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Head Coach Andy Reid


Opening Remarks:** "The players that are out are [WR] Jason Avant, [RB] LeSean McCoy, [RB] Chris Polk, and [QB] Michael Vick. [Head athletic trainer] Rick [Burkholder] will talk to you about Michael and LeSean. I'm going to talk to you so we can get all of our questions out about the Carolina Panthers.

"Look forward to the challenge of playing them. [They're a] good football team. We had a good week of preparation and we're ready to go there. Let's address the Carolina part and then we'll give it to Rick and he'll finish up with the injuries."

On whether RB Bryce Brown will start in place of McCoy: "Brown [and RB Dion Lewis] will both play. Bryce will get the start."

On the difficulty of not having two Pro Bowl caliber players on the field on Monday: "I expect the other guys to step up and play. It's a great opportunity for them. That's the way you approach it and you cut it loose and you play."

On whether FB Stanley Havili might get reps at running back: "Yeah. Havili and then [WR] Damaris [Johnson] can also do it."

On who will return kickoffs on Monday night: "Well we've got a variety of things we can do but [CB Brandon] Boykin will probably start off with it and then we'll go from there."

On whether DE Vinny Curry will be active for the first time this season: "There's a good chance we have him up. We'll see. We're limited though just on numbers of what we've got at other spots. I've got to balance that out and make sure I've got the right numbers everywhere."

On whether G Danny Watkins will be more available to play than he was last week: "He's getting better but it's similar to what it was last week."

On how he will manage Brown's playing time this week: "You just watch him and talk to him on the sideline and make sure he's doing alright. I know Dion can step in and play so there's a time and a place where we'll do that with him."

On what happened to Lewis that he has not seen much action this season: "Well he got hurt and the other guys stepped up and showed what they can do. Then they helped out on special teams and then Dion came back and he's done a pretty nice job on special teams when given the opportunity."

On what stood out about Panthers head coach Ron Rivera when he was an assistant in Philadelphia: "Smart. Good person. Good people skills. Good football coach. At that time he knew the linebacker position well and did a good job for us here."

On whether he thinks the game is slowing down for QB Nick Foles after another week of practice: "I thought this week's practices were better than last week's. I thought he was just more comfortable in there playing. He doesn't have any problems spitting all that stuff out and knowing it. Just knowing how to take your drops and make your drops work with the coverages and then the players that you're playing with, making sure you have a good feel for them. They've gotten time after practice and worked together. They've gotten time before and then obviously the reps during practice."

On why WR Mardy Gilyard was cut so late in the week to bring in WR Greg Salas: "It didn't have anything to do with Mardy as much as Salas. We think he's a good player and can help us. He's a good inside route runner and also [an] outside [route runner]. Just thought he'd help us."

On whether he is encouraged by Vick's rehab progress: "He is making progress. Rick will go over all that with you. Kind of save all that for him. He can fill you in on all the good stuff there."

On his thoughts of the leadership on the team: "That was a long question. You've probably got to break out the [Merriam-Webster Dictionary] to figure that one out (joking). We've got good leaders on the team."

On CB Nnamdi Asomugha's comments about not playing the way he expected to when he arrived in Philadelphia: "Well he's real. Listen, if you talk to these guys individually they're going to tell you that they want to do better. Obviously nobody wants to play the way we've been playing, nobody wants to coach the way we've been coaching. We don't want that. We owe it to each other [and] we owe it to this city to play better. As long as guys own up to that, coaches and players, that's the way you get better and then you work on the things that you're not doing well. Get yourself right."

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