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Head Coach Andy Reid


Opening Remarks:** "(WR) Jason Avant, hamstring strain, will not practice today. (DT) Cullen Jenkins, foot and ankle sprain, will not practice today. Again he's making progress every day here. He should be okay as we go. (RB) LeSean McCoy with the concussion will not practice today. (RB) Chris Polk has a toe sprain, will not practice today and probably won't play this weekend. (QB) Michael Vick with the concussion will not practice today. Both McCoy and Michael Vick are still in phase one. Michael is working his way into phase two. He was able to get out here, practice, and watch and he sat in meetings. He hasn't worked out or anything yet but he's getting close to phase two. Again, we'll just take those guys day-by-day and we'll go from there.

"Look forward to the challenge of playing Carolina. Monday Night Football game and should be an exciting atmosphere. We're going to do our best to give our fans a good show. That's what we're going to do. Put together something that they're going to be proud of and work very hard at it this week."

On whether Vick has taken another IMPACT test for his concussion yet: "No."

On how he prepares the team for a home game that has the potential to feature a hostile crowd: "You go play. You make positive things happen as coaches and players. Make plays, make positive plays. Fans like that. That's what they want to see. I've always said they're on the same page with all of us. When we're stinking up they understand that. When we're doing well they understand that too. We have to do a better job as coaches and players. There's no hidden agenda there. We have to do a better job."

On whether it means anything that T Jason Peters was in attendance during the walkthrough: "He had just worked out. He came out to support the guys."

On whether there is a chance that Peters can return this season: "There's a chance but that's not why he was out. He wasn't out practicing today. That's not what he was doing."

On whether he is surprised that the team is 3-7 with the amount of talent in the locker room: "I think I have good players so that's why I take full responsibility for it. I've got to do a better job of getting the guys to play better and make sure I'm putting them in the right position to do so."

On whether McCoy is feeling symptoms from the concussion he sustained: "Yeah, he's got the headache. I'll bring (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) back out here and let you guys talk to him later in the week like we did last week. Just so you get a full explanation there."

On whether the team is preparing to be without McCoy this week: "When you practice they're not going to practice. So literally, yes. That's what we do. You go in and then you practice with the other kids and let them play. So (RB) Bryce (Brown) and (RB) Dion (Lewis), they'll be in there at running back and (QB Nick) Foles will be in at quarterback and we go. Until the players are there you go with the guys that are out there."

On what he has seen from Brown during his playing time this season: "It looks like he's more comfortable in the offense every week. He's doing a nice job in pass protection. That wasn't his thing when he first came here. He's doing better there. Better recognition of the blitzes. Then he's a patient runner and then when he goes, he goes and he goes hard. He's a big body. A physical player."

On how impressed he has been with Brown's transition to the NFL after limited action in college: "He's a smart kid and he's a good player so that's impressive."

On whether Brown would be the primary ball carrier if McCoy is ruled out or if he will split time with Lewis: "I'm sure they'll both be in there. He would be the starter though."

On whether there is enough time for Vick to pass all of the concussion-related tests before Monday: "We're going to take it day-by-day. This is what I've been told. I'm just kind of relaying it to you. We take it day-by-day and we go. We'll see how (he's feeling). He's feeling better but not better today to play. We'll just take it as we go here."

On whether Vick is schedule to take more tests this week: "In the next few days here he'll start working out and then they'll do the testing."

On whether having so many rookies starting is an undesirable situation for the team: "Listen, you draft them to play. Obviously some of them are in there because of injuries taking place. You don't want the injuries but you don't use those as an excuse. These guys have an opportunity to show and it's their time (so) let's go play. That's how we approach it."

On who is starting at right guard: "(G) Jake (Scott) right now."

On whether G Danny Watkins is not starting due to injury or performance: "On the high ankle things you have the tweaks and all that. (Scott) is healthy, he understands the offense, (and) he did a nice job after he got over the two penalties early there. He played good football. He's got a lot of experience."

On whether the same five offensive linemen will start on Monday: "Yes."

On what Peters' status is: "He's building up to play. His final goal is to play. So he's doing more work with the trainers as far as field drills and lateral cutting, trying to make sure he has all that down and feels comfortable with it."

On how much it helped to play Robert Griffin III last week in order to prepare for Cam Newton this week: "There's some carryover. Not the same offense. They do a couple little different things in the run game than what Washington does. Not quite as much with the quarterback as what Washington did but you're talking about a guy that can run the ball. This kid is bigger. He's a big man. He's the size of a tight end. He can run and is a good football player."

On how tough it is to try to end a losing streak without Vick and McCoy healthy: "Those are great players but the guys who are stepping in, I've got confidence they can do the job. It's an opportunity for them. You don't look back you go forward. That's what you do and those guys if they don't play then the next guy steps in and let's roll. Let's go."

On what he sees on film from defensive coordinator Sean McDermott's defense in Carolina: "Sean is doing a nice job. Their defense is actually a very good defense. They've got two good defensive ends, (and) two veteran defensive tackles that are big, strong, physical guys. Their linebackers are young guys who can run around (with) very good quickness. Safeties are solid and the corners are solid. They're good football players. Very good in the red zone. One of the better teams in the league in the red zone. He's doing a nice job."

On how much Foles will grow from the experience of starting last game: "You expect him to take another step forward and learn from the mistakes he made and better himself with the things he did okay on, and then better himself on the mistakes he made. You'd think he'd have a better outing (going forward)."

On whether DE Vinny Curry will be active on Monday: "There's a chance on that. Somewhere here I want to see him get in and play and then I'd have to make a move. I haven't decided on how I'm going to go about all of that yet. He's been working in with the starting rotation that we have and all the guys who play there over the last few weeks. It's time we take a look at him. I'll just see how it works out throughout the week here (and) how he practices."

On what he feels the need to stress to Foles this week as he prepares to play: "This is what you know is that the game is faster once you get in there. This isn't the preseason. It's not practice. You're talking about a full-speed game. There are a couple things that were fast for him. Where you've got to get your feet around, you've got to get your eyes around a little sooner, and then all of the throws, all the mechanics, they fall in and you make nice throws and nice decisions and so on.

On whether Foles' play deteriorated as the game progressed: "For a young guy to start off with the two interceptions, I thought he hung in there pretty good working through that. When it turns into a throwing game and it's your first game I don't think that's an advantage to you. You want to still be able to mix with a young guy and give him a few different options that he can work with. So I'd probably say that more than fatigue (or confidence)."

On how he balances looking at young players to evaluate for the future and trying to win now: "That's what I get paid to do so I've got to analyze that (and) look at it. If he plays this week it's another opportunity to get better and we go from there. The important thing with Michael is that he's healthy. I think number one we don't want to put him at risk. You want to make sure with the doctors and trainers you're listening to them. Michael is listening to them, I'm listening to them to make sure we're smart with that. That's what I'm looking at right now."

On what will happen at the quarterback position when Vick is healthy again: "I told you before, Michael is the starting quarterback and that's the way we work it until (he's healthy). Until he gets healthy then we can't do anything."

On whether it is difficult for him to not wonder about his future with the organization: "Listen, I don't go there. That's not how this thing works. I know people go there. I understand that. I'm trying to get the team better. That's what I'm trying to do. That's where my energy is. To look at all that stuff, I can't control that. You want to win football games, you want to get yourself better as a football team (and) that's the number one thing."

On how many days Vick has to practice in order for the coaching staff to reinsert him as the starting quarterback: "We'll see. I just want to see how he does here. I'm not going to put him at any risk. We're not going to do that. That's not where we're at. So he'd have to clear up more than where he's at right now with all the tests."

On whether Vick is allowed to practice until he goes through the testing process: "He hasn't gotten into phase two yet. He's touched on it a bit just by going to a meeting today and being able to come out here where there's light. But he hasn't worked out. He hasn't done any kind of workout yet. That's part of the phase two. He's not really into the phase two. By terms he's in phase one."

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