid and they felt that way coming out. They've never questioned his toughness. But by no means do you want to put a player in a bad position either. So, that's why we tried to go through the procedure of x-raying it. Obviously, you don't have enough time to MRI it nor have the facility right there to do it. But the x-rays came up negative, but you also knew he was in quite a little bit of pain. There's a point where these guys, you don't want to put them at risk for sure and you don't want to put them out there with broken bones. That's not what you do. But it is a physical game and guys end up having bumps and bruises that they have to play through that are pretty sore. You've got to alter your game to make it work and do what you have to do to make it work. But there's a fine line there is I guess what I'm saying."

On the exact play where Foles injured his hand: "I believe it was the second to last play of the half there."

On where Foles is following his rookie year compared to where former Eagles QB Kevin Kolb was following his rookie season: "He's had an opportunity here to play. I've seen improvement as he's gone on. He's got great control of the game. He's got a good arm and feet and all that stuff. He just needs to play is what he needs to do. I'm sitting here telling you this, but Kevin (Kolb), there was a little bit of a durability problem there with Kevin. (Foles has) got a broken hand here, so I'm telling you that. Physically, I don't think he's ever had a problem with that."

On whether there is anything that would prevent Vick from starting on Sunday: "Well, we're not to Wednesday yet, so I want to make sure. I'll let you know on Wednesday, but right now, that's what I'm looking at."

On whether it is too early to gauge the severity of Kendricks' and Cox's concussions: "We'll take them through the process and the procedures that you go through and just see how it works out."

On whether the final game would have had an impact on the organization's view of Foles: "Again, there's two sides to that. You want the rookies to play as much as you can get them to play when they're given that opportunity. So, would you love to have him play against the Giants and have that opportunity to get one more game under his belt? Absolutely. But you don't and so you go back and evaluate his games here once you're done with the season. You evaluate his product there as a whole and then go forward from there. It's been a valuable experience for him, but yeah, you'd love to have one more game."

On how Vick responded to being told he may start Sunday: "He was positive about it. He wants to play. It's like (RB) LeSean McCoy; you had to make sure you got him back but once you give him the green light to play, they want to go. That's what they do for a living."

On whether or not the time off could help Vick as a quarterback: "You're talking about a pretty good quarterback here that has a lot of experience. I think he'll be excited to be out there and I think he'll do a good job."

On whether he planned to use RB Bryce Brown more in the game on Sunday: "I wanted to see how McCoy was holding up. Every time I pulled him out, he'd come up and want to get back in. He wanted to play. He was very excited about playing. Again, I kept him out to where I thought he was fresh and then put him back in. Gave him an opportunity to get a blow in there and he seemed to hold up pretty good."

On whether he will have to make a roster move to replace Cox: "(General manager) Howie (Roseman) and I will get together on all that today. We'll just see how it goes."

On whether there was an issue of touch on the Foles pass to TE Evan Moore on the goal line in the fourth quarter: "That was a short throw, so he needed to get it in the end zone. I think he was kind of feathering it into the end zone. We were trying to get too much accomplished in one shot. But he also knew if he wasn't in the end zone that (there's) a chance the game's over right there."

On how he would characterize WR Jeremy Maclin's 2012 campaign: "He's battled through a lot of things over the last couple of years. I'm proud of him for stepping up the way he has. He's done a good job there."

On the timetable for Foles' recovery: "This one actually, it's a hairline fracture so really it's a three-week type injury, not that we want to put times on. But it's not your normal six-week break. At the same time, if it were to be displaced, which it's not, by playing, now you're into some problems. But right now, it should be a nice, clean heal and he should be back in a shorter period of time than a normal break."

On what part of Foles' game needs the most work: "He really just needs to play. Just play and have that experience. Every week, I thought the game slowed down for him. He put up pretty good numbers yesterday. You've got to go through the different situations. He's been given some unique situations and you've got to be able to work through those, learn from them, move on. Now, he's the kind of guy that normally doesn't make the same mistake twice, which is important at this level. So, he learns from his mistakes and get better."

On whether Foles has the intelligence to succeed: "Yeah, he's a smart kid. He's a sharp kid."

On how much Foles gaining experience this year will help him down the road: "I think it's invaluable. I think that's invaluable experience to him. It'll help him in his future down the road."

On how confident he is that this roster could be a contender again: "We started off 3-1, so we started off okay. I know we weren't beating teams by 20 points, 21 points. I understand that. But you're winning the game, so you find a way to win the game at this level. You know that there's a lot of parity at this level. I think, obviously, the team is closer than what people might think and that's a great thing for the Philadelphia Eagles."

On whether he feels he could get the team to play at a higher level: "By answering that, then that means that I've lost the team. So, I don't feel that way about this football team. I think the guys are playing hard. We've come up short."

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